Of Introductions and Explanations – Welcome to TekARk: A Modern Examination of Divinity


Greetings, and welcome to the first post of this new blogging endeavor of mine – a place where I intend on exploring and addressing matters of faith & existentialism from a decidedly modern viewpoint, one especially based around science and technology. That may well sound like something of an impossibility -or, if nothing else, absolutely nothing could hope to embody all of those aspects and still have it make a lick of sense- but I hope by the time I’m finished with writing this site, you’ll agree it’s anything but impossible!

I can say this just now largely because those very same things have ultimately been what culminated in my coming to starkly different sets of beliefs about… well, about everything, I suppose – and so it’s with these various beliefs of mine that this body of work will dedicate itself to properly explaining.

This opening post will doubtlessly find itself on the lengthier side of things, yet I feel a pressing need to better explain myself right here, right now – coming at the very get go of whatever this all may evolve into becoming.

As far as the one “big” question: What any/all of this consists of? Well, the short version: A modern exploration of divinity and human faith, first and foremost. Many a post hereabouts will be examining the nature and issues surrounding such things as relates to God and mankind, but always from a contemporary point of view steeped in rationality and analytical thinking.

What you can thusly expect here on this site is a discussion on matters of faith from an overall modernized sort of perspective – taking no one particular concern, subject or topic purely off by itself in isolation, but rather only together as one in order to form a much more unified ‘big picture.’ In my eyes, the Creator of All did indeed make all things, both in and of this world. As a result, stopping anywhere short of this ideal while grappling with whatever affairs as might rather specifically involve that Maker yields an immeasurable amount of detriment to each of us.

Just the same, although I myself come from Christian roots, it is absolutely nothing I’d feel even the slightest bit okay with connecting to any existing/traditional sets of beliefs or organized religious faith -past or present- out of my concerns that doing so might mislead or cause offense. Likewise, I’m hardly going to be as delusional (nor so arrogant) as to call anything here some “new this” or “alternative that”.

No, at the end of the day all this really represents on my behalf are my efforts aimed at putting down on page what my own personal faith has evolved into becoming so far. These postings will consequently be nothing more than where I eventually found myself upon tackling that greatest, most eternal & ageless of human questions: Quite simply, “Why?” I intend on gradually discussing these many things one topic at a time, with each having it’s own dedicated post for itself (such as to exploit the inherent nature of… “the blog!”)

I truly should hope this might all go without my saying it, but I’ll make things blatantly clear right up front… just in case: When I’ve been using the word ‘modern’, I expect it’s obvious that means a particular emphasis on scientific knowledge and theories (as well as the technological inventions such understandings have allowed). That being said, ‘modern’ also includes where we’ve *come* from – whether religiously, or in various other sociocultural areas. In this way, I suppose it’d fit the bill of being existentialism of a “jack of all trades” variety!

Make no mistake, the preceding absolutely does NOT hint at even the tiniest bit of agnosticism on my part (much less any brand of outright atheism). Just as holds true here for me personally, this work treats the existence of a divine Creator as an utter certainty – at all times. Now I’ll certainly be offering evidence and explanation for why that is in fact the case, without a doubt! However, nothing on these pages, at least not having come from my hands, shall ever be questioning whether God (some form of self-aware divine entity, that is, who’s also directly responsible for the existence of our whole reality) may exist or not.

The bottom line is that during the course of living my life and examining where I found myself in relation to my deeply personal image of God, it led me to arrive at many quite different and very unique sorts of ideas about such weighty existential and metaphysical affairs. As a result, exploring whatever issues are to be found on these pages is carried out in the attempt of better explaining or conveying my own peculiar ideas about things literally divine in nature.

This is due to the fact that, for some reason -in some strange and largely unknowable way- what that meant for me in particular was distinctly different from anything I’ve encountered in my days on this Earth. From all of this, I have come to the place in my journey on our giant swirling blue ball that finds me here just now. Perhaps there’s a reason those beliefs of mine are so unique… that they only will ‘work’ or make sense to the mind they sprung from. Then again, perhaps not! -which is exactly what fuels my desire to offer these ideas and put them ‘out into the world,’ as it were.

Right off the bat I feel the need to offer my most wholehearted assurances how, by writing and posting these beliefs of mine, I am not in any way, shape nor form seeking to cause offense to a single soul, let alone to criticize anyone’s existing form of beliefs. Bottom line, if I honestly believed there was the slightest risk of that then I’d certainly not be here doing any parts of this. In going about the journey of our lives, we all have nothing save for those truths as we both see and know them. These are merely such truths as they relate to me; they may not work for you in such a sense (and they probably won’t!), but at day’s end this is simply the best I might hope to offer – nothing more, nothing less.

The point of this work is thusly not to condemn -much less making any appeal to whatsoever- those who already possess their own personal truths in a strong and resolute fashion. Instead, it is simply my hoping that there’s the slimmest possibility of someone in similar shoes as I once found myself -remaining filled with endless questions and uncertainties upon turning to the “usual” places one looks for clarity regarding God- and discovers any portion of this work might in some way prove useful while trying to come to whatever their own answers in life might be.

