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{10/01/18 Update: Still another new writing, with three more on the way! Today’s piece? I write on the divinely commanded absolute freedom for us all, desired by our Creator as it was with the gift of our immutable free will. We must all seek absolute freedom for ourselves and those around us. This writing was inspired by recent events, where I myself see a possible descent into authoritarianism, something that goes directly against everything our Creator intended for us all to enjoy. So, in order to read this latest writing of mine, please click here – and remember, no less than three more are soon upcoming! Enjoy!

9/22/2018: It’s rather hard to believe it has now been three years since I first publicly shared these beliefs of mine. Well, it has been just that, and so in honor of our third anniversary, may I present yet another new writing that picks up where we last left off: Bizarre coincidental oddities that are impossible in probability, yet exist all the very same! In addition to exploring the particular oddity this time around of the Sun and Moon appearing to be identical in size from Earth, we also explore why these coincidences matter and better define what qualifies as one. To read this newest piece, please click here!

9/9/2018 UPDATE: In honor of the Jewish holidays, I wrote a brand new post for today. It’s a minor, minor thing, really, but fascinating nonetheless in seeing how it takes the number of years since the Big Bang in order for the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars to realign perfectly with one another, and the notability that things would just so happen to align in order to produce precisely that sort of number. To read the entire piece, please see: tekark.org/minor-evidence-towards-a-simulated-existence-jewish-and-gregorian-calendars-recurrence-cycle/

7/22/18 UPDATE: I began to consider the idea of separate realities vis-a-vis the more traditional sense of heaven versus the simulation hypothesis, wherein on one side you have entirely distinct realities that are not connected, or realities that exist inside of one another. With the simulation hypothesis, our reality is automatically below that higher plane of existence of our Creator. Yet with more traditional understandings, Heaven is separate from our plane of existence. Thusly, with the simulation hypothesis, we can find that our reality actually exists “inside” of our Creator’s higher tier of reality versus being separate from it and literally outside of that “Kingdom of Heaven”. To read this latest bit of writing, please click here.

5/13/18 UPDATE: As I just now went about rereading some of my existing pieces on this site, I realized I’d never posted something I had done when I went about the task of converting all of this into eBook format one year ago: Supportive scientific evidence for the simulation hypothesis as comes from quantum mechanics, more specifically being the so-called double slit experiment. Well, that oversight of mine has been corrected, and you may read what now serves as my latest addition to this collective body of work by clicking here!}

Greetings, and welcome to TekARk! What on Earth is that, you must surely be wondering? Just what bizarre corner of the Web have your online meanderings taken you to this time? I suppose the answer to that proves straightforward enough: This site holds a collection of writings detailing a decidedly different set of theological thoughts and ideas – only, however, being ones considered in addition to whatever our existing faith or religious system of belief might be just now (in lieu of anything replacing or invalidating those in any way, shape or form!)

Indeed, it hardly even matters what those beliefs of ours may consist of at present! Rather, a critical & defining part to this work is in holding that all such faiths have equal merit and validity; each of which having been provided to our long-ago ancestors, coming directly from the very same divine Creator of all things. In this way, I would assert these writings only act as something of a supplement to our current personal religious beliefs, carried out by way of analyzing such existential issues from the perspective of our oh-so-very marvelous modernity.

So then, what this work aims for is providing certain definitive answers to some of the very most basic religious and existential questions still remaining to this day; various mysteries and lingering uncertainties never before having truly been explained or properly addressed as such. Now, as far as specific examples of the sorts of questions that are explored herein? Among numerous others (all of which are accessible via the above menu system, offering links to articles discussing each respective topic), are issues like the relationship between God and science, the apparent absence of God directly interacting with our modern world, why there are indeed so very many different global religious beliefs, precisely how God Made all of existence, alongside, why He would have Created humanity, and lastly, given the decidedly unique nature of so many of the ideas hereabouts, offering up something of a reexamination of the afterlife awaiting us all!

As for some brief examples of the sorts of specifics you’ll discover further into this work…? Let’s start with the question of just why God would have Created us and our whole entire world: Well, that’s something which has always remained a total mystery, by and large; one of the great unanswered questions lingering throughout the ages – no matter what one’s particular system of belief might be just now! First of all, we should all be able to agree that even such an otherwise incomprehensible divine force is in possession of those qualities we best know of as sentience, self-awareness and/or intelligence – a being enjoying what we’d deem to be a form of consciousness.

