• The Inherent Value of Individuality (The Technological God & Simulated Existence)

    Here, the idea I feel needs to be pushed over all others: Encouraging uniqueness and individuality as means of differentiating; to make that much bigger of a ripple in the teeming seas of humanity and human civilization itself; wherein commonality means losing oneself in the crowd ala our “making a bigger impact, leaving a bigger trail”.

    As I’ve already explored, to my mind it’s clear that this is quite specifically the divine purpose with which we were created for – but, at least for today’s discussion, let’s examine matters as they relate more to reality, strictly dealing within the confines of that mortal realm of ours.

    Summarized most aptly? Everyone can be the same, but only you can be you.

    The very greatest of gifts we have ever been given? Our free will.

    Do note, however, that none of this is to say we should all go out tomorrow and (magically) find a way to dye our hair in various ultraviolet colors, just so it’s something else that we alone might possess for pleasing or earning God’s favor.

    But…! Being who we are both fully and openly, by proudly embracing every strange quirk or oddity that makes us exactly who we are? Neither meekly turning away from or refuting any of these quirks we’ve developed in becoming who we are as mature human beings, simply because it appears easier just to try and “fit in”…? It isn’t only healthy doing so, an open embrace of the unique distinctions in us all should be seen as an outright requirement if one seeks to find contentment -and even, in many ways, true meaning- in both this world and “the next”. That, instead of being forced into conformity and following along with the masses in opposition to following their own personal truths, we should all be encouraged onward to make our (almost quite literal) “ripples” in such an environment as large as they might possibly hope to be.

  • Natural Equality of Consciousness As Human Beings (The Technological God & Simulated Existence)

    The inherent equality of consciousness: There’s two sides to a singular coin in our views about, well… our views in relation to each other. A small number of people reject notions of individual equality. In their eyes, some truly are “made” better than others; whereby but of course the olympian or the Einstein and daVinci were not equal with Ogg, the Ancient Caveman.

    To most others, we hold human equality as an irrefutable reality… if only by and large. We are each born mostly equal, we might say, and so it’s only what we do and make of ourselves after birth that offers any potential distinction or division (coming in the form of our personal achievements and merit).

    But it seems to me both notions are missing the most critical aspect of all to factor in: Our consciousness, that marvelous blessing bestowed upon humanity during our species very first days. Think of how genuinely impossible and exceptional of a thing it well and truly is? To be able to gaze out and simply ask “why?”; loving and learning, hoping or dreaming all the while as we move right along!

    It is the rarest of things, and it makes each of us the most superior of things in this plane of existence – one and all, each and every single last one of us! So then, an old adage has had it right all along: We genuinely are equal in the eyes of our Creator. To that divine being. we have all been bestowed with the most splendiferous of gifts conceivable: Intelligent sentience.

  • Importance of the Individual: Free Thought and Expression (The Technological God & Simulated Existence)

    But -just perhaps- there is an ever more important, far larger point contained herein; coming alongside the ‘Do no harm’ and other whatnots: Never follow along blindly (with blind being the key word there, in meaning that unabashed anarchy simply for anarchy’s sake is a grave danger purely by itself) – not with anything, nor so much as for anyone. Always evaluate and reevaluate something for yourself; ascertain whether everything conceivable makes sense to you, for you.

    To quite simply “do as you are told” – be that following along because “that’s how things have always been and, gosh darn it, they just work!” or else being told that things are just *that* way and expected to take such determinations by others at face value.

    Mind you, it isn’t simply desirable to live according to such notions – but indeed, the road to the very absolute worst of all atrocities ever committed by men were paved in precisely these practices. Perversely, we are told not to “follow blindly like sheep,” but those who question too much or divert too dramatically get labelled as societal outcasts or routinely mocked and derided for their uniqueness.

    Just the same, ours is the first generation to truly live such personally independent values rooted in equality through and through (by and large, at least). All prior generations of mankind preceding modern times? Each had its own set of blindly followed rules… “Thems just the way things are, bucko! Can’t fight City Hall, and all that jazz!”

