How Our Creator Interacts In Our Lives – On Prayer/Willing & Nudges


One might ponder how, if we do indeed live in a simulated reality, to affect change in just such a world – what then happens to our notions of prayer and the like? It is definitely an important question to consider, given the fact that it is one which touches each and every one of us. If one is accepting of the simulated reality, what does it mean for prayer or petitions to our Creator, in order to have divinity make direct change which might be seen to better our lives?

First of all, I feel we should dispel notions of there being some kinds of tit-for-tat reward system that goes on – whereby our Creator is seen as rewarding the faithful directly because of that faith. One mustn’t consider that they have to earn our Creator’s favor in order to partake in some sort of divine reward system. This is indeed not the case whatsoever! Our divine Creator loves us all equally – as sentient consciousness, each and every last human being is a treasured blessing to that divinity, and so we should consider that all of us should share in receiving that Creator’s blessings.

So then, what shape is it that prayer and the like take in a simulated world? How can we petition such a divinity, in order to make such desired change in our own lives? Well, firstly, let us consider exactly who it would be that we are petitioning to begin with. It is my strong belief that it is indeed not that Creator Itself who is having such power over this level of reality of ours – the place where sentient consciousness develops and is birthed. Ponder only my piece regarding the Christian Trinity – there are three forms of our Creator and Divinity: There’s the Maker Itself, who Created all that we know and are, who exists in a higher plane of existence. That Maker can take on avatars in order to interact directly with this world. Finally, there’s our reality itself, which is Made and overseen by a Creation of our Maker, which keeps things running smoothly and is responsible for our level of existence. It is indeed an extension of that Creator, being imparted with all that that Maker truly is.

It is this last form which proves most critical to our present level of reality, being the one where our consciousness is formed and develops. Indeed, direct interactions by our Maker itself on this layer of reality prove to be quite rare indeed! Our Creator instead Made a perfect representative in it’s third and final form for this level of reality which we presently know. Furthermore, this last form is actually a part of us all – it is this which is responsible for our simple existence, that yields the atoms and molecules that create such majestic things as the sentient and conscious beings that we are. As a result, we find ourselves directly connected to this form of divinity, and, in fact, are all connected together, as well.

Seeing as how this form of our Creator is both responsible for our very being, itself, and is also a simple part of us, we find the idea of prayer to have quite some meaning. To state it plainly, in having previously made such petitions to our Maker, we find that the power to have impacted change in our world -to have answered those prayers and created a positive impact and change- to come largely from ourselves!

In other words, it is we, our consciousness and being, that have the power to impact change in this world! This is quite simply because we are directly connected to that Creator; being a part of It’s Creation, we are also a part of that divinity, as well. Yet in order to ensure free will and the like, it comes to be more a game of probabilities – improving the chances of some event taking place.

So when we have prayed -when we have sought divine help- and have had it answered as such, that power has come from we ourselves. As we are connected to our Creator, it is almost as though we have a spark of the divine inside of ourselves, as well. The power of our Creator, here on this layer of existence, resides inside of ourselves. Each and every last one of us has the absolute power of the divine inside of us, being connected to and a part of that Creator’s Creation. From a more technological viewpoint, being a part of our Maker means that our consciousness itself is responsible for impacting change when we make such petitions to the divine.

In some sense, it is almost as though one can indeed will something into existence. Each having a “spark” of the divine means that, being connected to our Creator as such, this layer of reality that our Creator is responsible for responds when we seek out something with great fervor.

So then, the power to affect change in our own reality -meaning in our own individual, personal lives- resides within each one of us, solely because we are connected to our Creator on this plane of existence. In still other words, our prayers or deepest of wishes and willed things? It comes from within because we are a part of God on this here plane of existence of ours.

