Dispelling Misconceptions About A Simulated-Like Existence


I feel as though it’s rather important for us to get something out of the way in this not-so-little endeavor of ours: To dispel various misconceptions, uncertainties and negative perceptions as come alongside any attempts to grapple with a simulated sort of Creation and a technologically advanced divinity.

Chief amongst them? We absolutely mustn’t feel as though the simulated existence reduces us… not in any conceivable way, shape or form! Instead, it is more of a matter about how our own perceptions might come to consider things – nothing more – as to precisely how we all choose to go about understanding it, along with the impact and transformative effect it may have vis-a-vis our own existence and proverbial day-to-day’s.

In this particular regard, far and away the very most important thing of all? We must not allow ourselves to think anything less due to such extenuating existential circumstances as a simulated reality entails – it does not, in point of fact, turn us into perverse abstracts like some mere virtual figments in a divine being’s imaginations as absurdist playthings; nor are we reduced to little more than a futuristic video game -like a piece of digitally based entertainment- for whatever “higher tiered” plane responsible for our Creation.

In all honesty, a simulated acceptance changes absolutely nothing… about anything! Or rather, it affects only whatever changes we might choose to allow and see enacted as a consequence – but our very existence and self empowered determination begetting our unimpeachable free will has and always shall remain sacrosanct and inviolable.

At the end of the day, the most significant change the simulated reality presents to us is rather simplistic in its nature: Doing nothing any greater than offering us an explanation for how we might have come to be in the first place!

Furthermore, instead of transforming our own existence thereabouts in any way whatsoever, it only yields the potential of radically transforming the nature & identity of the divine entity we hold ultimately responsible for the whole entire shebang – otherwise known as the all of all known (and, for that matter, unknown) things!

What this means is indeed quite simple: Unlike at any other point in human history, this bold new idea can bestow each of us who might choose to accept these thoughts with an entirely unprecedented new understanding as to the intrinsic nature of a (very literal) higher power. Before today, up until just right now, we’ve always held such a being (or, for the polytheists out there: Beings, plural) to be something inherently unknowable and eternally mysterious – part of divine and omnipotent workings, neither meant to nor capable of ever being made known to our paltry “mere mortal” minds.

Now that we’ve advanced so very far, however, and in so very many different ways -now that our civilization undeniably moves from its juvenile adolescence into a relatively advanced stage of maturity, collectively speaking- all of that advancement also enables us with abounding opportunities to conceive of the otherwise all but inconceivable: Better divining the very nature of God, Himself. In place of altering our preconceptions as relates to our own existence, reality and/or lives, the only seismic shift to actually be found hereabouts comes in relation to the omnipotent entity responsible for all three things.

In neither reducing or lessening our own standing in any way, it instead does the exact opposite: Serving to bring us that much closer to our Maker, and thusly taking us that much further ahead as a collective group of beings – to expand and improve upon our relationship with that Creator. We should also desire to continue gaining insights and knowledge about our world, knowing that this is the most direct path we have to a higher powered divinity.

Ultimately, the goal should be to bring us that much closer to and make ourselves more like the one who Made the all of all things – to transform ourselves, in a variety of ways, by continuing to do precisely that which we’ve been doing: Moving forever and always ahead… expanding upon our understandings while improving our world and our place in it.

Admittedly, at first glance this might all seem rather at odds with the natural (almost instinctual) reaction one has upon being introduced to such simulated ideas. Our very first inkling to having such thoughts brought to mind is assuredly to draw comparisons to similar circumstances already well known by most living today – making us little different, in other words, from anything else we understand to come from such technological sorts of origins.

My goodness gracious, we even have a name for it! -something that all things digitally based embody: Artifice – being a “reduction” into realms of pure artificiality. Yet merely even with reading the word just now… the associations that it springs to mind for each of us – does it not (completely unintentionally) have a less than sterling or positive connotation to it?

