Finding Divine Truth In *All* The Many Global Religions (+ Why There’s Never Been A Singular Worldwide System Of Belief Provided By That Omnipotent Creator)


The reason responsible as to why, despite having so very many different religions around the globe today, there’s actually only but a single God who’s directly responsible for giving us those numerous systems of belief? In only but two words: Sparking differentiation.

God provided us with so many faiths, only in order to produce stark differences across our Earthly cultures and societies -throughout every corner of the world- over several centuries & millennia. He did so such that we might become ever more distinct and unique from one another on an individual level, therefore satisfying His desire to Create and cultivate new sentient consciousness (ones ultimately joining with His plane of existence upon our mortal death in this plane).

Yet, while certainly accomplishing those ends, there was also a second reason here for giving us as many faiths as we ultimately received from God: The dynamics between different cultural and ethnic groups of human beings; those outcomes produced by way of their interactions with each other, and the near infinite societal/scientific/technological contributions derived from such interplay (which is also the bulk of what this particular piece will be dealing with, given that the former aspect hardly requires any greater elaboration than the preceding provided).

Now although there have indeed already been “unifying” sects, churches… even whole religions? If only by and large, none of those have existed in such a way as to give truly equal validity to all the major established worldwide systems of belief; never before having been anything presenting the notion that all such faiths are equally correct and valid, let alone any genuine supposition holding that all of them came to exist in our world from the very same higher power. There’s seems a very good reason for that absence: At least in theory, this might seem to be something of an outright impossibility!

It should surely appear the height of absurdity to say that the divinity of Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam, Shintoism, Judaism, and countless more are all quite literal as a deity; with each and every last one of them having come from the same God/divine entity/higher power/what have you. To support such a supposition under the backdrop of existing theologies? One would simply have to be either delusional or something of an unrepentant polytheist – and should the latter be the case, well… have we not just annihilated all the monotheistic religions from the mix, right off the bat?

So this is where I attempt to bring this entire portion the rest of the way “home“, as it were – finally drawing everything in this section together. A critical understanding to keep in mind hereabouts should be the fact that ours is a diverse world filled with many wildly divergent cultures (never mind, on purely an individual level, how vastly differing we each are!) What’s more, the relationship those same cultures play with one another, and the countless contributions they each bring to the table that is the all of human civilization, itself…? Remove only but a single one of those from the equation, and we’d be left with a world that most certainly wouldn’t so much as merely resemble what it actually is here today!

So of course we might wonder why, given an omnipotent divinity capable of all things under the Sun, there’s no singularly dominant faith on this Earth… nor has there ever been such a thing; something that’s been enjoyed by all peoples the whole world over, at any one particular moment in time. The explanation behind such a void is actually rather deceptively simple, in point of fact, and something that was wholly intentional on God’s own part thereabouts.

Now, just try and envision that hypothetical world… one in possession of only but a singly dominant religion. Would it not be the most blandly homogeneous of places, with universal sameness abounding and individuals nary anything besides fundamental clones of one another? Had we therefore been given but a lone single such faith by God, our cultures and societies would be all but identical to each other just now; the all of human civilization nothing save for varying shades of greys (compared to the fantastically diversified rainbow it presently consists of).

While we’ll definitely be returning to this notion in yet greater depth later on, to tide us over till then? We should all be aware that the greatest attribute of the US as a nation (something most often credited for the country’s nearly unprecedented historical position and contributions globally) has been that most marvelous so-called “melting pot” dynamic.

Meaning, as it relates to this particular topic right now…? Concerning peoples who are themselves one and all the same? Well then, to be sure, that might very well come to redouble whatever assorted strengths possessed by a group numerous times over – but, so too does it mean a society and/or culture sharing in the exact same weaknesses or gaps in differing focus areas, across the board: An extraordinary collective ‘Achilles Heel’, if ever there were such a thing!

Ahh, but by promoting such inconceivably rich variety as the spice of (a civilizational) life, on the other hand, finds us with a world capable of being made all the greater when whatever weaknesses as are held by some segments of that very civilization can thusly be shored up when such qualities in those groups might also be found as outright strengths in still others amongst their varied lot (and subsequently, being folks whose own assorted flaws, gaps, or otherwise might so too be possessed as the strengths of our initially referenced set).

Furthermore, this dynamic leads to unique contributions provided by certain portions of humanity – like, say, in one society perhaps being best positioned to contribute towards science and technology, while another pursues governmental or societal advancements, a third whose assorted interests best align to develop certain medical fields, while still others provide yet more progress industrially, agriculturally or with civil engineering.

When you put it all together, and only after some thousands of years worth of time interacting & evolving alongside one another, the end result…? ‘Tis absolutely nothing less than our most amazingly impossible world of today!

Now then, were ours rather something of a bland world, one where we were all figurative clones of one another -each one of us having precisely the same cultures, interests or pursuits, values, and whatnot else- it goes without question that we’d not be anywhere remotely close to where we’re at just now. No, not when we’d instead be set back some several centuries still (or better!), in all likelihood not even blessed with enjoying any rudimentary electricity today.

As for a particular example to convey this notion, consider how the field of mathematics are riddled with Greek and Arabic terms; having long ago been advanced significantly by those historical societies. Next, look to the endless number of different so-called ‘base’ numbers used during ancient times – having ten in use as just such a base of ours today was in fact not something that came as second nature to us (much as we’d now most likely assume to have been the case).

There were instead all kinds of various bases besides 10, introduced by all sorts of peoples throughout our history – until finally, at long last, settling on ten (an idea first known to have been utilized by the ancient Egyptians) realizing it was far and away the best and most logical base to use of them all (and, it probably didn’t hurt that it’s also precisely as many fingers as we each have to count on!)

