Addressing The Matter of Faith Exploiters: Cults, Fanaticism and Lunacy


While this piece reflects my long-held views to a tee, it’s only recently dawned on me -after having created this here site of late and posting its varied contents- of a rather pressing need to address the topic of, well… cults and cultists; so-called “new religious movements”; and self declared prophets or other similarly reprehensible sorts who exploit our faith to achieve their own personal and selfish ends.

This issue arose due to one particular site I just so happened to come across late last week, in November 2015, in the midst of matters involving this here web-page of my own. I won’t specify or name it for a variety of reasons, least of all giving it any additional publicity, but suffice it to say…? I was well and good shocked and incredulous that sort of madness would still endure, even -especially- here in our modern times.

The thing of it is such that, being engrossed in our own personal spheres/little worlds, it often becomes much too easy to lose sight that these absurd cults and cultists yet exist into today, even in our much developed societies and cultures. Then, shortly after that rather appalling revelation, it also dawned on me how this little body of work here of my own might actually, rather regrettably, at first glance seem to (incorrectly) fall into categories frighteningly similar to those “other” (and indefensibly bad) sorts engaged in acts of pure, unabashed religious exploitation of those most vulnerable.

That in mind, I felt the need for this given the fact that there’s also a mighty good chance a small subset of some who find themselves here, searching for answers in similar such unusual sorts of directions – being those who merely remain at all open to the sorts of radically different, oft-times even utterly bizarre, kinds of ideas I myself would present here – could just as well end up discovering such belief-exploiters. All the same, those wrongs carried out in the perverted name of faith, belief or God ought also ideally be confronted from and/or explored by more religious/theologically-based perspectives – first and foremost.

So although I might only hope and pray that *all* of what now follows could indeed go without saying as much…? Well even so, given these unfortunate realities being what they are, I felt it best to state my views on the matter explicitly – precisely what they have always been, and will forever be:

To start with, the most critical distinction to be applied hereabouts? There’s being “nudged along” in a certain, divinely desired directions and/or using God’s provided scriptures to learn and draw wisdom, insight and strength from; then, those who claim God directly (most specifically) has revealed new revelations to only but a single individual -coincidentally enough, always being one and the same as they who announce their having been “chosen” in such ways- all in order that they would then immediately share such “new messages” with the whole entire world.

Now, what makes more sense there? Cases that involve God telling just one single person, such as for them to just turn around and inform billions – whose self-proclaimed “choosing” suddenly also empowers them to continue speaking and acting for God Himself on this Earth? Or a God without any limits whatsoever, who can and will make any wishes known to all the world instantly… just as easily and effortlessly as to one, ten or even a hundred?

A God showing overwhelming favoritism or nepotism to precisely one soul out of billions, or a Creator that unflinchingly loves the lowliest wretch exactly as much as the very greatest of all His many children?

Then again, at its heart? This matter ultimately relates to an utter invalidation of the free will given to us by our Creator at the dawn of man – an issue to keep in mind, as I’ll return to address it in-depth somewhat further on.

Yet with that assertion from those modern day, self-proclaimed “prophets” or “messengers”? So too comes their declaration of a belief in a God who is feeble and most limited, not the omnipotent and omnipresent divine Maker of actuality. What they are specifically saying by consequence is that God’s now returned to having a direct involvement in human affairs, here on this mortal plane of existence – “God appeared before me, making matters most clearly known to me! With me serving as conduit, He wants you all to know this, and for everyone to do what I’ll say He said – you know, to me, in private!- to follow me and my supremely God-like ways!”

The key subject there? Well, it’s somehow never *really* God, and instead always the “me, myself and I” act of those so-called prophetic messengers – being an actor who supplants God at the center of whatever “faith” by their very own admission, fraudulently impersonating the Creator of All to ensure their words will hold divine weight in the eyes of those who might follow them in their unabashed act of blasphemy.

I mean really, come on now! Why the heck would you not? Stop and think about just how awesome someone must have to be, that God’s favor would select them out of billions and billions of souls? He had to wait many *thousands* of years for such an incredible person to come around, that they could then lead the rest of us “mere mortals” to even greater heights! Really… I mean, just come on!

Although (+once again) the overriding issue there quickly instead becomes the aforementioned negation of our inherent free will – let us go and put that (along with all logic and sanity) off to the wayside so as to temporarily accept a crazed reality wherein God would indeed choose to act directly upon this mortal coil here, in more modern and contemporary times.

The notion of God communing with but a lone individual, in order to create change across the entire world at large? So ridiculous of an assertion is that, at least in today’s times, and so incomprehensible in its blatant heresy, that one would surely hope no additional remarking should ever need follow. But indeed, ongoing throughout these most recent generations of mankind there’s (quite tragically) been a small subset whose desperation to better know God, having the light of his divine grace shine on their souls all the more intensely, gets unconscionably exploited, perverted by those very vilest of the vile: A woeful lot consisting of lost souls, perhaps better known to us as those assorted cult leaders, self-declared prophets and modern-day messiahs.

Well, let’s just go ahead and put all the cards on the table, then – God is first and foremost an all powerful force. He genuinely Created our entire reality from scratch, a fact which, even if He weren’t a truly omnipotent being, is something that would surely afford Him absolute dominion over all such Creations of His, if only at the very least! So by subsequently asserting any intentional, directed communication from God to only themselves… simply in order that they would only turn around to serve as God’s newest messenger to man? With that simple declaration alone, these same blasphemers would so have us believing that God is ridiculously limited in His powers -a force all but impotent in its reserve- instead of the omnipotent beacon of light that reigns supreme over the world He cherishes so.