  • The Value of Cooperative Togetherness From An Individualized Perspective (The Technological God & Simulated Existence)

    So we must then embrace our individuality, knowing that if something is our own personal truth, none might ever tell you that you are blatantly wrong for it. No thing in this world is more powerful than that which we perceive as truth -both as it relates to and for ourselves- and it is exactly this that we must always strive to cherish and celebrate… in essence, giving to the entire world the gift that comes in our very own uniqueness.

    It is indeed a most tricky balancing act to excel at successfully pulling off – to try and manage an unabashed, unapologetic stance celebrating ourselves, both fully and completely, for who we are along with what we stand for, at the same time as we pursue the sorts of humility, charity and selflessness in the understanding that those needs of the many genuinely do outweigh those of only the self. In this, however, the realization also comes that the greatest gift we might offer this world is who we are; offered up as it is unflinchingly and wholeheartedly, all the while often putting others ahead of that very same self.

  • Of Fate & Destinies: The Individual As A Piece To A Larger Puzzle (The Technological God & Simulated Existence)

    One of the most important consequences arising out of these assorted ideas on a decidedly more individual, personal level stems from how we all have a purpose here in. Perhaps even something of a preordained destiny, if you would; one that no human being may ever so much as deny to anybody, for any reason, either as it relates to others or even purely for themselves (in the form of, for example, a depressive fuelled self doubt)- with absolutely none of us being here “by mistake” or accidently, be that regarding those who’re suffering from a diminished sense of self-worth or otherwise. For all things there is indeed a reason, and so, as a direct result of this, also a reason for all people.

    Only stop to consider for but an instant that utterly unknown forager from some five thousand years ago, a man whose everything is now and forever lost to the tempest of forgotten history – and yet, without that one particular man having been born just as he surely was, living and loving his life to the fullest in precisely the same manner as he did: Similarly, having four children all of whom also did likewise…? Then absolutely none of us would have ever been born… not at all!

    While that individual now having come and gone many millennia ago admittedly might not be an actual, literal common ancestor to all of us living today? He certainly would’ve had more than enough direct descendants over the ages so as to ensure that the actions and interactions they took indeed impacted the all of mankind: Every single last one of all seven billion of us!

    It is here that the so-called Butterfly Effect is alive and well as a reality, and those ripples throughout time definitively matter when it comes to *all* of time itself.

  • Importance of the Self In Coming Together Collectively – Whereby None Of Us Are “Mistakes” (The Technological God & Simulated Existence)

    Just the same, always retaining knowledge that our shared+mutual interdependence is never diametrically opposed to being personally independent and free thinking beings, seeing as how any networked collaborative effort shall always be vastly superior to something done strictly by oneself, alone in stark isolation: How we all presently stand upon the shoulders of towering giants, being far better together than we could ever so be apart, and all that jazziness.

    For while little is weaker than an entire army of thoughtless sheep following in step with some monolithic authority, nothing can overcome an array of networked, genuinely independently thinking individuals… those who work to contribute their very greatest of personal strengths to the efforts of the many, whilst equally drawing on the many combined strength of others to fill in their own void of assorted weaknesses.

  • The Coming Together Of The Many: A Puzzle Piece Analogy, Part 2/2 (The Technological God & Simulated Existence)

    Only once the entire affair has all been said and done might we step back to almost magically discover that the placement of those pieces somehow results in a most wonderful, beautiful and perfectly orchestrated image – not the sorts of chaos and anarchy one might likely envision to come from such a mishmash of utter randomness.

    By now we’re at least perhaps all passingly familiar with the fad of having images that are only a collage made up of many other, much smaller images: All of which are only used to create one larger picture in particular – like, say, by taking a photograph of a dearly departed loved one and then, through modern digital wizardry, drawing from an album of countless many different photos taken throughout their whole life in order to approximately recreate their visage.