These postings may frequently be quite long – as you can surely already tell! I only hope they might not be considered long winded or rambling in nature, but instead reflect the immense amount of time and effort I’ve put into this endeavor in its entirety: Meaning in writing and revising my posts, to be sure! – but just as much, in coming up with or arriving at these beliefs, let alone having them all culminate in a set of coherent interconnected ideas.

As for the final part to this introduction, let’s get right to the heart of the matter: The who thats behind it all and the why I’m here doing any of this to begin with. Both are indeed important questions, and their answers likewise prove to be deeply interrelated to one another:

The thing of it is that I’ve been in exceedingly poor health since the age of nine. Now in my early 30’s, it has become apparent that, as that health contīnues detriorating rapidly of late, I probably don’t have all that much time remaining on this Earth. Perhaps owing itself considerably to the life experiences those health issues brought along, I began to explore the eternal questions that all of us must at some point: The “how?”, the “why?”, and the “what?”

However, what I found for myself in doing so was arriving at some very, very different answers than anything presently in existence. In my estimation, the primary cause behind those differences? The fact that none of these existential “answers” as I’ve come to were even possible or conceivable until our recent, modern times. Literally, ours is the very first generation where any of this would’ve proved possible; the blessings given by all that new knowledge our world presently possesses for itself. So it’s less a matter of being delusional or bizarre as beliefs (if only in my eyes), and much more an issue based on time/ongoing developments and progress.

My ultimate “goal” here? I have no wants or need for money or anything else of the sort, seemingly the motivation of so many wicked types in recent ages for their introducing any such new or different theological ideas – exploiting our faith and matters of the heart simply to achieve whatever their wants in life are. Likewise, I’m also absolutely not here seeking to convert anyone… not to anything!

No, what this instead finds is my fervent desire to make the most of what time I have left on this planet. Really, that’s it. By posting these writings, I can therefore feel reassured by the knowledge that, if my time should indeed come due as my health keeps on worsening, I won’t also be taking the entirety of this unusual perspective with me when I go… just in the remote chance there is in fact anything of value or note herein; some worthwhile new or different idea of mine that managed to emerge from the strange evolution of my own personal belief system. My sole desire is therefore hoping I might contribute to the world positively in some way before my time comes due, much as all of ours inevitably must.

When this chapter of our lives concludes and we are each moved into the great beyond, all that any of us have remaining are those things that we do work to leave behind in this world. For me personally, this work represents precisely that. Should others find it of any use, then all the better for it! But here, I have absolutely no ulterior motives or delusions of grandeur in mind – only leaving my (long-winded) mark on this world… in existential-based blogging form!

Believe me, I’m hardly about to sit here and say this right here is anything as mad as some great big ‘purpose’ for my own life. Having said that, however, I must concede that the exceptional unlikelihood of partaking in a task such as this (publishing radically different existential ideas) is itself expounded all the more by the incredible confluence of bizarre events (no less, each one being all but entirely outside of my own control) that brought me to right here. In this regard, my health is only but a single factor that includes a great many others – part of my own beliefs hold that we all end up doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing and are each intended for on this Earth. In other words, there truly aren’t any accidents in life… not in the slightest!

So in just such a light, perhaps this endeavor brings me to something else I’m meant for in life… or perhaps I drop dead the day after finishing up with my writings for this blog! Aside from God, none of us can ever possibly know what rests ahead. That’s precisely the point, too: Trusting in the acumen of our omniscient Creator to see us through every blinding storm, having our very best interests in mind, always – in one way or another, even if we ourselves can’t see what that may be from our inconceivably more diminished perspectives and meager abilities.

Now for the last part of this introductory piece, I’d like to put out the six primary underlying concerns I’ve been focused on as I wrote this work. They are:

  • Coherence – Does everything make sense or appear rational to other individuals; outside of my own mind?
  • “Covering All The Bases” – Ensuring that no critical aspects go left unmentioned or improperly explored.
  • Organization – Is there a progressive continuity to the topics I’m raising, rather than putting proverbial carts out ahead of the horses?
  • Concise – Out of them all, this is far and away what I’ll fail at doing the most vis-a-vis my writing style; my natural predisposition towards long-winded ramblings. The desire here? To try and avoid drolling on sans rhyme or reason.
  • Celebration – Does it all work to positively reflect our divine Maker, and by proxy, the humanity that being so Made?
  • The Culmination – Do these ideas result in some ultimately meaningful ideas unseen before now; does there exist some “grand payoff” to be reached when everything I’ll have written is taken together as one?
  • Now with that sextet so having been established, I shall strive to go about such matters as best I find myself able. It won’t always be perfect -oh, do believe me there: Not by a long shot! But at day’s end, we can each only give it our very best… and nothing more.

    That should conclude my rather lengthy, “How do you do!” intro. My one and only hope throughout all that’s yet to come is for someone -anyone- eventually discovering some portion of this effort to be interesting in their eyes, if not just a tiny bit useful. As I mentioned, I’ll consistently be giving it my very best, putting as much time and energy into this work as I possibly might in order to see that hope realized.

    With all of that now being said and done, next time around we’ll begin dipping our toes into the murky waters of contemporary existentialism; raising some of the underlying themes to keep in mind as we move along, starting to dive ever deeper into these assorted ideas sprung from the recesses of my mind.