• Evolution & Darwinism – Evidence of an Automated System of Perfection At Work

    Since the first inkling of Darwinistic theories emerged over these past couple of centuries, many have also sought to deny or stave off the same exact ideas brought alongside an origin of humanity as might be found within evolution.

    Likewise, I myself have constantly sought to emphasize the fallacy of what I hold to be arguably irrational sorts of denials – how refuting evolution isn’t merely somewhat suspect (at this point in time, that is), but most especially for those that ascribe to belief in an Almighty & Divine Creator.

    Except, instead of replacing such intelligent designs for sheer chaos and a world of pure anarchy, in my eyes evolution is evidence of an advanced being utilizing the most perfect of systems in order to produce… well, I suppose just about everything we know and ourselves are!

    There seems to be some expectation that a Godly Created world strictly means one whereby all species -particularly we of the highest order of lifeforms known today, being those of intelligent and sentient mankind- should be deliberately, specifically and uniquely each designed by God… right on down to the smallest and most insignificant detail conceivable!

    Think, however – think about the incomprehensible amount of time necessary to tweak every last insignficant aspect… every species, whose each and every single cell and gene would be carefully customized. Even accepting God as a literally perfect omnipotence, consider how difficult and tricky it would be to produce a genuinely perfect end result – when dealing with billions of genes for billions of species over billions of years; the inconceivable interplay at work between those same species, requiring not only perfect efforts in designing it all to begin with, but also in managing the “game” of those balancing acts, being nearly infinite in their numbers, such as to defy all possible imagining!

    Ahh, but with evolution, instead…?! Thereabouts, the system (of life), in essence, designs itself sans any effort whatsoever. It designs itself to absolute, incontestible perfection, no less! The ongoing balancing act of the many species, makes for something that’s automatically maintained as a part of those evolutionary concerns.

    Were we one species living in an almost literal bubble? Well then, absolutely! -painstakingly intentional and deliberate machinations by a divine Maker might be far more realistic for us to consider as an idea.

    Given what we have and know here, however, and what we understand of the processes surrounding Darwinistic Evolution itself…? Those deliberate designs would be all but wasteful energies on the part of God that could be redirected & put to far better use elsewhere, doing such things and works where God’s Might is an irrefutable necessity. So going with that over evolution, all of it being done purely in order to create a system for creating life which, at its very absolute best, could really only but hope to match -and not to truly surpass- the end result of what arises from evolutionary-based developments.

    So anyways, why, exactly, is evolution so great? Aside from creating an environment wherein life develops in harmony with one another – where species are part of a macroscopic biosphere focused on organic/natural balancing acts… the very interplay, between lifeforms- what is its single greatest attribute we might discover hereabouts?

    Simply put…? Survival. Evolution -and thereby all life produced through evolution- has but a singular underlying linchpin it’s obsessed with: The most basic emergence, production, existence, thriving and expanding of all life.

    Each attribute resulting from evolution entails some aspect which ensures whatever life comes about next will survive just a bit longer still, enlarging its numbers slightly, and better enduring against all its surrounding environs and variables.

    Evolution, in still other words, is a system that’s downright obsessed with guaranteeing that life will indeed endure; such Darwinistic notions being the greatest and most fanatical of advocates for all life as we know it. All the same, it also just so happens to be the most very efficient and automated of designs for yielding and sustaining life: Whereby, once having been established as such, it requires next to no ongoing maintenance or modifications, but instead simply taking care of itself as well as any other thing or one could possibly manage deliberately all by themselves.

    So while yes, evolution is certainly most efficient when it comes to the eyes of its initiator, that is not necessarily the greatest part about it. Instead, we find a system where anything that does *not* favor life in the absolute is identified, isolated, and ultimately removed. Whatever does favor life, however, is championed, shared/spread by being carried on down the line, and gradually improved upon… ever onward!

    Should some trait enable greater survivability at gradually higher temperatures, as our planet warms slightly? Then precisely this will transpire – individuals who possess it will survive moreso than those who don’t, guaranteeing their descendants spread it down the line; just the same, those individuals who can only survive at colder climes during such a warming will increasingly not survive, ensuring that detrimental trait is eventually removed from contention.

    Likewise, the same applies for an ability to sense more shades of green (Reddit – Human Eye & Shades of Green – and yes, admittedly, as viewers of Fargo might have already heard tell of) whilst living in dangerous grasslands with countless camouflaged predators – individual members who can distinguish the threat will flee and survive. Those that can’t, however, get left behind and gobbled up as prey – making for a trait in the form of “see ever more shades of green,” that is favored by whichever species. Slowly but surely, it becomes the dominant trait -something increasing the likelihood that offspring are produced who share in it, as well- whilst their not-so-greeny compatriots are a predators dinner prior to yielding heirs possessing their decidedly un-green visionary (un-)gifts.

    Such that evolution produces a perfected one-two shot in combination: The positive features ensure greater numbers of offspring are produced with the very same; an absence of those features (or instead wholly negative/detrimental ones) mean that far fewer than normal offspring come about that possess them.

    And all of this… coming about through an all but entirely automated -yet nearly flawless, all the very same- system, having proven itself more than capable of producing+maintaining so many billions of creatures (of all shapes and sizes, no less) as seen across that most impossibly majestic of tapestries we know of today as life on this Earth!