Quantum Mechanics: The Double Slit Experiment and Quantum Entanglement [Particles That Actually React To Us: How The Building Blocks Of Our Reality Support The Notion Of A Simulation]


While I’ve already laid out several different reasons to support the idea that ours is indeed a Simulated sort of Reality – being one as made by divinity – there are additional bits of quite real scientific evidence which definitively seems to exceptionally confirm just such a notion! I will now attempt to explore one of those in particular, something that I feel provides incredible support for this theory: Something known as the Double Slit Experiment.

Without getting too bogged down in the details, it involves a quirky little detail rife with aspects of quantum physics and the like: Researchers, knowing a photon acts like a particle whilst light can also be a wave, shoot a beam of light at a wall with two slits in it. This was done initially in order to confirm the wave/particle duality of light.

What they also ended up observing? That the light itself actually reacts to the process of being observed like so! It is called the Measurement Problem, as it remains one of the very greatest unsolved mysteries in quantum physics. Well, it is my strong belief that the Simulation Hypothesis provides the answers as to how and why this occurs!

Here, we almost have solid proof of a simulated reality! We can really only suppose one of two things here: The light either possesses all the various necessities in order to be truly self-aware in detecting observation (something that’s most assuredly not the case); or else something in the grander scheme of things detects such observations, and then alters the fundamentals such that the light reacts differently when under observation.

I’d like to include a small quotation from Popular Mechanics description of this sheer photonic insanity, to give you an idea of just how massive the findings of this experiment truly are – mind you, this isn’t some “fringe” science that isn’t accepted by “real” scientists: This is absolute, 100% fact! (I would strongly suggest reading their entire article that explains the process, as can be found here):

“This means that observing a photon can change events that have already happened.”

Now if that doesn’t sound like the findings one would expect in a reality generated much like what we understand as a simulation, then I don’t know what does! I can honestly see no other rational explanation that could possibly explain the findings as presented in that quote.

Additionally, this article also provides a clear explanation of the experiment and its bizarre findings: click here to read more!

This means consciousness – we, as sentient beings – can literally alter and have an effect on the level of quantum physics, to the point of changing things that have already happened! It’s almost as though these particles and waves of light know they are being observed, and change their reality thusly. If you’re even slightly a “science nerd”, you undoubtedly know that the realm of the most basic and essential of levels for our reality; the smallest of scales that we are just now exploring… involves things that basically defy all logic. Those who dedicate their lives to Quantum Mechanics face constant, continual head scratchers! This Double Slit Experiment’s outcome looking at wave/particle duality is just one of many such aspects we might look to explore!

I would strongly suggest that these findings and theories of quantum mechanics all vigorously support the notion of a simulated reality as a simple fact – just as you must expect to be the case when you’re dealing with the basic building blocks of everything we know and are. If this were not the case, one could indeed very easily then dismiss & ultimately throw out the idea of a simulation as being a reality for ourselves.

In essence, as we explored and continue to theorize about the realm of Quantum Physics, whatever we find there – things involving those most essential of building blocks for quite literally everything? Whatever they seem to tell us about our reality, then that is what we should build on and off of as to our ideas about just what our existence is and means. And, indeed, they do seem to go hat in hand with what a simulated reality would almost certainly entail.

Just consider it again: With this double slit experiment, simple particles and waves of light react and change themselves when observed; if they are exposed to the mere actions of consciousness, they quite literally change themselves! This means they are either conscious themselves in order to react and respond to observation, or else they have something “else” that’s acting behind the scenes, responsible for altering these characteristics we observe – a “something” which sort of manages the all of everything; that is at once a part of and connected to all these most basic and essential of building blocks.

This itself would mean exactly what a simulation theory would entail – being that “something” which manages and controls our very reality. It “knows” that we humans are exploring precisely what it “is” on its most fundamental level – that the very outcome of the experiment might just well be a literal impossibility, thusly altering those fundamental photons to not result in such an impossibility as we observe it – literally changing things that already have happened in such ways!