Or perhaps employing an even better example still: If I were to offer you two identical objects -of any kind (and, unbeknownst to you, they were in fact both one and the same)- while further telling you that “this one that’s in my hand right here” is artificial – do you really have any doubts as to which of the pair you’d choose for yourself… with nary even a second’s thought? But of course not! I can easily say this because it’s something every single last one of us would very much be guilty of, despite whatever extenuating details there might’ve been or was actually the case.

So artificial this; virtual that – no matter how advanced or fantastical they might be relative to ourselves, whatever relationship we’ll have with our own thinking technological creations has always been (and forever shall be) something of an innately superior/inferior one. Upon the day when true artificial intelligence at long last dawns, all who might draw breath in that instant will surely themselves view those artificial creations as somehow beneath us -even should they be hopelessly more advanced than we ourselves are in every last way imaginable.

This comes by way of such inventions being distinctly different, not the same as we are and so naturally unnatural as a result! Despite the fact that those artificially produced sentient entities will likely see our own intellects dwarfed by many orders of magnitude at the very first moment inside the “Era of Technologically Artificial Intelligences”, the simplified relationship between creator and their created comes with almost insurmountable preconceptions and prejudices as to the shape they take inside our minds… even if it’s indeed only to those minds of ours, regardless of all facts and realities to the contrary.

If we remain completely unchanged and only the most intangible of qualities get altered? Then indeed, absolutely nothing has been changed for us. Further, to deny a potential truth strictly because we may not exactly like it and/or find it rather offsetting in its bizarreness would be the height of irrationality.

Another issue that I see? Throughout this body of work, you’ll be reading a great many ideas supported and expanded upon using scientific concepts/language. This is solely because that natural world = divinity. Nothing could speak to us any more on the nature or desires of our Creator than to have it drawn from our present scientific knowledge, which is precisely what I’ll be doing throughout.

Tragically, there are far too many amongst us today who still hold that science arrogantly seeks to place man above God – where our ongoing research distances us from divinity, due to the considerable reliance on the wits of humanity involved therein. There exists no greater untruth than this in all the world, however, as science only works to put mankind ever closer to their Creator. God is everywhere, in everything, and what is science if not the research and exploration of everything, everywhere?

With my significant usage of scientific understandings, then, we find not some perverse hybrid between unrepentant atheism and some sort of techno-theology. No, just the opposite! Instead, it is the continued evolution of our relationship with God/our Creator, aided by our exponentially improved understanding of the natural world in its entirety.

All I can therefore possibly hope to ask of you in this grand undertaking is at least trying to keep an open mind while reading this work and the many different ideas contained within it. If my words might still ring hollow with a mind that’s been left wide, so be it then… but dismiss them because none of it makes a lick of sense to *you*, not because of what you feel others would likely desire of you here, with this – or whatever you’ve been told in the past that you should ultimately say, think, or believe for yourself.

In other words, let not your vision be clouded by some knee-jerk reaction to any concepts scientific in nature that also deal with matters of faith… those who’ve long ago decreed such lies only the path of sin and unrepentant atheism, when in fact, irrespective of simulated theories, investigating the natural world is to study the very shape of God, Himself – wherein any greater understanding of our world through scientific inquiry can, in truth, only possibly draw one that much closer still to He who Created it all. In these particular areas, it certainly feels as though we’ve all been spoon fed disinformation and base lies from the hands of manipulators, ideologues or otherwise for far, far too long now… those seeking the furtherance of some perverse schism between faith and reason; almost as though the world Created and its Creator are two entirely separate concerns, forever and always at odds with one another.

Admittedly, given the extreme divergence of these concepts from anything in our contemporary cultures, it will be exceedingly difficult for them to be acknowledged as mere possibilities – even for those sorts most likely to accept them – let alone for anyone, anywhere who might find themselves able to readily agree with the notion that ours is some absurd virtual approximation of reality, by way of real and true simulations.

An additional misconception to resolve just now? “Somebody Who Saw The Matrix One Time Too Many – Buying Into It All Hook, Line and Sinker!” There’s almost too many differences and distinctions to list here, but first and foremost amongst them? There we saw actual humans being trapped in a virtual environment -organic brains that were all hooked up to various gadgetry, subsequently being spoon fed an illusory recreation of reality.

