An Example Of A Technological God’s Guidance By Nudge (In A Simulated Existence)


How might this concept of guidance by nudging us along work out in practice, you may likely find yourself wondering? How can an overseeing higher power even possibly influence the realm of human affairs (at every level) without breaking our free will, a most inviolate law as something well and truly sacrosanct in respect to the cultivation of intelligent self-aware entities? Consider it as being much like proverbial shepherding, an example of which is as follows:

Say one person has a stray thought one day (itself coming about because of yet another endless string of causal events), leading them to post a flier for their new coffee shop in a certain location, a spot where they’d *not* have placed it without the benefit of that errant thought. Two weeks quickly pass, until a day a certain lonely soul goes for a walk. A brand new sports car parked down the way catches their eye, and so they cross over to that side of the street fancying a look at it.

Also on that same side…? You guessed it: Said flier, but of course! Perhaps looking a little worse for the wear, but still right there! Finding themselves most curious, our lonely walker ends up travelling all the way to get a morning “wake up call” of coffee, where they happen to catch the eye of a certain someone working behind the counter. Ye olde game of courtship ensues, they marry, two kids and a mortgage… then, two generations later, a child who’ll be the driving force behind human colonization on Mars is born… and the rest is, as they say, (future) history!

The fundamental point behind it all is thusly this: That divinity might as well be working with sheer magic in our eyes, being so impossibly far advanced beyond us – just as it is. As a result of all that advancement, it surely possesses near infinite resources, in every regard – making it so that no task is too gargantuan or demanding for it to easily accomplish.

Therefore, the aspect of that entity/force which is involved with literally running our entire reality can indeed “see all, know all” by running endless strings of probabilities attained through directed, brief, and intensely limited simulations in order to decipher and determine various outcomes to any number of events. Here, this isn’t limited to some macroscopic scale, but easily done on a day-to-day, personal level just the same as for that “bigger picture!” Through the capabilities offered in this particular way, it suddenly becomes entirely possible to see infinitely far ahead and make microscopically imperceptible alterations to bring about any outcome that might be imaginable, on every level – both globally as well as personally.

One additional caveat I’d mention just now? Free will is something limited only to human beings. This absolute, unbreakable law does not extend to anything else, however. What that means? No human being can ever be “taken over” or forced to do any action. But…! That does not apply to, let’s say… a bear. If deemed necessary, divinity can influence us in countless ways, even like by giving certain genes at birth ultimately bestowing us with a gift of writing.

The individual consciousness itself, on the other hand, is inviolate: We may never, ever be taken over or forced to do anything (and the reasons for this being the case will soon start becoming clearer). So God “sees” everything -much as He is everything, everywhere, at anytime- making a need to “take us over” completely and thereby removing our free will from the equation something that’s wholly unnecessary for Him to do. Certainly, not when that divine force might instead put this or that down in our “path”, having us see some piece of information that brings whatever desired change He may seek for us while always still retaining our absolute free will… at all times, as well as in all ways!