Modern-Day Miracles: The Quite Literal Blessings Technology Can Bring


In the midst of working on another series I’ll be putting up soon, a separate thought recently dawned on me: Something that arose while reflecting on this season we’re in just now -with Christmas currently only a short time away- and the many miracles Christ offered His contemporaries, no matter their stations in life.

If you’ve read much of anything I’ve shared on these pages already, one might readily come to see how I hold such technological wonders as are found in this modern age in something of an unusually high regard.

I suppose this is a rather spot on observation to make about my personal views on that matter, too – I absolutely do see the many blessings brought with various technologies as an incredible (and all but singularly positive) thing. All the same, however, comes the fact that a great deal many (regrettably & tragically) have come to view such areas as being decidedly negative – like, say, whenever any radically new+different invention might arrive onto the scene, certain eyes see it as somehow, apparently, serving to place and celebrate human efforts *over* more Godly ones; or else working in some way to further drive wedges deep which act to separate man from nature, our intrinsic faith, or otherwise.

Look to the assorted limitations and inhibitions countless belief systems (the Amish obviously being the most dramatic contemporary example) have variously sought to be placed upon such revolutionary advancements, and we can also easily observe something of an inherent distrust/dislike for technologies in general… coming, at least, from the perspectives of certain selective religious thought.

So I’d therefore like to address the both of those two distinct ideas: Why I do, in point of fact, view most all technological advancements as exceedingly positively as I most certainly do; along with how embracing what they might very well offer to us doesn’t mean, from a religious or theological standpoint, accepting to remove oneself that much further away from God, but to instead recognize His gifts and embrace Him all the more!

While I’ve already gone on significantly about one aspect to this: That God truly *is* science, seeing as how all we know and ourselves each are is only a result born of the very Creation which He surely made; never mind how technological inventions stand to genuinely reflect the One who made us, coming by way of mankind utilizing or exploiting the natural universe He designed & provided for – such that no part of our ongoing, modern progress is anything that God Himself did not specifically intend for us to ultimately possess, if only eventually, with having certain parts of His Creation made to result in whatever it may be.

But perhaps the altogether most important of reasons -one having gone all but unmentioned by me, in any of my writings thus far- to my own personal conclusions where I view such technological things so highly and being entirely of God…? In other words, just why it is I believe technology and ongoing advancement ought best be seen as the very greatest of Godly blessings and the apex of exceptional miracles?

Consider it like so: If one is a Christian in particular, (save for the redemption of all mankind), then what are the most impossible miracles that Jesus Christ showed this world and is best associated with in the average mind?

Now, Christ’s ministry on Earth involved a great number of all but inconceivable miracles, to be sure! Of only just a tiny fraction of those, however, among the very most notable? The blind regaining their sight, the deaf soul made to hear, those long since stricken lame able to once again run effortlessly… and even His turning simple water into abundant wine!

Although all of these performed by Christ most certainly involved solely the omnipotence of God the Almighty in being realized as they were (rather than being achieved thanks to any form of absurd “advanced technologies used by Christ, back in ancient times here on Earth”)…?

Today, there exists an equally undeniable reality for us to behold: Those same miracles I just mentioned are things that absolutely can be accomplished through the blessings of many imminently forthcoming technologies – ones that we know for sure, without question, not only are they possible in such ways, but even being so very, very close indeed to realization just now as to arrive at some point during nearly all of our own lifetimes!

Blind persons returned their sight through ocular technological implants, as with deaf individuals and auditory ones. An amputee provided with artificial “robotic” limbs, able to walk for the first time in a whole entire lifetime! Even that truly amazing transmutation into wine? Envision a Star Trek “molecular replicator” or molecular/organic 3D printer, taking water and trace elements in the air to produce literal wine – directly into a nice little plastic cup, that’s also crafted from out of thin (albeit elementally enriched) air, alone!

The simple fact that near future technologies shall enable the same *exact* miracles that Christ performed, only through different means and/or ways …? I believe it provides incontrovertible proof regarding the relationship which exists between such fantastical advancements and God Himself – that these modern day miracles are indeed gifts from God; how pursuing those ends and hastening their arrival is exceptionally important at this moment in time.

Bottom line? Today we stand on the precipice of an inconceivable new world, one that shall see even the most fantastically impossible of tasks transformed into mundane commonalities. All who draw breath come that joyous day will know a time when human suffering or misery become all but eradicated, rendered extinct thanks to the gifts God provided for us to discover, achieve, and inevitably put to good+proper use.

It is thusly my own personal belief that God seeded the possibility for such miracles to in fact become achievable by mankind just so, if only we managed to reach such a point that we earned them for ourselves by proving responsible enough to properly handle such weighty, albeit potentially abusable or dangerous, sorts of matters.