At day’s end, however, there was a “real reality” where those fictional “real humans” (the consciousness of individuals who interacted with one another in the virtual world) all had their bodies housed+stored away. So simply by having any actual, *real* human beings of the organic, biological variety who existed inside of a digitally simulated environment to begin with, we see the overriding distinction here: ‘Natural’ organic minds/brains that were merely hooked up to those virtual realms, as opposed to being purely+entirely simulated – having been born/”created” inside of the simulation, existing forever as a part of that Created reality, themselves.

Thusly, it can be said that I’m all but certain there aren’t “levels upon levels” to reality as the film itself would present us with… no Inception or Matrix degree of convolution anywhere to be found!

No, rather, our bodies here and now (such as they are), in our own world (just as it is) are essentially all that exists of us – end of story… or rather it’s the end until we inevitably die in this world, that is. The distinction, then, between this and “The Matrix, Being Taken As Fact” is that I hold that we, along with our whole entire world, are the result of a simulation of reality, crudely stated; that all we know and everything that we are exists as a part of that simulation, inside of a ‘simulated universe,’ that has been intentionally created/overseen/maintained by a divine power operating on some ‘higher plane’ of existence.

The third and final bit of murkiness to resolve involves the question of the Creator. Certainly some might posit that, if a simulated reality holds true – and if it is also something we can not only conceive of, but envision our future selves potentially inventing all their own…? Then could we not just as easily be the product of some futuristic humanity, creating endless simulations of their reality or histories?

Now then, I’ve already said I firmly believe that our Creator is one best understood as being literally divine in nature; that we are not the result of simulations begetting endless more simulations – an infinite domino chain of simulations. Because, while I mentioned that a simulation does indeed allow someone to create an entire cosmos out of relatively tiny technological processors? It doesn’t in the slightest further allow this same sort of an infinite chain of simulated realities.

In just such an endless chain, the topmost level -one Made by actual divinity- may well be limitless in its potential, it’s true… but then, each subsequent level down the chain would be constrained by the “computational resources” directly above them.

Put another way, simulations (of any kind) can only be as powerful and run as fast as the hardware that they themselves are being run on. Today we can’t, in other words, make some simulation of a computer on a machine just in order to surpass our own limitations in hardware or technology: Simulating hardware more advanced and better than our own, and then besting everything the simulator can achieve using the simulator itself.

While we can simulate the broad strokes of an entire universe today -absolutely- we still can’t simulate a universe that somehow simulates a faster/better simulation, all its own!

In just this same way, you can’t have infinite number of identical simulations operating underneath of a single simulation with limited resources. Admittedly, there are a handful of minimal workarounds: The “upper level” upgrading/adding resources whenever such a time arrives that they’re needed; or those simulations down the chain running much, much slower relative to the higher levels (allowing the Simulating hardware more time to process “crunching” all the data). But really now, what would be the point of doing that ad infinitum? No less, simply to allow future recreations of simulations by those being simulated in the first place?! Sheer madness, it would surely seem, and very little else.

Therefore, even if one were to put aside evidence, indications and an innate belief that the force responsible for our Creation is a literal divinity rather than an advanced futuristic mankind, there’s no possible way that an infinite number of man-made simulations exists. Then, when one factors in the incredible complexity and scope to our own reality – envisioning just the type of force necessary to simulate

Long story short? There simply cannot be a chain of simulations, inside of a chain… inside of still more chains of them; at least not ones that are each identical in size/speed/quality – which kind of defeats the whole purpose of the idea, no? Consequently, we can at the very least feel secure that ours is not some absurd part to an infinite chain of humanly created simulations.

All the same, such realities still don’t dismiss the appeal offered by simulation (or simulation-like) means when tackling the issue of divinity and our own existence… just that we can’t take things a step *too* far in this direction, and thereby posit that an infinite number of simulated universes might exist, which each themselves produce infinite more identical simulated universes.