Living A Fulfilled Life & Preparing For What Comes Next In A Simulated World


There might obviously be a question of what it is that matters here in our simulated world? What is our point, and what is it we should focus on if we accept such simulated notions? Well, let us first focus our attentions to the very concept of our being prior to delving into such questions.

As we have already discussed earlier on, individual differentiation is the key component when it comes to our personal lives having been lived under the idea of a simulated reality. We must strive to be who we are at heart, always ensuring we never intentionally bring harm to another in the process of so doing. In such ways, alongside the notion of polarity, karma is also a critical concept in a simulated world – and that itself is very much how we discussed the notion of polarity in a prior chapter.

If we consider that ours is indeed a simulated world, and we -our whole entire lives, each one of which being an individual consciousness that is later “plucked” from this world upon our mortal deaths, only to be “raised” and enjoy life on a plane of existence with our Creator- exist in order to generate sentient consciousness that will one day coexist with our Maker? Then what we do on this particular plane does in fact matter quite a great deal. It is the place and time where we forever shape our individual consciousness. And if indeed ours is a simulated world, as we shape that consciousness, we might very well consider that our development would be “tracked” in some form, by either our Maker or as part of Its very Creation that yields our simulated world.

So yes, what we do and who we are definitively does matter in the end. Given how the ideas of karma and polarity are a constant throughout many of the teachings provided by our Creator, largely in many Eastern religions, we should first and foremost ensure that our lives have as large of a “positive balance” as proves possible. What exactly does this mean? It’s really quite simple! Do as much good and as many good works as you possibly can, in order to ensure that, come the end of your development on this plane, yours has as large of a positive balance as it possibly might! All the while, make sure to minimize the negatives in your life – and consider how such negatives can in fact take ever so many different forms!

Whilst one might first consider this to simply mean that we are never to harm others and leave it at that, we can still manage to create negative “ripples” in so very many different ways. For example, we pollute our world, or waste many different things (tossing out countless many foods or resources that we never utilized, and thusly having deprived others in desperate need of that same something). Ultimately, what it all boils down to is our knowingly bringing about some negative consequence. Whenever we do that, we must imagine some negative debt as being tacked onto our personal scale.

This idea of a “positive balance” or some more karmic based reality should only apply to an action with knowing and awareness of that negative repercussion. If one should, say, be involved in an automobile accident? Something that indeed couldn’t be helped – one that was no one’s fault, like a stop sign having been knocked down? Then no such negative balance is accrued. Yet in most all other cases of an automobile accident – looking away briefly, texting/on the phone, inebriated or otherwise? When one could (and should) have been able to avoid that whatever which yields a negative influence on this world, one attributed solely -or, at least largely- to you yourself? Then we might consider ourselves to have a negative debt “tacked on” to this life.

In the end, most all of us will have a positive balance by far. We will manage to do so without even but trying! We all, for the most part, live our lives as we should, getting by and helping others when we can. This is because it is just who we are; with there always being an inclination toward the positive that’s all just a simple part of us. There are some, whoever, who will accrue a massive imbalance in their life – folks who are simply rotten to their cores. In these instances, we should consider that theirs is a consciousness that will not find a place with our Creator – with it having been erased forevermore, denied that higher plane of existence because they would only contribute negatively to the entire affair.

It is these instances that we must always strive to make an effort to avoid becoming. While on this subject, let us now shift briefly toward that notion of an afterlife as in a simulated reality such as ours. In most Western beliefs, there is the concept of an unthinkable punishment… and eternally so! An afterlife where the wicked are forever damned to torment and misery, in a place that is known as Hell. Furthermore, there’s also the idea that one simple deed can damn just such a soul; just a single sin can be enough to ensure one faces their very damnation itself. Rather, it is my belief that such notions are slightly misguided. For consider it all, how a far worse thing than infinite torment is sheer and absolute nonexistence itself!

Just try to imagine it here and now: On one side, there is the reality of an eternal life in a perfect plane of existence that’s just now awaiting us, ultimately living beside all of those who have ever been and shall ever be, in just such a world as where sentient consciousness has been plucked out in order to reside in utter perfection… and, no less, beside our Creator that’s even on some entirely higher plane of existence! Then, on the other hand…? Nothing. Just absolute nothingness.

One merely blinks out of existence, forever denied both absolute perfection and immortality upon the end of their development on this here plane of existence of ours. I should then think that it is instead the nothingness that would prove even more terrifying than the idea of knowing one would at least still be, albeit in eternal punishment and damnation, but still at least retaining their very existence.

