Creators Reflected In Their Creations: Drawing Insight Into Divine Matters Through Knowing Of Our Own World


Next up comes one of the final pieces of the puzzle as forms the foundation for this here work: The belief that there’s absolutely no sentient being (whether that should involve one divine or otherwise) that makes any Creation completely and entirely dissimilar to anything (and everything) it knows for itself. In other words: Every single Created work is a reflection of its Creator – first, foremost and forevermore.

What’s the meaning I intend to come from this particular notion? Well, much as I’ve detailed previously on these pages, our whole reality has no actual, literal magic anywhere to be found in it (as in that of the “Abracadabra” variety). As a result of this most notable aspect to our existence, so too should we neither expect nor hold that divine Creator to be anything based in some literal form of pure magic. Even so, oddly enough that’s exactly what our current understanding of the divine is centered around in its entirety – how it’s a supreme being existing both in and as sheer magics.

To better convey this notion by way of an analogy, consider: A distinct culture most often produces things identifiably quite similar or related to one another – in a myriad of different ways. As for one example hereabouts? With musical genres and the music that a group of people might create for themselves, usually always following along the same sorts of lines. All the more, there’s often even certain inherent aspects of the responsible creator embedded within those creations of theirs; such things that might be picked up on given ample enough analysis and deconstruction of whatever work.

On that same “note“, we especially witness this quality in the sciences themselves and the ongoing technological progress of mankind; whereby one good idea gets “thought up” and implemented, only to find similar such techniques, methodology or processes likewise being applied wheresoever it makes sense to do so.

This relationship between the creations and the creator is all the more glaringly evident whenever it involves something that could be said to come from only a singular individual, being and/or entity. We pretty much never see someone consistently creating entirely different, random, and utterly unrecognizable works from one moment to the next, almost haphazardly, that have absolutely nothing in common with one another (save only their source of origination) – essentially like it was all being done completely at random, seemingly only the product of sheer anarchical chaos.

Along similar such trains of thought as all creations reflecting their creators, I would further posit that the sorts of natural learnings we’ve discovered as forming the underlying basis to our own existence -and, indeed, the countless technologies and inventions derived from exploiting that knowledge in the form of knowhow – themselves harbor some greater meaning that might be gleaned by us; that certain aspects of our world don’t exist precisely as they do merely by some form of coincidence. Consequently, those various things that our universe allows to be made possible (in the form of our many inventions or technologies) should, in my estimation, be taken as potential reflections of divine natures “in action.”

Although we undoubtedly still have an impossibly long ways ahead of us left to go in every single one of these scientific fields of study, those things we presently do know and have seen realized in today’s world ought to very much be taken into consideration with any contemporary existential or theological lines of inquiry – something that’s constantly been in mind as I’ve worked on this and arrived at these ideas.

But even more than having the “Creator reflected in their Creation” aspect, in and of itself…? There’s actually still another issue altogether that makes it even more meaningful and worthwhile to turn to our known world for insights into that which is instead completely unknown/unknowable to us: We’ve been directly informed by that divine Creating entity that we -meaning mankind, our universe… everything, everywhere- were quite specifically “made in His image.” So with this that divinity has actually gone so far as telling us how we were made much the same as God Himself is or existed as – in any number of different ways!

The simple fact that all Creations stand as a reflection of their Creator, when combined with knowing that the all of our everything was made directly in that Creators image, at the very least implies that the idea of sheer magical divinity should be tossed right out the window… and post haste! That is, seeing as how there’s absolutely not even the slightest shred of evidence or incontrovertible proof of either our world or ourselves having access to any real magics (In the traditional sense, but of course – meaning anyone or thing on this here plane of ours possessing literal supernatural abilities. So then, if we don’t possess such a thing, we mustn’t expect one in whose very exact image we were Made in to be dramatically different there, either.)

Also as a result of the “made in His image” aspect, however, such acquired information should furthermore cause us to pay especially close attention to our own existence for guidance or answers on matters far more divine in nature. If we would better know and understand the divine Creator of All, then we should first commit to better knowing and understanding ourselves and our assorted surroundings.

This means that if something should fundamentally pertain to our own world, then in all likelihood it’s also of some significance regarding the divine; things that are somehow, in some way or another, capable of better informing each of us about the nature of God or existence, just the same as hinting at what may very well be awaiting us in the “great beyond.” Although I’m certain this line of thought is something of a head scratcher right now, I can only assure you that my reasons for raising these ideas will (hopefully) all be making perfect sense soon enough.

Something of a side note here, but I’ll probably be stressing this time and time again: I am resolute in the fact that exploring and better knowing this universe and all its many wonders is to come that much closer to our divine Maker – on top of offering us something of a better understanding about the true nature of that majestic Being. From a purely religious standpoint, I feel it is just as important to give equal time -at the very absolute least- to learning the details about our universe (physics, chemistry, astronomy, and so forth) as we do studying scripture and theological affairs.

I’d thusly assert that it’s the very most religious of souls that should be the biggest advocates and pursuers of scientific inquiry in our world of today. This science, it should never be seen as coming from so-called “Godless Atheists” who are obsessively dedicated to contradicting or disproving God’s existence in any way whatsoever, but rather the complete opposite – sciences building and strengthening one’s personal relationship to God, acccomplished by better knowing that divinity’s works and many wonders!

So it’s for these many reasons, alongside still countless more unmentioned as of yet, that I would stress the extraordinary importance of turning to our own modern world such as to look for further insights into otherwise unknowable sorts of affairs. Given how far along we’ve come today and just how very much we do indeed know about our universe/world, it seems as though it’s hardly premature for us to start trying to draw *some* potential meaning -however vague or inconsequential it may well seem at first- into that divinity through such efforts; taking aspects of our own realities or existence, and then subsequently trying to use or “translate” those into more metaphysical and divine sorts of matters.

All of which is precisely what this here work of mine endeavors to do just now! This, being exactly the same as I myself have been trying to do throughout my whole entire life thus far – the end result of which, but of course, being what you’ll find forthcoming on this strange little “blog.” At day’s end, those many ideas contained herein represent whatever connections do in fact make sense as such – at least in my own eyes and to my own mind, that is.