Foreword: Opening Thoughts


Belief is a funny thing – our faith being singularly unique throughout all of Creation as something found solely in we human beings. There’s truly nowhere else where we might also observe anything endeavoring to look up and ask of itself, “Why? How…? What?!?”, let alone anything capable of knowing any such answers to those inquiries they might so deign to make! And yet, among those individuals found to exist in the many sorts of cultures and religions that we do in fact know for ourselves? Such beliefs have also come to mean so countless many wildly different things, to so very many widely different peoples – no less, ones that are spread across the whole wide world over!

So then, all that this work ultimately represents is my offering up what those beliefs have come to mean to me personally just now, and absolutely nothing more than that; existing only as but a meager reflection of that which I myself have come to believe is true in this life of ours so far.

Only…? What I also realized in so doing, however, is the fact that what I did eventually arrive at thereabouts ended up quite unlike anything else that’s “out and about”, involving any similar such ideas as these collectively result in. Now perhaps there’s a quite good reason for this quality of a decidedly distinct uniqueness here, with any of this (meaning, in other words, it having all come about as the result of my own personal eccentricities… going about things “completely off my rocker”, as it were). And, then again? Well, perhaps not so much. (I reckon it should be most obvious as to which of those two I’d sure like to think is the case!)

While working off the basis that these assorted ideas are most certainly not sheer insanities, as for what I myself believe to primarily be responsible for such stark differences…? Here, these notions I’d put out come by way of examining various ageless questions of an existential nature anew, whilst additionally tackling them from a decidedly modern sort of perspective.

In still other words, the key distinction of this quality of uniqueness is derived from answers that proved all but inconceivable -indeed, their being impossible, even!- for nary but a single soul to arrive at until this particularly revolutionary moment of time: Outright requiring the dawn of the computerized, technological age we’re living in that they could’ve been reached in any such a fashion. Subsequently, this aspect has for it the additional implication where ours is literally the first and the only generation, throughout the entirety of human history, that might’ve possibly proven at all capable of formulating such ideas!

As for just what I also happen to believe there…? That, just by looking at things from that more modern viewpoint, anyone might just as easily end up precisely where I myself did; wherein this most certainly doesn’t involve creating some entire mythological pantheon (derived, not from truth or divinity, but rather from some mortal soul’s wild delusions or generalized flirtations with madness), nor jotting down any convoluted ritualistic rites. Instead, it’s really little else aside from an inherently realistic attempt aimed at exploring our most basic and essential of questions – an effort having been greatly assisted further along in its task by those many countless blessings as found to exist with the marvelousness of modernity.

Therefore, it’s only the combination of those two things together -that this is indeed so completely different from anything I’m presently aware of; and my belief these aren’t simply my own eccentricities at play (more than likely to earn me nothing save only endless helpings of mocking derision and scorn), but what almost any single last one of us might be apt to find in doing similarly as I myself have done- well, all of these (and more) are what has led me to right here, right now: Hoping this might aid or assist others along in their own journey of personal religious discovery.

For truly, in this life of ours, can we have any higher calling or desires than trying to help others as they themselves try to make their way in life… however that may be achieved? So if someone, somewhere (even if only somewhen!) might chance upon this work, only to draw literally anything of worth or substance from it…? Then, at least in my eyes, none of this will have thusly been in vain.

Perhaps an especially unique aspect found with our faith, unlike in so many other things found throughout life? It’s really not something that can actually be debated or outright proven by man (much as we’ve become so accustomed to doing in this era of rational reasonings), but instead involves only what each of us eventually comes to decide best makes sense of-and-about this ever so wonderful world of ours. So while this indeed represents what I myself happen to resolutely believe in, I further realize that others can only hope to look at it and see if it might conform to their own views of life… rather than something where we might point specifically to “this, that and those” as anything blatantly wrong or incorrect.

It is, in other words, something of a take it or leave it affair – no less, one of a deeply personal, oft times even being controversial, nature for anyone to openly put out into our wider society at large. onsequence of political correctness, ours is a world where we consider how the faith of one might run the risk of offending or invalidating whatever those beliefs of another person may consist of, leading us to have developed rather some intense & universal fears of putting ourselves “out there” if (or when, in my case) our own beliefs should begin to markedly diverge from more “mainstream” sorts of ideas.

I therefore can only offer my very sincerest of hopes and desires, that this should never do such a thing as to cause offense or detriment to another -not in any way, shape, or form- nor might it bring any undue criticism or harshness in such a light, but is instead taken in the spirit in which it was initially provided by myself: Seeking only to offer up this particular perspective of mine -one that’s so very different, in many different ways!- reflecting, just as it does, my own deeply personal views and beliefs.

It is, at day’s end, meant just to give others something of a new and different way by which to come at such things as they do indeed make their own way in life; formulating their personal ideas and beliefs about our existence & divinity… both as humanity (collectively), as well as more singularly, as individuals. It’s nothing more, and certainly nothing less, than that (and that alone). Here, there are no hidden agendas on my part: This is just what I’ve come to believe for myself, in a realm where there really aren’t any true rights or wrongs to be found.

In this life of ours, all we truly have at the end of the day are whatever things we each hold to be real and true – these are just such truths as it relates to me, personally. Whether or not they’ll make the slightest bit of sense to you in conforming to any of your own existing thoughts and ideas…? That’s something well and good outside of my hands, just the same at it isn’t my intent to try and forcefully convince anyone of absolutely anything.

Now, upon trying to wrap up this opening section I realized that one may assume, by being based in coming from that more “modern perspective,” this in some way might be taken to mean discounting or discarding past religous thought outright, entirely replacing those beliefs with something else instead. We likely are to assume this simply because that’s just the way it’s always been… usually, in such matters of the heart and mind it’s been a proverbial case of, “Out with the old, and in with the new!” if ever there was one!

I therefore feel it’s necessary to state that this is in fact not the case here. At the risk of this introduction running on endlessly, my own personal perspective has only been with respect to existing religous thought; actually, incorporating them in both spirit as well as in substance, alike! Much as I said, then, it is indeed looking at such existential matters from a more modernized perspective – only, not solely from some single moment in time (an “updated+improved” take on things, as it were), but rather where we are now relative to where we’ve come from before!

All I can offer in closing is that I’ve tried as much as possible to balance out the need for explaining admittedly complex issues of considerable weight with the fact that none are likely to read pages and pages of discourse of such a nature. Considering just the length of this so-called introductory ‘foreword’ alone, I already harbor some serious concerns regarding my degree of success at doing so – believe me, this is itself nearly an impossible task, especially when it involves so very much that’s so vastly different from anything else “out there.”

When trying to explain such difficult and deeply involved topics, skipping over matters and allowing others to make sweeping assumptions/generalizations is undoubtedly far more detrimental to the work when all is said and done than presenting a detailed, clearly explained effort that, due to its length, understandably only a much smaller handful are likely to ever bother reading. I might only offer up my most sincere assurances that, for however long this all ends up, it has come as the result of an unimaginable amount of effort involving nearly unending additional writings, editing and assorted revisions on my part. Regrettably, brevity when it comes to my writing is not a gift I myself was blessed with having – much as you can undoubtedly already guess.

So whether or not I ultimately succeed at doing… well, any of this? I should rather suppose that’s something only you can really be the judge of when all has been said and done at (long) last! This work might benefit from a good editor able to gleefully snip away but, for now at least, it is what it is – while perhaps a bit long winded at times, it’s still something I feel intense pride in as a quality effort on my part.