Humanity to God – The Child to the Parent: Human Civilization as a Maturing Entity


We’re now beginning to get much deeper into things, as this post contains one of what I feel is the most central ideas to this entire body of work: Perceiving the all of human civilization much the same as any other singular maturing entity. Meaning…? It progressively grows and advances, maturing all the while, in being able to stand as something fundamentally changed from what it once was.

An idea of a linearly+progressively evolving -maturing- human civilization should not be seen as some excuse or desperate bid to explain away or dismiss certain aspects of older religious teachings. Rather, it is evidenced in every single other aspect of Creation itself: Human beings… or, for that matter, all known life. Stars and planets, alike. The whole universe!

For all things in our humble little slice of reality, there is both a time to be born and a time to die. In between those two, absolutely nothing exists in some static state, wholly unchanging all the while. To expect that Creator would imbue human civilization with such an impossible trait found nowhere else seems most irrational, just on its face.

All the more, it very much does not conform with the known reality: To say human civilization is the same as it was only a millennia ago is laughably absurd. What were once communities living in isolation -a world completely unawares of the rest of that world- has given way to instantaneous global communication. Thanks to radical transformations, today an average adult is a completely different person than would’ve been found “back then”: Owing to our educations, lifestyles, worries over/access to lifes “essentials” (like food or shelter), average lifespans, medicine/health, awareness/understanding (on several levels), technological inventions, daily lives, what our careers are, environment/surroundings, communities, infrastructure, transportation, communication, entertainment… as I said, literally everything! To expect an identical message from a superior being for such radically different times… it just makes absolutely no sense at all.

Furthermore, the notion of humanity as a linearly evolving entity can even be taken a step beyond, being especially relevant concerning our relationship with that divinity – where it should best be viewed as much like any parent and child. Therefore, in my eyes those divine teachings were offered to and intended for an earlier, more immature (almost toddler-like) stage of human civilization. Today, we’ve very much grown and developed, standing as we now do on our very own two feet: Just like any normal adult themselves would!

Much as is true with any other parent to their adult child, it’s only the case of the failed child or terrible parent where the latter will keep stepping in and taking over their off-spring’s day-to-day life well into adulthood. If that parent did it’s job, then their child will be able to go off into the world on their own. And what better, more perfect and all-knowing parent could there be than the divinity of God?

The key point to take away from this aspect in regards to prior teachings from God is then one of context: That those earlier faiths were provided to a newly aware (“newborn”) humanity only in a form they could understand or comprehend. This explains why some of those teachings may not conform to what we’ve discovered as we “grew” over the centuries: Not because that divinity doesn’t exist, nor those global faiths are invalid or blatantly wrong -let alone that our discoveries are just so- but it was first and foremost intended to teach and “parent” a nascent human civilization.

And my goodness, did it ever work! Look just where we are today – all that we’ve achieved! Every aspect of that owes itself to the guidance and instruction introduced to our societies from those divine teachings, in all those many different historical global religions. It is singularly this that’s responsible for taking an early, far more primitive peoples and putting them on exactly the right path – teaching and emphasizing those same values that’s why we’re all here right now, precisely where we’re at!

Yet in showcasing the resplendant capabilities of that divinity, despite ancient teachings being something for humanity much like a civilization’s own “preschool lesson plan,” although our societies might be in/nearing maturity today…? Those previous learnings from God hold considerable value and importance for each of us to continue turning toward today – quite unlike, say, if a 40-year old individual were to try and find important ongoing insights from their Pre-K days!

Now by no means is this to say we can pick and choose only what we might like – but of course not! “Hmm… Thou shalt not kill…? Steal? Nah! I think we’ve advanced ‘beyond’ there. Grand Theft Auto: Earth, here we come!” Those instructions that formed the basis for our civilization, whose existence is why we’re where we are just now… that are timeless, eternal knowledge… are things far beyond the individual or personal level. But in the same way none of us would literally follow ‘an eye for an eye’? It’s the same as telling a three year old he’d best be good or the Boogeyman’ll surely get him – the latter being an example of a message tailored towards a particular aged audience (age 3), but with an irrefutable core to it (be and do good things).

While the answers I’ve personally arrived at in such a light are going to be starkly different or unusual at times, this mustn’t ever be viewed as my dismissing or discarding my own faith. What I do believe, however, is that our divine Creator handed those teachings to humanity as it was millennia ago… for their benefit first and foremost – in the only ways those earlier societies might readily accept, let alone prove able to comprehend.

It is only proof positive of the inconceivable superiority of that divinity, that those learnings and teachings could still remain fundamentally sound and beneficial to two separate ages whole world’s apart from one another; that we still can and do turn to millennia old sacred concepts, finding them useful for going about even modern life, itself!

While I’ll be exploring this later on, it is my firm belief that the major historical religions all have as their source a true divine power – all of them, coming from the very same Creator of us all. The explanation and reasons for this will be included in those future explorations, but for now I felt it essential to explicitly state this fact in the early goings.