This is not to say it was anything done to deprive all of humanity “unfortunate” enough to live in times before their development, however. No, rather, simply but envision a Roman Empire Earth gifted today’s exceptional technologies as nuclear weaponry; or the time of the Crusades, having such easily abusable destructive might at the disposal of those despotic rulers of the day. Such strength and power outright requires wisdom and maturity to be wielded positively, something that almost certainly would’ve been lacking in millennia of yore – ultimately leading to only more detriment than benefit, when all was said and done.

But now, having arrived where we are here today…? Well then, in much the same way as a person’s individual belief might be blessed with proving able to move the largest of mountains by the power of that faith alone, so too might humanity have shown itself committed and responsible enough (after many millennia worth of maturing – advancing and surviving as we now do only through embracing His collective, universal teachings of peace, love, equality and collaboration) for us to be rewarded with the entirely real means of doing literally miraculous works on this world, here in modern & contemporary times.

There truly seems little question nor uncertainty there: Blind men made to see again, while a deaf woman can suddenly hear her own baby’s laughter for the first time… ever! Hunger, being eliminated by ensuring proper food and nutrition is available to all, no matter how many billions of us there are or how overpopulated our world might yet become, through producing better, healthier and more plentiful varieties of crops – allowing rice or grain to grow in parched desert climes or frigid arctic ones, just as well as it would on the most perfect of farmlands.

That same overpopulation and lack of liveable land resources? He even provided us an entire universe filled with worlds we might dwell upon, although all of which undoubtedly require great struggle and incomprehensible difficulty for us to reach them and then survive on their surfaces – none nearby having even the simplest of survivable atmospheres or other basic conditions (temperature, pressure, etc.) accommodating to life… and yet we can indeed reach+exist upon the surface (or in orbit) of most all of them, if only we ever truly decide we wish to do so and might be up to handling the exceptional challenge.

So when some might decry a desire of theirs centered around nostalgia or reminiscing about those “good old days” – wishing that humanity one day might again return to its simpler roots, thereby returning anew to God and/or nature in some unmentioned way…? Like somehow, in some way or another, similar such technologies are either singularly detrimental/bad, or in any way something that is *not* of divinity?

An important point thereby gets completely missed: Those same pined for roots of theirs -meaning God Himself- are anywhere… and everywhere! Everything in existence is of God; but, and far more importantly still, being based as they all are off of what God has provided for mankind, an open embrace of beneficial technologies handled with wisdom and responsibly? Few things appear more Godly than precisely that right there – where else might actual (meaning very real and all too literal) miracles so irrefutably be seen to exist in the here and now?

In the end, I suppose it boils down to this question… being looked at in this particular way: What do we presently know of that reflects God and His many miracles more than sight returned to the blind man, hearing to the deaf one, mobility to those crippled or lame, along with sufficient enough food to feed the starving, water into wine, and so very, very much else?

This is why I myself have drawn such deep, fundamental links between God and faith alongside the wonders of technologies and modernity. I feel in the absolute that, being citizens of the world here in this day and age -and doubly so for those presently possessing devout faith- we should take to committing ourselves anew to further advancing the development of such miraculous technologies, allowing ever more (quite literal) blessings bestowed to us by God (and, so, yet more of God’s majestic divinity) to shine His light as a beacon all across our world.

This, in order to provide still more incontrovertible proof that through God (and only through Him), all things might be accomplished & easily realized; how this entire Creation of His included the most impossible of capabilities for those who work hard enough towards it, earning their gifts through countless millennia of painful sacrifice and proving excessively responsible as a civilization to handle them wisely or with properly benevolent intent.

Moving forward into the tomorrow, the path toward piety and Godliness is one positively littered with these same kinds of beneficial technologies – continuing to improve, expand, and invent to show the splendor of God, the impossibility of His Creation, His incredible blessings to humanity and, ultimately, to continue reducing human suffering, despair or any potential threat of dangers… until even the basic idea of such negative words has become extinct, replaced by a utopian future that God designed and intended for us (meaning *all* of mankind) so very long ago.

Technology and similar such advancements are undeniably not anything remotely Godless in nature, nor are they inherently evil or blasphemous. Instead, their many rewards are some of God’s greatest gifts and blessings to His children, here and now in modern mankind; something that draws and leads us ever closer to Him in today’s world -technologies going hand-in-hand with God as we keep moving into the unknown, but always amazing, future awaiting us just now- rather than anything separating us or serving to place humanity or human works over God… not in any conceivable way whatsoever!

Thusly, to close this latest posting out by slightly rephrasing a notion I’ve mentioned in multiple prior pieces: It is those with the deepest wellsprings of faith that should also be of the sort that most doggedly champions and advances the pursuit+exploitation of all such technological matters, futuristic efforts or otherwise – far, far more, even, than those who might not be quite as personally religious in nature, themselves.

Just as God’s love on this Earth is endless in its abundance, so too shall His many gifts to mankind continue stretching out and being received far into the amazingly awesome future which beckons us ever onward.