Likewise, one can’t be denied their existence in that other plane (or, as many believe today, sent to Hell itself) just for a singular particular sin. In other words, to better differentiate between Hell and sin versus this notion of a balance or accumulating karma? Hell and sin works similar to our own familiar laws: You break that rule, and you are in Hell, period, no matter how many good works you did. Indeed, you could be the literal best person ever; one who did more positive things on this world than any who came before or after you. Nevertheless, had you broken that one sin just right, all that otherness doesn’t matter one iota! Instead of this, we would include and consider all of those many good works that were ultimately done. Therefore, that perfect person would know no such punishments in the afterlife, as their deeds instead balanced all things out… and more!

Thusly, I’d propose that the idea of there being some sins that ensure damnation without repentance is slightly… misguided, to say the least! So instead of that, there is rather a final tally at our end of days – with it being more of a karmic balance and ultimate scale than anything else. It’s also one which most everyone will “pass” with flying colors, without even trying!

All the same, once one has accepted that notion, it is all the more critical to ensure that we try as hard as we might to have that final tally as positive as it can hope to be; once we know such a fact to be so and accept that we should be constantly self-aware of instances where we can quite positively add something into the mix, if we then ignore those times where we might be able to do good and create a positive balance in our “karmic cache”, if you will, only to end up doing absolutely nothing at all? It is then just the same as having created a negative balance for oneself – causing a subtraction by mere inaction.

In still other words, ultimately just try to do your very best. I mean, that is all we can really hope to do in this life, is it not? All the same, do not ignore those times where you might help some downward soul or create some more positive change to this world of ours easily, and without having impacted your own life negatively in the slightest; simply don’t choose to do nothing when you could have done something, and you are all set. Take every step you can to better our world and the lives of those around you. So long as, in the end, you know you’ve done your very absolute best, then you’ve truly nothing to worry about. Just focus on ensuring that you have indeed been self-aware throughout your life, having done everything you know you reasonably might have in this life of ours, and then yours will definitively have a positive balance come the time of your ultimate development as a consciousness. Because, except for a very select few who have chosen to take the wrong road with their gifted free will, this is precisely how our Creator intended it all! For us to “pass with flying colors”, absent any strenuous effort or ongoing work, but rather having to actually try in order to “fail” and face such a thing as sheer nonexistence in the life that comes after this one.

Regrettably, however, we do find that not all choose to follow such a path, so let us momentarily shift our focus upon them existing here in our world. All of this is not a failure on our Creators part, the fact that some consciousness does end up failing at day’s end and faced with nonexistence. As I previously laid out, we live in an existence and reality of such a thing as polarity – with it being a world where we could not know what is good without having also experienced that which is bad. Then, once that idea is combined with the concept of our free will…? Some undoubtedly will fail that final balancing act. Our existence in this reality of ours could simply be no other way, lest we never have known those things that we genuinely cherish in this life. It all boils down to only but ten simple words: To know positives in life, we must also know negatives. It is just truly that simple.

Only ensure that yours is on the positive side of ye olde polarity “test” come the end of your development on this particular plane, and all shall indeed work out swell in the end. Just remember that, when you do inevitably encounter those negatives as happen in this life, it is also they which allow you to treasure the very greatest of positives! And although it is most regrettable indeed that there are some who will fail that “final test”, to know some few will vanish from all of existence upon their mortal death, it simply must be so, lest we never have known the very best things in this life. Some just choose to do bad – it is a choice they have made, and one they must live with the consequences of those actions of theirs; that is, denied an eternal existence, having been branded as a “failed” sentient consciousness.

But as proof positive of that Creators intentions for us? In this particular area, we do not find there being a true balance in the end; there not being some equilibrium of bad and good in this here reality of ours. In most all other such things involving polarity, there is most often a balancing act involved that always returns to neutral, by and large. Yet, in our own lives, here with this notion of our very consciousness having some positive and negative influences being weighed out at our end point? An all but literal score having been kept beyond this simulated world of ours, pursuant to our lifelong deeds and actions on this plane?

That score is definitively one which finds the positives vastly outweighing those negatives. Just consider it: Think about your life and interactions with others, along with the influences that others have had on your own life.

Indeed, try to weigh such things out right now! Consider the so-called “polarity” of karma you have encountered in this here world of ours and also those you have contributed yourself along the way. I can almost guarantee for a fact that it finds a scale utterly broken and demolished by having those positive influences outweighing the negative ones. When all is said and done, you will have known far more positive interactions and influences than negative ones. It is simply a reality of our very existence: We are, by and large, consciousness that seeks to do good, whilst just the same avoiding doing whatever ends up being “bad”. If you were to consider it truly, then you know you’ve known far more things on the positive “side” of the karmic deeds of others than those on the negative end of the scale.

This here is proof positive that our existence is indeed guided by our Creator – where we could have known a world that was truly balanced out; where the positives and the negatives of life came together in the end, as one might suppose would be the more natural course of things? Instead we know a glorious and blessed world, where we and those around us mostly one and all seek to do good… and, no less, doing so quite naturally, without even specifically intending or making a concerted effort to keep some karmic “balance” always in the positive direction.

