TekARk: An Overview


The central concern of this entire work involves examining our own existence. In still other words, being the timeless plight for all of mankind: Those countless many who might endeavor to look up, only to ask of themselves “Why?”

It’s purely human nature to ask ourselves such questions… whether that might mean pondering them over in our heads, making inquiries to others around us, or instead turning nowhere in particular -and so, literally looking to everywhere- by prayerfully directing our inquiry towards that very same Creator of ours for answers and guidance.

Here, however, the thing of it is? For the past several millennia those existing answers we had (no less, ones I feel quite certain were each provided to our long ago ancestors directly by God: A being that’s truly a higher power in every possible way) just “worked” with everything that those forebears knew to be true of life – as those mainstream religions then asserted their proper place in this world, bringing exceptional stability onto the scene over the past several millennia.

So there quite simply was no reason whatsoever, let alone having any genuine need, to shake things up or seek anything differently from what we’d find strictly by turning to the dominant system of belief for our respective cultures and society. It’s undeniable that each and every last one of these systems of belief perfectly covered all aspects of life – answering every single question we might’ve harbored impossibly well, and existing with such an inconceivable degree of stability: Even despite thousands of years worth of progress just now! (This, proving a true testament to their irrefutable divine origins, if ever such a thing existed!)

What these ideas I’d offer all hinge upon, then…? Our ongoing progress has never really introduced any radically new variables into the mix in any such ways… that is, but of course, not until now! Before this modern age we’re all so blessed to be living in, nothing ever provided sufficient enough means as to “shake things up” in this particular regard. Existentially speaking (being those times where we each look out and ask “Why?”), our civilization entered a state of generalized stability for itself; never advancing however far enough as to gain any seismic shift – acquiring a better understanding or greater level of knowledge that related to such matters divine in nature.

Even here today, nothing has truly emerged or been discovered that’s invalidated those existing answers we had lock, stock, and barrel. With that being said, we’ve gained many a new insight in times of late that I very much do feel presents us with an immense amount of clarity – only brought in addition to (and not instead replacing outright) that picture we already possess for ourselves. Therefore, it’s with this precise understanding in mind that finds me here just now, wholeheartedly committed to undertaking this very effort!

Because it’s only been with our generation -and ours alone– where something new has indeed emerged onto the scene: The technology of the computing age, something that’s already revolutionized every segment of our own daily personal lives. So it is in this light, although nothing even approaching a Matrix-esque philosophy, that my firm belief holds our technological advances can very much be applied in such ways as to reexamine and arrive at uniquely new answers to those daunting questions of old: Why… how?!

To begin with, I would offer this nugget: In all of space and time, we know with certainty that not only can matter never be destroyed (only converted to energy), but it can also never be created in any way! This raises something of an issue, obviously, when one considers that all such matter in our universe surely must have been created at some point in time, in some way or another… lest we wouldn’t be here today – not at all!

As we’ve kept advancing along, however, we’ve chanced upon a most fascinating little thing: A way of doing precisely that! In fact, it’s also the only conceivable way of ‘creating‘ such matter, much the same as we ourselves are familiar with and each composed of: Technology, which allows endless worlds upon worlds to exist with the simple touch of a finger. Computing, enabling entire universes many billions of light-years in size to be created, with each one we’ve made so far today housed inside of only a single room that holds some supercomputer! Oh, by the by? This is hardly some far flung concern in an inconceivable future world of tomorrow, but it’s rather already been achieved today – actually, that’s incorrect: It’s just now some several years in the past! How, you must doubtless wonder, might any of this sheer madness possibly be? By way of so-called simulations, where one can indeed produce literally anything we can possibly dare to dream of!

For you see, something rather interesting in this regard has cropped up of late (even if only as of yet somewhat limited more to what we might consider as the ‘fringe’): How ours is really a reality that’s simulated in nature. What does that mean, you must doubtlessly be wondering? It’s relatively simple, actually – and much the same as you’ll likely expect it might be!