Furthermore, however, those individual sparks of ours each have a piece of the divine residing inside of ourselves. Therefore, as a result, one can envision these sparks coming together and almost combining. In other words, what I am trying to say here is that we can build an even greater potential to affect change than merely going about seeking something by ourselves through prayer or, in some sense, “wishing” or willing something be done for our lives on this level of existence. Imagine it as our combining those sparks together: If we were to have larger groups come together, seeking something through prayer, then it is also a “building” of each of those individual sparks.

In still other words, group prayers and having a circle of people who make a petition to the divine have even more of an effect than one person by themselves. Being a part of the divine Itself, it can indeed respond to us: Favourably improving the odds of something we seek to have happen.

As a result, the notion of prayer remains quite important. But instead, in such simulated notions as I would propose here, we should envision it as our willing something to be, because we ourselves are indeed a part of the divine. By focusing and seeking something out, that spark of the divine inside of us and that connection we all share as a part of It’s Creation, it can definitively respond to us by, crudely stated, “improving the odds in our favour”.

So ultimately, what does this in fact mean for us all upon accepting that this is a simulated reality meant to cultivate consciousness? If we should seek something to be -seeking that some change be made in our lives or in our world- then we should continue to focus on that thing. We should merely focus and wish for that thing; our connection to our Creator, our individual spark of the divine, can and will respond. Odds will be improved in favour of whatever it is that we seek, merely because we each have a piece of the divine inside of us and are connected to that Creation.

It is also my firm belief that this “spark” can be combined when we come together as one. By building that connection to the divine and this world that It Created, the more consciousness that seeks something all at once, the greater impact that can be had. It might at first seem confusing or illogical, but it is almost we ourselves who have the power to create change in this world. By it being a simulated world, some change can easily be found by our mere focusing on that thing. However, we cannot break the notion of free will.

In other words, we cannot change any individuals own actions by willing something. You cannot will someone to fall in love with you, or do some action to your benefit that comes about by changing that person’s own actions. Free will is simply absolute – let us continue on with the notion of willing some person whom you might deeply desire to fall in love with you.

This can still cause a positive response, but it won’t be by magically having that person suddenly fall in love with you, as well. By seeking the love of a certain someone, we can still have it happen, but it won’t be by breaking their free will. Instead, it would come about gradually, as though it were meant to happen. The response of our divine Maker might be having a chance meeting with that person that you would not have had if you had not been… “praying” for it to happen. At that random encounter, perhaps similarities are realized or a connection is made. Had you not been “willing” that person’s love, then that encounter would never have happened.

But we should see it all as a game of probabilities: Our spark of the divine and connection to our Creator, by being a part of It’s Creation, it means that we can actually stack the odds in our favour by merely but willing something or wishing for something to be. Certain things that otherwise would never have happened will instead indeed happen, and whatever positive change in our lives that we seek will transpire. This is almost a gift of our Creator on this layer of existence, with our Maker having gifted each and every one of us with the ability to impart change on this world of ours. All the same, that gift does not include breaking the free will of other consciousness on this plane of existence. We can change things, absolutely, but we cannot directly impact the actions of other sentient beings.

So we should indeed continue seeking those things we desperately want. It does have an effect. And, whenever possible, the more who are “petitioning” for that something, the greater the effect and more likely that change will indeed happen. The biggest diversion from traditional understandings here, perhaps, is my utmost belief that this power to impart change comes from within, not from the manipulations of a divine Creator. We are all not only connected to our divine Maker, but we are in fact a part of that Creator, being a part of Its Creation. Our reality is the result of that Maker’s Creation – every atom, and every molecule, is a direct result of and a part of that Creator’s Creation. That Creator gifted us all with the ability to manipulate our reality in our favor (once again, stacking the odds, in other words), so long as it does not break any part of the free will of other consciousness in this reality.

While we are on this topic, another thought occurred to me, with something I realized I have not addressed as of yet in these writings. While we can also impact change to our reality from that spark of the divine, the divine can just as well seek to guide and nudge us in certain ways. We should always keep an eye out for those gentle nudges.