Sentience as we know it -right now, purely meaning our interactions with humankind- is one that accrues a vastly positive balance. It is just in our very natures to do good! This here is one of the core concepts in our world at large: Do good works –always- while focusing your efforts to do your very best, and little else matters here. Take pity on those great rarities that will accrue that negative balance, and pity the fact that they are considered a failed attempt at the development of (or, if you will, the literal harvesting of) consciousness. Much the same as we weed out our garden, so too must our Maker ensure how that higher plane is spared from ever knowing the very concept of negativity in a place intended to be quite utopian in its own actualized nature.

And so, the fact that the good will always outweigh the bad, even in this here earlier/lower tiered realm of ours should prove that ours is indeed a most blessed existence, and one where we have been spared from the very worst that could have been; in a world where equilibrium was met, and thusly polarity balanced out in the end. That would mean a world where folks either did as much harm as they did good, or one where there was neither positive nor negative, and we simply plodded along in just doing mostly nothing at all. Yet this is not our world, nor is it our very existence. We are instead intelligent and self-aware sentient beings who are good natured by heart.

On both a microscopic and macroscopic scale, ours finds a vastly positive balance getting accrued. For the former, our encounters and interactions on a personal level, with those surrounding us and in our lives? The good overwhelmingly outweighs the bad; both day-to-day and throughout our lives, our experiences with others around us is absolutely positive in the end. Sure, we unfortunately know bad times, but those bad times are utterly outnumbered by the good ones.

All the same, as a whole entire civilization? Well then, without a doubt, we might not be the absolute best of stewards to our very planet and our own environment! But ours is instead a world that’s constantly bettering itself, advancing onward whilst making progress that is absolutely going in a most positive direction. While we have recently had the means to do great harm; to simply destroy our very existence… even our whole entire world itself! Yet despite it all, in spite of all our weapons and great means, we have always chosen the better path that avoids those most worst of outcomes, even though they are well within our means!

And so ours is a world that always chooses that better path; one where, if we were to go back century by century, we would constantly and continually find that each century is genuinely ever so better than the one before it. That is our existence, and that is our path: One where our better natures prove to win out in the end. And, although many come to think that we are marching down a path that leads to chaos… even extinction? That the world we live in just gets worse and worse?

To just such a soul, I would say they should imagine their life only but two centuries back. In a powerless world -quite literally so!-, absent all technology, industry and knowhow? They would likely live an agricultural life, struggling to get by, in a world that is mostly all but unawares of itself and finding yourself helpless victims of your own environment. Without air conditioning or suitable housing, denied any entertainment, where one can only hear the latest “hit tune” by having received sheet music and having to have it played live on some piano. Whereby average lifespans are on the order of decades fewer than in the here and now, with today having access to an ever increasing amount of fantastical innovations and know-how.

No, ours is indeed a world that finds itself marching steadily in the most very positive of directions. Things do keep getting better, despite such appearances and first instincts as we might have about it all. Our lives that come about strictly as a result of that more macroscopic viewpoint, one which finds our civilization to be actually shaping the quality of the lives of those who live in it at the time? Well, they do indeed just keep getting better and better as time marches right along – this being a fact we must never lose track of, nor somehow forget and ignore its very existence; things simply move in a most positive direction, on every level. That is the very nature and tapestry which is our reality: That being a most positive one indeed!

For, much the same as how we don’t find a literal balancing between polar extremes in the preceding ideaa, physicists ponder over there somehow being more positive matter than negative matter. It is in fact called baryonic asymmetry. There is a simple reality: That there should be more antimatter than there actually is. The Big Bang, in other words, should have yielded the same amounts of matter as antimatter. Based on everything we know, there is no other way that could be so!

It is just a basic fact: Matter and antimatter must have been made in equal parts. And if this were just so…? Nothing at all would surely be! The all of everything would be utterly annihilated. Matter meets antimatter, and poof! There’s just nothing at all – no stars nor planets, and surely no us. Instead, somehow in some way, thanks to our Creator we find there to have been some quirk here which allows our very existence to begin with. Thankfully, the positives outweighed the negatives of matter here, ensuring that we would at all come to be. So although there should simply be equilibrium, we instead find an existence where positivity outnumbers negativity that is inserted into the very tapestry of our being: The very matter of which we are composed of and surrounded by.

Just the same, remember that we must know the bad in order to treasure the good. Those few encounters that add up on the negative side in the end? They exist solely so that we might truly know those on the positive for what they are: It is a simple consequence of existence as we know it. For try to imagine a world without them, and realize that it is also a world where you cannot fathom the goodness and positivity for what they actually are.