Because if God ever were to truly be committed to a course of action once more seeing any direct divine interferences here on our world -something which every single last “God told me to tell the whole world…!” automatically requires us to accept, simply in order for all of it to be accepted in the first place- then the whole entirety of the world would instantly be made known of whatever those revelations might possibly entail!

God would hardly pick and choose just one soul as His newest divine errand boy; instead, He would appear before the entire world all at once! Surely, whatever message demanding His interference in our modern world would have to be something so extraordinary in its gravity, that nothing less would ever suffice! Undoubtedly, God would not leave anything there to chance – returning to insert Himself into mortal affairs for the first time in countless centuries, it would have to concern something so incomprehensible in scope as to defy all imagining.

God certainly could -and absolutely would- appear before a billion just as easily as we might blink our own eyes. And so these… “folks” would have us believing God chose otherwise, absurdly anointing them as “special” in so doing? Or that God could somehow not even do so, incapable of communicating with every last soul drawing breath, and rather can only be made to appear before His self-declared “special messenger for our modern times”? This is simply the height of lunacy – nothing else!

But furthermore, we must feel safe in the belief that God will not take to doing anything of the sort. This, involving that aforementioned “free will violation” I’d referenced earlier. Our free will, being the very greatest of all gifts that God has ever given to humanity – much the same as it’s something that is absolute and without exception. What this means? There’s a very good reason for God’s supposed disappearance in recent millennia – something ridiculously used by those faithless sorts who assert “God is dead.”

For God to newly insert himself into mortal affairs, it would mean the complete and total abolition of any such free will. By the simple act of new, direct interactions or communications from God – in asserting any divine influence at all over this Earthly sphere – comes a permanent end to our mortal free will.

Why? Because all such acts would remove our choices and freedoms in every conceivable way. Suddenly, even the simple question of whether or what one might choose to believe in (religiously speaking) is annihilated. But of course, such beliefs also have an impact on and inform every other aspect of human civilization. By involving Himself directly, so too does humanity again become little more than puppets dancing on strings – so many different freedoms, in so many different ways… all at once, forever lost by being supplanted with an infinitely superior being – an incomprehensible divine force acting over and above the all of mankind.

Given the enormity of that gifted free will – the great benevolence and selflessness required for any being to consider imparting such a thing to their own Creation- anything necessitating its invalidation would have to be unthinkable in its magnitude.

Furthermore, whatever event or issue that would demand this act of modern divine interference? In so doing, it’s also stating quite clearly a belief that God is anything but a perfect, flawless and all-knowing Creator. Now then, as far as what I personally believe goes? I feel without question that God is all three of those things, and so very much more!

For example, I am certain that God could “see” ahead to the end of time, itself – and all, at the very instant of our world’s Making. The second that God so chose to remove Himself from Earthly affairs, way back when…? He planned for every eventuality, and then enacted matters thusly all in order that He would indeed provide our world with everything it could possibly need from Him!

Anytime that these “new messengers” also transmit their “new messages” as little more than updates and revisions to ancient sacred works? Seemingly offering only scant corrections to those divine teachings, rather than God stepping in to prevent our total destruction… say, at the hands of an all out nuclear armageddon? They are also then equally saying God can’t appear to the whole entire world all at once; rather boldly asserting that God is a flawed and imperfect divinity who proved incapable of planning for the future, so very long ago. In reality, those who would supplant or replace – updating or revising- long existing sacred scriptures and teachings are one and all heretical sorts that exploit our faith and impersonate none other than almighty God, Himself!

So then, should any radically different or brand new theological ideas somehow speak to you in a certain way? Well now, that’s perfectly fine… but of course it is! Only, let them speak to you in a truthful and realistic manner – something that’s quite clearly not the case whenever a delusional or exploitative soul seeks to command the authority of our Godly Creator by impersonating and acting as though they’re literally speaking for God Himself; as self-proclaimed conduits of the divine, speaking for God to His children in His stead.

They would have a Creator that’s somehow either unable to be bothered to speak to the rest of humanity directly or else a God who’s incapable of doing just so – consequently, ceding His authority to some perverse mortal soul and empowering that same mortal with much all of His own divinity in the eyes of whatever followers such wrongdoers draw in. Finally, we should imagine God to never work in such ways due to the exceedingly likely opportunity for some misinterpretation of the communication or creating abuses of their newly elevated (and, no less, self-appointed) station, given the imperfect beings we humans one and all are – itself something having been witnessed time and time again in the form of those that decree polygamy as the law of the land, done strictly to grant themselves as many spouses as they might possibly hope to have!

In other words, it’s my absolute belief that God has neither need nor cause for directly giving to any lone individual whatever new gospels or Books they might tout, nor unveiling to us any new revelations or revisions, only to be added atop our existing sacred texts… certainly not when man was long ago provided with all He desired we should ultimately ever have need of. And yet merely by those “new movements” on the fringe declaring and spreading such updated works as coming from God in some absurd “private session” they claim having had with our Creator, those who do so are also saying God either couldn’t or wouldn’t manage to plan ahead thusly; that, for some reason or another, He didn’t instill His ancient scriptures and divine wisdom with everything humanity should ever need from God all at once – despite undeniably possessing more than enough vision, acumen and omniscience for Him to do precisely that!

We should therefore make no mistake about it: Only God may speak God’s mind… and, whenever He does indeed choose to do so, all of mankind shall surely know of it at once! Although here in more recent times God can absolutely act through any of us – guiding us along, deliberately but delicately nudging us towards certain divinely desired directions, and conveying His wishes or ongoing knowledge indirectly by working through man. But whenever someone declares that God has newly chosen them (and
them, alone) to provide His commandments and speak His very mind, the only direction we ourselves should run towards? Far, far away from the deceptive and exploitative practices they’d each carry out in God’s name.