For example, I believe I had mentioned this in another piece of writing of mine from several years ago, but the very origination of this entire set of beliefs? I began to notice very odd things… things that seemed utterly impossible. They were indeed minor, but as they stacked up, I began to realize that there was no way they could have transpired naturally. It just seemed utterly unbelievable. Specifically? I’d just randomly pick up a magazine I never read because it was on top of my stack, the Smithsonian Magazine. On it’s cover were pandas in the National Zoo, and so I happened to read that article. Five minutes or so later, I return to my television. Because I’d been recording the Judge Judy show, it was on our local Fox station.

Now, mind you, I never watch the local news. It’s just something that’s irritated me since I was a child, and so I in fact never watch it. But because it had been switched to the Fox station for my recording, and the local news came after it, when I did return to the television? They were interviewing the authors of that very article, about that article!! I mean, what are the odds of that? I never watch the local news, it was just on by chance, I never read that magazine, but when I return, everything combines together and impossibly I’m seeing the authors of a magazine I never read interviewed on a local news I never watch, all by chance!

Many such events that were just as bizarre as this and as seemingly impossible stacked up. I began to realize, there was no way these things could have kept happening without an explanation. But every time, it was a simple game of probabilities: They were things that strictly made sense under the notion of this being a simulated reality. And so, it is my utmost belief that I found myself nudged ever so gently in the direction of creating this here work: Both in forming my beliefs I have laid out here, and then further having the inclination to put them all down in writing.

So what is it that I am trying to say here? Our Creator -indeed, this very reality of ours- can and will nudge us gently in certain directions. It is perhaps a sign of that divinity desiring our consciousness take a certain shape and form that can only happen as a result of that nudging. Whenever certain impossibilities should happen in your life, never casually dismiss them. It is my belief that they are most often a sign from Creator, and therefore something that should strike us as being of great importance, indeed. In other words, always keep an eye out and be self aware of our Creator acting to guide us in various ways.

These events, when they happen, and should you notice them as such, are simply a sign from our Maker Itself. Given the nature of a Simulated reality -the notion that, as I mentioned in the beginning of this piece, it is most always that third and final form of our Creator which is responsible for these nudges -our Creator’s Creation, the Creation which is responsible for our reality and existence- will take the form of games of probability and chance. Free will cannot be broken, to put another sentient being in our path by directly manipulating their own thoughts or actions, and so this is the form it takes: Gentle nudges.

If you should yourself find these nudges by seeing them for what they are, then it is my strong suggestion to take them as having quite great importance. Follow along in the direction they might take you, and, at least speaking here for myself, be most appreciative that such a divinity as our Creator would bless you with taking a direct role in shaping your life, whilst always retaining your absolute free will: It is your choice whether to follow along in their direction or not. But doing so, because it is clearly the will of our Creator, perhaps in seeking our ultimate consciousness to take a certain shape, will almost always be to our utter and complete benefit. At the very least, that has been my experience so far.

So, in summary here, since this is both a convoluted and most important topic, indeed? Prior to our ascension to a higher plane of existence once our consciousness has progressed to a certain point as desired by that Creator? Here, on this plane of existence, being the one we both know and exist in at the moment?

There are two ways that our divine Creator can impact things here on this plane. First of all, we each have been gifted with a “spark of the divine”, that being the connection we all share to our Creator by being a part of Its Creation. Through this gift, we can indeed effect change in our surroundings and our lives, through sheer will and that connection to the divine. This spark can indeed be stacked – the greater the number who seek that change, the greater that change will be. Just remember, that change cannot impact another’s free will. In addition to this, the divine will often put minor nudges in our paths. If we recognize them as such, they will often serve as the absolute greatest guide in directing us in some certain direction.

All in all, that about sums up the notion of when and how the divine Creator of us all interacts with our day to day lives – just remember to never take for granted what a genuine blessing the very notion is: That each and every one of us is important enough to our Creator for It to play a direct role in shaping and, indeed, “nudging” our lives in various directions, while also imparting us with such gifts.