Basically, simply try to envision our own technology after another century of advancements – then, a millennia or better onward! It’s almost inconceivable to imagine what the combination of progress and, should we ever hit a rut there, ongoing expansions/building more and more over time, will entail… is it not? Look today, and see only the sorts of digitally created worlds that are easily achievable on even an average PC of today; the kinds of physics those mighty microprocessors are capable of recreating – right now, crunching some trillions of calculations every *second*, just as they most certainly do!

Aside from the sheer, raw power of such hardware, however, witness the blazing speeds at which our technological innovations are coming here of late – where once, it could take centuries or better before the world might stand unrecognizably transformed from invention, today we can look back thirty years… ten, or even just five!- in order to see such startling change: Consider the fact that some five years ago, the mobile revolution hadn’t even truly started just yet; we all still utilized desktop PCs, and interacting with digital devices meant using both mouse and keyboard for controls – instead of quite literally using our fingertips, as we now each do today.

Just in five short years worth of time, and already so very much has changed! Heaven only knows, then, what all else we’ll bear witness to during the course of only our own lifetimes.

However much it might run contrary to our gut instinct here, wherein we have this quite distinctive separation between so-called ‘real’ and the otherwise ‘artificial’? It’s almost become second nature to us, seeing digital and analog as two completely different things. And yet… they aren’t anything of the sort! The lines between the two increasingly blur together as more time passes; where breathtaking advancements are coming so fast that whatever distinctions exist between them are lost as the quality of digital things not only equal their “real world” analogs, but often have begun surpassing the quality possible from such “analog” things!

Furthermore, considering our current views on artificial intelligence, the mere idea that our reality could possibly be simulated in some way, which would mean we too would suddenly be “artificial” in some way…? It’s all rather self-humbling -if not downright offensive- just proposing that we could in any way, shape or form be similarly ‘artificial’. All the more, it’s utterly insane! I mean, I can *see* everything around me – I *know* this world is “real,” not made out of some batch of ones and zeroes. I mean, right…?

Except it very much doesn’t have to mean that, nor anything of the sort!

Here’s the thing: There’ve been some who have raised such ideas, only to posit that we might be the result of some civilization, not all that different from our own, creating mere copies of themselves on end. Along those lines, you might hear explanations centered around, say, probability: “That for every one ‘real world,’ there would be an infinite number of simulated ones – with an endless string of simulations creating simulations that then create more simulations!”

This is not necessarily what I would assert, however, but instead finding ours to be from a concept of literal divinity… something that, whether so inconceivably far advanced beyond us, or never having been “like us” in such regards to begin with, regardless is not comparable to humanity as we know it just now. This entity would only go about the business of Creating in such ways that we’re just now beginning to conceive of and understand – yet still remains almost impossibly far apart from (and above) us in every way that matters.

As holds true with the old adage, “any technology sufficiently far enough advanced becomes indistinguishable from pure magic,” so too might this be tackled from the other end: Any apparent magic is only technology, however much advanced it may well be, in some form or another.

The goal of exploring our own nature by way of a simulation is not to try and bring the divine or Godly “down to our level,” as it were, but just the opposite! To instead seek to come that much closer to our literal Maker, solely by the relative elevation of our own position and standing brought with continuing progress. Assuming that any divinity is as advanced of a being as is both possible and conceivable…? Then it only stands to reason that the more advanced our civilization becomes, the more we also might see revealed and prove able to understand about the nature of our existence/the Divine Entity that created us.

That’s precisely what this is about: The more advanced we’ve progressively become, at some point we’d only expect new understandings on the nature of divinity to come as a result! It is my belief we have arrived at just such a point here and now, in regards to this simulated understanding of mine.

So no, while of course we’re not all “living in a Matrix” just the same as what we possess or can conceive for ourselves is impossibly far apart from whatever it might mean specifically for that divinity, it does allow us a better, more realistic understanding. As well, I certainly believe that such a divine being also wouldn’t create something entirely separate from or incomprehensible to themselves and what they know. In other words, we should only hope to find aspects of a Creator as a part of any of their Creations, making the fact that we actually can produce worlds all our own in exactly such ways anything but a coincidence, but instead should hold considerable significance when it comes to the divine.

