Importance of the Self In Coming Together Collectively – Whereby None Of Us Are “Mistakes” (The Technological God & Simulated Existence)


Just the same, always retaining knowledge that our shared+mutual interdependence is never diametrically opposed to being personally independent and free thinking beings, seeing as how any networked collaborative effort shall always be vastly superior to something done strictly by oneself, alone in stark isolation: How we all presently stand upon the shoulders of towering giants, being far better together than we could ever so be apart, and all that jazziness.

For while little is weaker than an entire army of thoughtless sheep following in step with some monolithic authority, nothing can overcome an array of networked, genuinely independently thinking individuals… those who work to contribute their very greatest of personal strengths to the efforts of the many, whilst equally drawing on the many combined strength of others to fill in their own void of assorted weaknesses.

Only stop to consider how no man or woman can ever realistically hope to perform as some freakish one-person band. We, all of us, put forth our talents at the very same time we likewise tap into the fantastic threads of talents others themselves each possess, carefully interwoven to produce the absolute most beautiful and stunning of tapestries ever imaginable! Just as one soul perhaps plays their bass, yet another pounds away at the drum set, someone else strums on guitar, combined with that singer gifted a positively divine vocal range, while -just maybe- others still might perform on the keyboard, with a dedicated rhythm guitarist, possibly various string and brass instruments, a harmonica… heck, why not even include an accordion so we might have the choice of going all-out Polka style!

Ahh, but as if that alone weren’t enough? In the studio, you additionally find the need for having devoted sound engineers, producers or mixers, songwriters, technicians, and such. On the long road during a tour, roadies assemble and deconstruct the stage, tasked with maintaining their hardware, along with those who drive their buses and vans, sell merchandise, or interface directly with the various entertainment venue personnel.

Overall, behind the scenes each act also has their much maligned talent agents and yes-men managers, accountant bean counters, and personal assistants. Every last one of them is critical to the entire effort; none of whom might find their work seamlessly removed, certainly not without risking the end result to suffer greatly, solely as a result of their loss.

Mind you that, in our rock band example just now, not a single one of these fine folks is ever some sheepish unthinking follower – all of them contribute some manner of talent requiring considerable skill, knowledge and educational backgrounds, while not a one of them are some autocratic ‘Rocker King/God/Dictator’.

The very best similar such efforts take place strictly as a collaboration between a wide array of extraordinarily talented souls. The Beatles, never having been some singular solo act. Furthermore, when the Beatles were no more and went kaput…? A band that will go down in history right in between Bach and Beethoven, whose every last record (over only an all too brief handful of years) contained literally legendary classics of sheer geniusness… a musical group that anyone could list off an endless parade of songtitles the whole entire world now knows by heart! Then… poof! Just like that, after a final performance atop a studio rooftop in London one fateful and dark day, those Beatles quite simply were no more!

While admittedly, some further ‘hits’ surely did come from their assorted independent efforts as solo artists, none of them ever came close to matching anything done by the Beatles themselves. Even then, irrespective of total sales or comparative charting positions, the simple cumulative number of those soloist hit songs vastly pales in comparison to their prior Beatles-related works – even in spite of suddenly having four different acts, at any given moment capable of producing four times the number of releases and amount of musical outputs/endeavors, in the place of where there was once but a single band composed of four men. Furthermore, the fact there’s also been nearly some forty years worth of time for those multiple acts as opposed to having barely a quarter of that as The Beatles (at least, that is, for three of those four – save for the incomprehensible loss of John Lennon, of course.)

That being said, were both Ringo and George viewed as the complete equal of John and Paul’s twosome? Most certainly not! Indeed, at the time this perceived disparity in stature went so far as routinely finding poor ol’ Ringo mocked more often times than not! Oh, the songs that were written of poor Ringo’s relative inequity up against either John Lennon or Paul McCartney…

Yet just the same, in some mysterious alternate world to ours…? And with all other things having been equal, totally unchanged and unaltered in any way, shape or form? One that still had the John and Paul duo existing, meaning we only replace George and Ringo… say, perhaps with Sammy Sunn on drums and Dean Fairichild on the bass for the Altereatles… then we also undoubtedly would discover a drastically different, unrecognizable end Beatles product – like one where the Beatles might very well have never been successful at all! Rather, in this bizarre alternate reality, it is the great Monkees that went down as musical Gods.

Mind you, there isn’t even so much as a question this would be the case… it quite simply “is.” Sure, perhaps their names weren’t on the song credits as cowriters – that’s certainly not to say they didn’t leave their marks and make irreplaceable contributions to every last song released in the Beatles catalogue. Even if they didn’t directly write the song, their unique stamp was all over each one – performing on the records, having their own instrumental “styles” that were written for, along with simply being themselves. This, meaning that every interaction they had with John and Paul changed the all of everything – changing who John and Paul were and became, and the simple day-to-day impact they made just by doing whatever they did on a daily basis.

In all things, each person always has their own particular tasks – in any project – and similar endeavors that are the products of combined efforts will forever and always be something that nothing else in this world can ever possibly match. So might it be said that we truly are better together than we are apart, standing as we do on those aforementioned shoulders of giants… one and all – from those very lowliest of the oft maligned lowsome, all the way up to the most stratospheric of rarefied souls.

Indeed, were we only to pluck some otherwise unknown and utterly forgotten stonemason from some four millennia ago, then it would presently leave this world of ours completely unrecognizable… in but an instant! So would it be a world drastically transformed, nearly as much as if we instead were to remove the most heralded and renowned of historical figures in our poor temporally anomalous stonemason’s place.