Now, as for anything else that might share in these same exact attributes, whether they should be of a sort that’s known or else inconceivably unrecognizable to humankind…? For obvious reasons, any such intelligently conscious lifeforms are particularly treasured by other sentient beings (those different and essentially unrelated to them) – this being something that’s glaringly evident in our ongoing efforts searching for intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos; as well as the considerable degree of attention paid by our world of late to the invention & arrival of any so-called “artificial intelligences”.

Well then, this must hold especially true for an entity that’s totally without equal – no less, for one that’s a singular being all its very own: Almighty God.

So it is that I literally see each and every last one of us as the primary purpose for God’s act of Creation: His seeking the “cultivation” of as many different and fundamentally unique intelligent+self-aware individuals as proved possible, each one of which initially being birthed and “developed” extensively here, in this mortal realm. Then, upon that individual consciousness of ours having completed its development in full (something marked with our death in this world), it’s ultimately taken to join God on a much higher plane – existing alongside the entirety of mankind, forevermore!

Therefore, in just such a light, having each and every last one of us openly+freely embracing our inherent individuality, quirks and personal characteristics (just so long as doing so must never bring harm directly to another)? It ought best be seen as something of the utmost importance in going about the course of our lives -much as we should so too uphold that right for others, that they might do the very same in theirs.

In so doing, we can be reassured by the inescapable fact God holds such differentiation in the absolute highest regard – a reality reflected throughout His whole entire Creation, and the primary reason for His Creating to begin with! Indeed, it is this one aspect right there -God’s desiring a fantastic degree of differentiation across the expansive sea that is the all of humanity- that explains His first providing several religious faiths to our world so long ago. Whereupon each one is somewhat different, in countless many ways… and yet, at their absolute cores, all of which retain the very same basic, underlying sorts of guidance and societal teachings.

The final, and admittedly the strangest (if not outright craziest!), aspect you’ll encounter here? My unwavering belief that God works less through any actual magics -a literal *blink* *poof!* “Abracadabra, allakhazam – existence!” affair- and rather with something best categorized in what we know today as technology or invention (however utterly inconceivable and impossibly far advanced that might entail relative to our myriad of “mere mortal” minds.) Here, this notion centers itself around the total absence of such magics on this plane of existence, while having also been told by God Himself that everything we know of and ourselves are were “Made in His very image”.

We can consequently find particular meaning thereabouts when this gets taken alongside another familiar maxim, that “fantastically advanced levels of technology will appear all but indistinguishable from sheer magic” (meaning in the eyes of those who are themselves unfamiliar and unaware of such technologies.) In this way, I arrive at what I personally believe is how God Created our whole entire universe: A quite specific process, and one we’ve only recently come to realize exists with the age of computing – so-called “simulated” realities.

Yet in reality, rather than any absurdly outlandish virtual realm of artificiality or a variety of Matrix-esque notions, such simulations refer only to any creations having been built upon a clearly defined set of rules or laws governing their various internal matters. This, quite obviously being a quality our own universe and entire existence seems to have in spades for itself, does it not…? Whereby, across the board, the degree of precision and consistency of all natural laws is something that is absolute, incapable of even the slightest degree of variance or flexibility. As far as particular examples of this goes…? Gravity is gravity, just as the speed of light is the speed of light, everywhere and everywhen; or, in other words, ours is very much neither a chaotic nor anarchic form of existence.

All the more, should one be coming from a Christian/Biblically accepting background? Then Romans 1:20 offers us the following, discussing our knowing the nature of God, Himself:

Ever since the Creation of the world God’s invisible qualities —his eternal power and divine nature— have all been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made

In other words, while long ago this might have been strictly interpreted to mean the natural world/our assorted surroundings…? I believe it very much also refers to the fact that all things this world can make equally stand as reflections of God. Or, put slightly differently, what we possess and use through ongoing invention are conceivably things that God might possess and so uses. Just perhaps…? Even including those so-called simulations and the entire worlds that can result from just such ends (something springing forth only by exploiting various processes of that very same natural world, here in the form of our modern technology & computing).

