Natural Equality of Consciousness As Human Beings (The Technological God & Simulated Existence)


The inherent equality of consciousness: There’s two sides to a singular coin in our views about, well… our views in relation to each other. A small number of people reject notions of individual equality. In their eyes, some truly are “made” better than others; whereby but of course the olympian or the Einstein and daVinci were not equal with Ogg, the Ancient Caveman.

To most others, we hold human equality as an irrefutable reality… if only by and large. We are each born mostly equal, we might say, and so it’s only what we do and make of ourselves after birth that offers any potential distinction or division (coming in the form of our personal achievements and merit).

But it seems to me both notions are missing the most critical aspect of all to factor in: Our consciousness, that marvelous blessing bestowed upon humanity during our species very first days. Think of how genuinely impossible and exceptional of a thing it well and truly is? To be able to gaze out and simply ask “why?”; loving and learning, hoping or dreaming all the while as we move right along!

It is the rarest of things, and it makes each of us the most superior of things in this plane of existence – one and all, each and every single last one of us! So then, an old adage has had it right all along: We genuinely are equal in the eyes of our Creator. To that divine being. we have all been bestowed with the most splendiferous of gifts conceivable: Intelligent sentience.

We all therefore bring the same thing to the table (existentially speaking): Upon our deaths, we offer up our individual selves to our supreme Maker; our lived experiences shaping and molding our singularly unique qualities as intelligent individual conciousnesses. Every single last one of us is, in such a view, inherently equal: We bring those things that only we might possibly bring; no one else can offer what we ourselves do as an individual, in the same way that we cannot take anyone else’s “place” or fill their shoes. Each of us are fundamentally and completely unique – and so we find the means by which every single last one of us is well and truly equal. Not in some mushy “one love” kumbaya respect, but rather every human being is literally equal.

This is because not a one of us are the same -not in any way, shape or form!- so that absolute uniqueness ensures we are utterly equal to one another, with every individual being wholly irreplaceable in the greater scheme of such existentialist things.