Let us no mistake about it then: Each and every soul on this Earth has made their lasting contribution, if only in one way or another, and just as we ourselves will ultimately do. For we, all of us, have our own various parts to play in that grand theatrical production entitled ‘Life’. If only by transforming successive future generations – where our ‘plucked-from-time’ folks never have their genes passed on with their own children, subsequently parenting and rearing those children as they ultimately ended up doing – the legendary butterfly effect indeed very much presenting as all too real and true of a thing.

There isn’t a single one of us alive or dead who are simple “mistakes” – each and every last one has their part to play, being on this Earth doing what we do for a reason… intentionally. Such is the? greater truth revealed from the perspective of simulated notions: To imagine this world is all but the product of some grand computerized design. Then each one of us would have been carefully “selected,” as it were, having specific roles and contributions to fulfill. You might not know what that task is, and you could very well never know it – but you do indeed have one, just as everyone else does. You are indeed here for a reason, and wouldn’t be here if there weren’t one. Now then, with some incomprehensible seven billion of us living today, is that to say we all have some fantastically epic part in ‘Life: The Musical!’ Of *course* not! To say anything else would be ridiculous absurdities. Yeah, it’d be great if things could work out that way… positively gooey feeling and heartwarming for us all. But, yet again, with seven billion souls on this Earth -just this very moment- its an absolute impossibility. Just as is true for any feature film, only so many names appear in the opening credits. But wouldn’t the film be an utter joke were it an empty set, filled only with a half dozen A-listers and literally no one else? This, to say nothing of all the fine hardworking folks behind the lens – the veritable army of talented professionals who work tirelessly to create quality filmed entertainment products?

So indeed, we might only be fated to play bit parts in the overall game of life itself – but oh, what a game it is! Imagine the epic nature of all of human civilization – try to conceive just how grandiose of an affair it all amounts to; the incomprehensible place we currently find ourselves, how staggering and impossible that any living creatures might develop from simple matter, then managing to attain such gifts and abilities that go along with such fantastic levels of knowledge and understanding. No matter what part we have to play there, regardless of however big or small it may very well be…? The plain and simple fact that we can even claim having *any* part, at least when the production is as… amazingly impossible, fantastically miraculous, marvelously brilliant, beautifully complex, stunningly grand… everythingly anything…! precisely as Life: The Musical assuredly is?

Now *that* is something to be proud of, to know for certain you have a literally irreplaceable, invaluable role producing… well, the all of everything for humankind, itself! To have no doubt whatsoever that yours is a lasting, priceless contribution -no matter what it might entail- and that, as a result, you might rightfully claim proper credit for everything our incredible species does, has done, and will yet do. That’s an important point, mind you: Imagining that, whatever the role, the end result would collapse/be nonexistent without that person. Therefore, in a certain sense each person can justifiably claim sole credit for the entire work!

Because bottom line…? If you didn’t have a part to play, assuming you subscribe to such simulated notions, then you quite simply wouldn’t be… at all! You literally would not exist! For accepting such admittedly bizarre ideas also means accepting that one has been created and designed by some unknowable simulating entity: Not a single soul exists as mere useless background noise or unnecessary fluff. Each one has purpose and a need for their being here – just the same, we all have an ultimate role to play in filling our very own parts still to come in another place… with the transference of our consciousness upon our mortal death.

It truly is a ccritical aspect of this whole entire idea: Yes, it is very much bizarre and nutty sounding. But even just entertain the idea: Putting all other notions aside, and simply envision it in the purest and most essential of forms. Every human being exists for a reason, having some goal to achieve contributing to the end result of the simulation itself. We each must then have purpose, not a single individual being accidental or unintended… not in any way, shape or form!

Now perhaps someone only ever has but a minimal role for themselves: Maybe someone exists only for the impact they will have on another person, this being someone who definitively *will* ascend to making truly great, downright legen… wait for it… dary! achievements. Possibly a person who tragically never finds their significant other, never getting married and distressed by their lonely, isolated life… but who ends up being the reason why a thousand soulmates all meet each other; the sole reason why five *HUNDRED* couples find one another to enjoy long and full lives of endless happiness.

For couple #263, our hypothetical depressed soul got on a full elevator one day while a line yet waited to board the next one available. The person directly behind them… they must now wait for the next elevator to arrive! Where their fated soulmate also shall end up standing aboard, a person on whom they end up spilling their cup of coffee amidst a crowded frenzy… and the rest, as they say, is history!

For still another, say hypothetical couple #487? Now 85 years young, that person makes an appointment to see their doctor on Thursday at 8:30am. The next person who calls, ½ of #487, suddenly must wait until the following Monday to see the physician. Freed up, they no longer must take a half day off of work on Thursday… and they thusly meet their better half in the process! Couple #487 goes on to have two beautiful kids, no less… all unknowingly because of our forever bachelor. Their daughter? She goes on to perfect nanotechnology capable of halting the biological aging process… creating a world that never shall need to know natural death again, as biological immortality is at long last attained!

The point here? Quite simple: We all needn’t be President or a billionaire just to make a vital contribution and impact on all of humanity. Indeed, it is those most tiny or insignificant of roles that often end up playing the very biggest of parts – even though they often go unrecognized by the many, it still doesn’t make those various contributions any less irreplaceable in their importance with the grand scheme of things.