But, then again… I suppose all of that is getting much too far ahead of ourselves just now!

Why is it I’ve poured so very much of my time, energy and effort into pursuing this collective body of work? Once more, it’s actually quite simple, really: As I gradually began arriving at these conclusions over time, I quickly started realizing that, for some all but unknowable reason, they appeared to be utterly distinct and unique – with there being absolutely nothing else even the slightest bit like them; not anywhere, nor from anyone or anything presently “out there.”

That having been said, simply possessing unique beliefs hardly merits anyone wanting to “share them with the world!” – someone can themselves believe that, say, Bigfoot is the Maker of All Things and worship it thusly, but that in and of itself is hardly sufficient enough grounds for any desire to unveil those beliefs of theirs to the world at large. No, here it was also the fact that these particular beliefs of mine seemed to provide answers to the very most basic kinds of existential questions, whilst furthermore working within the frameworks of our existing religious faiths, that inevitably led me towards committing to this endeavor.

Although these assorted thoughts & ideas reflect what I genuinely believe in for myself -and absolutely nothing else beyond that- if they can somehow, in some way, prove useful or thought provoking to others? Well then, surely, all the better for it! However, make no mistake about it: There’s absolutely nothing here to buy or to ‘join’!

Now on that note, although I’m hardly quite so delusional as to expect that my own personal perspective in all of this will somehow prove a perfect fit for everyone else? Just the same, I wholeheartedly believe that neither are they completely delusional as ideas, all to themselves; nor is there any actual chance that this is all nothing more than some manner of crazed lunacy here on my end. Instead? Well, instead they are beliefs considerably grounded in such ideals as rationality, science and modernity. At the same time, it also openly embraces just where we’ve come from as a people, something that only starts with that aforementioned certainty as to all the major religions having been provided to our forebears directly from the very same (and, no less, the One True) God.

However, rather than my merely leaving things on such an inclusive & heartwarming kind of note…? In place of going no further than the assertion that, “all religious beliefs are valid and made equal, hallelujah kumbaya!!”? Here, I also address precisely why this is in fact the case as we find it to be; the exact reasoning I see being responsible for God giving to our world so very many different systems of belief, spread out as they are all across the entire globe.

The sort of notion behind that right there is, just perhaps, the defining hallmark of this whole body of work: Instead of my simply posing ever more questions on end, or else offering up an assortment of idle thoughts and speculative ruminations? In place of anything like that, there’s very much a continuous effort made on my part for providing only the most straightforward of answers and clear-cut explanations – across the board, for every single last issue I’ll be examining on these pages: From the starting gates just now, right on up to the very final word! Although I may often go on at some length, make no mistake: Never is there a point where an issue merely gets danced around or only hinted at, let alone being left as some uncertainty a la, “Well… who knows!? (Not me, that’s for sure!)”.

Anyway, with the uniqueness of such views in mind, a while back I began to feel a need to at least try and write out those various thoughts of mine; recording them somewhere else besides only in the darkest depths to my mind. Now, having recently concluded the bulk of that effort, my next step was to offer our good ‘ol Interweb an alternative theological perspective… and so it’s right here that we currently find ourselves!

At the very end of this post you’ll discover a link to an ‘overall summary’ of what these beliefs represent (albeit one clocking in at a rather unwieldy length, unfortunately enough.) Should you find yourself so inclined, the bulk of this work rests in a collection of different writings, one each dedicated to discussing a certain topic. All of those may be accessed by using the menu found at the top of this site, preferably to be read in the same order you’ll see presented with that menu.

However, should you instead wish to begin things by jumping ahead and exploring one of the main cornerstones to this work? Then it’ll most likely be one of the following issues that finds you here just now:

The entire endeavor is the culmination of some several years worth of effort on my part, both in having first arrived at these decidedly unique beliefs of mine (with time spent deep in thought), as well as more recently working to commit them to the written word (what you’ll be finding housed herein). So now, having at last reached this particular stage, I only hope that the end result may in some way prove intriguing or helpful to someone in determining whatever shape their own personal beliefs might take someday – all the while, keeping in mind these writings simply represent precisely what it is that my own now consist of. The final thing left to say prior to jumping into such divine sorts of matters? Please enjoy!

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