It’s strictly the result of these many different bases, however, that explains why there are some 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour (base 60, as was used by the Babylonians); the reasoning behind our presently having 360° in a circle. Some even tried base-2 (holding special meaning for us today, given the binary nature of modern computing!), while the Mayans used a base of 20 (who one can only suppose took advantage of counting using an extra ten toes in addition to their fingers!)

As another field of study, Astronomy enjoyed exceptional advancements, not only by many Europeans as one might assume to predominantly be the case, but instead by many Chinese scientists whose time came at the very dawn of recorded history. Should one seek to uncover more data about any given ancient celestial event, then one of the first -no, the only– places to turn are with the detailed records kept by Imperial China (we’re talking about 2000 BC, over four thousand years ago! For example, the first known recorded instance of a solar eclipse – by anyone, located anywhere!- came from the Chinese.)

At any rate, we could go on all day here – but never be fooled into thinking anything except the fact that our very greatest collective strength rests in our incredible differences from one another. As individuals, without a doubt… yet most especially as whole entire societies and cultures! Blandness only breeds uniformity, while variety is the spice of life… and all that jazz.

In times that can often appear to be increasingly nationalistic, the preceding examples should serve as reminders to us all that literally every last aspect of modern life has elements from the entire world around embedded within. What’s more, those contributions by and large only might’ve come from those who did in fact make them, requiring whatever unique combination of factors or variables as existed with societies or cultures, ultimately resulting in adding further progress to the big ‘ol pot of human civilization, itself. Those distinct qualities as makes our cultures exactly what they are… well, they are what they are because of the impact religious concerns had historically – first, foremost and without any equal. Nothing else even approaches the magnitude of just how much religion has shaped, guided and molded the creation of distinct groups from out of our long ago forebears.

Suffice it to say that, despite these stark differences often being touted as undesirable or a weakness (in the sense that we “fear what we don’t know or can’t understand,”) as mainly acting to promote prejudice and conflicts throughout history…? It is instead this quality right here (and this alone) that’s provided those positively blessed to be living today with all types of incomprehensible rewards and assorted other advantages – no less, it’s a quality which all but defies any efforts aimed at conciously being realized or conceived of as such. Instead, they are left to stand only as entirely unappreciated -hidden and unknown- gifts in each of our minds (at least, that is, more often times than not) and yet, even so, we must always strive not to take the immense power such widespread uniqueness provides our civilization with for granted.

For however much we tend to celebrate diversity in recent times? That celebration usually extends little past whatever group it is that’s being celebrated at the moment. We should instead chiefly celebrate all groups together as one, alongside the interactions *between* those many varied differences of ours; to celebrate the forever unremarked upon dynamic that only ever happens when those differences might come in contact with one another and collectively work together as a world. For some unknown reason, this particular attribute is largely lost to us… that intangible, almost indescribable thing that results whenever mixing such unique groups of humans together historically.

Because in reality, even that great melting pot has as its underlying maxim the throwing together of every group at once, in order for them to all be ‘melted’ down yielding some brand new, yet largely singular, sort of entity. Therein lurks the obfuscated reality of how we actually should be celebrating the dynamic that all such differences play, with and on one another, yet which tragically manages to get lost in a fog just now… even whenever we do manage to recognize and champion the critical contributions of our widely varied cultures (only in isolation).

Sure, although on a purely personal level we most frequently recognize how each member of some team or group-based endeavor not only brings their own unique skills/gifts to a task, we also realize the fruits of those labors wouldn’t exist at all were it not for every last person – each one doing precisely what they did, only by being exactly who they each are!

This critical quality in some way apparently gets “lost in translation” when it comes to enormous groups acting on the global level, themselves all being collectively ‘grouped together’ as one massive entity: Human civilization. The position that civilization of ours enjoys today exists, not because of any number of select individuals contributing to affairs, much less singular groups who achieved this or that, but only the collective interplay and collaborations of quite literally every last culture/society (no less, throughout all of time) who each brought something to the table, in some way or another, that proved utterly necessary in yielding our impossibly futuristic world of today.

Perhaps the simplest means of conveying such a notion, one that seems to otherwise fly directly into the face of our preconceptions there (vis-a-vis our cultural distictiveness instead usually felt to be acting upon the world as a dividing force, first and foremost)…? Accomplished by ever so slightly tweaking an old maxim, thereby turning it around 180° and completely over on its head:

For imagine how, while it might very well take an entire village in order to best raise a child up to adulthood? Such as to raise *all* villages up high and into the advancements of modernity as we know it, it also demands nothing less than a whole world of differences, each collaboratively working together for the greatest good!

All of this is a really long-winded way of arriving at our main point here: The explanation behind why only one God would conceivably put forth so countless many different faiths across the world throughout history, while still holding that they were all the result of only a single being; yielding just how those distinct religions we find on this Earth could all be worshiping only one real and true Higher Power. Seeing as how one would be hard pressed to find a more positive outcome for our world than the immense success we’ve experienced, despite many a hardship and uphill struggle, it sure would seem as though you couldn’t have asked for a better set of circumstances to have promoted such a reality while still retaining the free will of that same world.

We are only where we’re at because of one thing, and nothing else: Our religion. Only, not any one religion, nor even but a mere handful of them – the fact we have as many as we do, each one being so very different in so very many ways that, while perhaps at first speaking to ancient preexisting cultural characteristics (tailored to the peoples whom those faiths were first offered to), over time they also rapidly began promoting and accentuating ever greater differentiation – all the while, further working to nudge or mold those very same cultural groupings continually in various divinely desired directions: All inevitably being done such as to bring forth we who are indeed so very blessed to be living today, along with giving birth to that most amazingly modernized world of ours!