This, being much the same as quantum entanglement, wherein two particles can be literally “connected” to one another, and then again, say, being placed on the other side of the universe from each other! Then, if one of those particles are altered in some way, that connected particle instantaneously experiences that exact, precise same change – no matter whether on the opposite side of the universe or not. Our understanding of the limiting factor of the speed of light…? It need not apply! Those two particles are somehow connected by something, wherein distance across our universe does not matter whatsoever! In other words, it would be precisely as we would expect in a simulated reality – something outside of our very time and space, that at once both knows and controls the all of everything in this reality of ours.

Indeed, it would almost seem as though that here, with just the very basics of quantum mechanics, what we see, know and understand as absolute scientific facts exclusively works within the idea of a simulated reality – these aspects of the building blocks of our entire reality, they simply “work” within the theory of the simulated reality. Nothing else in this world dreamt up by mankind would properly explain what we have witnessed with all of these most essential aspects of everything we see and are. From my perspective at the very least, you either accept the idea of the simulation hypothesis, or else you are left with only a huge question mark and an eternal mystery.

The idea behind a simulated reality, as we understand it just now? It fits almost perfectly with everything we’ve witnessed scientifically through experiments here at these smallest and most essential of levels as to what makes us, well… us! With the double slit experiment, the alternative is that all of these basic particles are somehow sentient or reactive to our observations all to themselves. With quantum entanglement… well, it’s either something “outside” of our reality – the very fabric of all of space itself – that connects these particles together, which controls their essential aspects and then manages to alter them across vast distances all at once -exactly as the simulation hypothesis would expect us to find- or else you’ve got absolutely no explanation for what we observe (without question) to happen here.

As we have explored ever further, down to levels inconceivable, even to most of us alive today, the blatant evidence and unquestioned findings continues stacking up into a mountain of support for the idea of a simulated reality. It bears repeating: What we have observed works with absolutely no other theory – there is no alternative that can explain what we see to be true. At the same time, all of this scientific evidence in the murky, irrational and seemingly inexplicable realm of quantum mechanics…? It fits perfectly with what we would expect to come from a simulated reality. It is almost as though the very universe itself, now that we’ve come so very, very far in advancing so much, is providing us with “hints” that seem to scream aloud in pushing us toward realizing the so-called simulation hypothesis as an irrefutable truth, firmly moving us toward that direction as we begin to understand just what our entire universe and reality consists of.

At this point, the idea of a simulated reality isn’t so much a theory or hypothesis as it is the singular workable explanation for what we are observing here; through events transpiring with these most basic of building blocks for our very universe, reality… and ourselves! I strongly believe that, at this point in time, with what we know to be true, the only thing stopping the idea of a simulated reality from being exceptionally widespread is the fact that all of these things are so very bizarre and illogical whilst further locked away in a realm so few ever bother to understand. If everyone were aware of what we know today, I emphatically believe that the so-called “masses” would have already begun accepting the notion of something at least resembling a simulated reality made by a true divinity -the God so many of us believe in- as being responsible for and explaining just how we are somehow all alive here today.

Clearly, with this work of mine, the hope is to at the very least start the ball rolling – informing and explaining that others might make their minds up for themselves as to how and why what we witness scientifically and personally could possibly be just so. Once having been exposed to these ideas and understanding all of the basic “facts” surrounding the matter, it is my personal belief that we can move closer to our Creator by understanding such processes and realities; putting everything “together” and coming to only but a singular conclusion here for the happenings of everything we know today as a scientific fact. Truly, there seems to be no alternative that could properly explain just how it is that everything happens as it does, with these ideas here arising from that most tricky realm of quantum mechanics, serving as the essential building blocks for everything that exists today on the most basic & elementary of levels that we’ve so far managed to explore.

The Double Slit Experiment and Quantum Entanglement…? They are just a small handful of the many things involving such basic particles that seems to quite strongly point towards a simulated reality as being a reality for all of us to behold.