• The Basis of A Simulated Existence With Respect To Our Afterlife – Part 1/2

    Here, we work off of the notion that the primary purpose for our existence is largely rooted in our differentiation from one another, for it is this that seems the single most critical and irreplaceable part found in our universe. All the more, if one holds that we were in fact Created by a genuinely divine power, then that nature of our being -our forming such incredible amounts of uniqueness and individuality as intelligent beings- seems to be particularly emphasized as a crucial part of this world of ours (meaning as opposed to homogeneity).

    As such, one must now wonder what the ultimate goal is for having all of those fantastically unique consciousnesses (just as we each ourselves possess) once they’ve not only come to be Made, but also having come into their own: Differentiating through developing and maturing in this world… only to then inevitably depart from it.

    Meaning? Just what does happen to us after we die – the eternal question surrounding a potential life after this life is finally all said and done with us – also appears as though it simply must be tied in with the overall purpose of creating any such self-aware sentience to begin with… and most especially for nurturing unique examples of the very same in nearly an infinitude.