It is also why the deep divide finding our faith more often than not at odds with our scientific explorations – what with the proverbial case of the “Godless Atheist scientist” versus the devout theologian or organized religion – is a thing of sheer lunacy and unrepentant foolishness: To explore, investigate and discover about the world that divinity Created is to literally explore and know more about that divinity, itself! In other words, there should be none any more committed to investigating our world in such ways than those of the deepest wellsprings of faith; that the biggest driver for advancing human knowledge in our world over the ages *should* be those largest, most organized of religious bodies.

Instead, it has often been the complete opposite – where the biggest opponents to and obstacles for scientific developments have historically been various Churches. While, fortunately, this trend has (somewhat) abated and started reversing itself in yet recent times with Christianity and/or the Catholic Church, it also just means that today such theological bodies are simply no longer standing directly as obstacles or impedements to scientific progress. This, rather than picking up the banner themselves and rallying us (and our world) forward ever onward (as they always should have been doing – especially now in our world of today!).

It’s also far more frightening still, however, when one looks to recent developments with so-called radical Islam: ISIS and their sorry ilk – all of whom demanding an absolute, unequivocal end to any scientific inquiry. As if we needed more evidence serving as proof that these sorts are little save for heretical blasphemers representing only themselves in this world, and so the worst evils as man might ever prove capable of doing, instead of representing any aspect of any true divinity?

Once more it makes me feel compelled to assert how, if one holds any faith at all in any higher power -that our world was thusly created by some form of God- then they must also be those who are the very most committed to scientific investigations and learning about that same Creator, by way of its miraculous Creation! Exploring and understanding more about our world is to explore and understand the divine both as much and as best we’re able – so then, this decidedly absurd disconnect we *instead* find between science and faith (both historically, just as well as today) is something that has always been utterly irrational to my mind.

All the same, various scientists should easily be those most committed to ideas of faith coming as they witness and observe divinity in the form of its own fantastical Creation – something that, ultimately, results in all of us, here and now! In my estimation, “priests” and “pastors” *should* be our world’s greatest Einsteins or Hawkings; folks wholly committed to uncovering as much (literal) divine truth as our species ever might manage… committed, wholly outside of any monetary or economic gains to be derived from their endeavor, but strictly to uncover that truth as divine truths!

It is for precisely these same reasons that I myself have been enamoured by science since childhood, eagerly consuming as much scientific thought as I ever possibly could! No less, I rather suppose it’s that same eagerness that brought me here just now; that various learned knowledge inevitably shaping and molding my outlook and beliefs with such things, resulting in these exact series of beliefs as I’m putting down to the written word right now.

Returning from that brief aside, I have absolutely no doubts that we are the result of something of a simulation… whether the divine Itself is part of the “program” -interwoven more directly within our Created reality, in still yet inexplicable ways- or our reality more strictly the product of some omniscient organic-like being -meaning “God”- who went about creating in such ways, perhaps several billions of years on from where we presently find ourselves today. In truth, an understanding of the divine in such ways is something that remains “beyond us mere mortals,” just as it also has little true bearing on us in this life – were it even possible to “divine” any such answers. To know that would be to know all about the literal face of God Itself, something that will remain beyond us… just as it doubtlessly should!

Although also consider how all the powers of God would exist with just such an event as this conceivable simulation entails, from a being in control of all aspects of our reality: Absolute Omniscience. Omnipotence. Actual immortality (attained in some way, but a being who’ll never know death), or relative immortality (Where many eons for us pass by in only a single fleeting instant from its own -higher- perspective).

The trick -and a fundamentally unique part to this set of ideas- comes with tying in those existing, somewhat more ancient, religions. I wholeheartedly believe that those “mainstream” faiths were one and all divinely ordained & directed ones; that such a Creator did in reality directly interact with mankind at the time, while also handing down the various sacred works for each respective faith to our long ago ancestors. In other words, as part of those faiths, they each well and truly reflect the very same (one & true) divinity – and so must our traditionally established systems of belief never be ignored or simply set aside by us, in favor of something perceived as being “better” in some way. Those existing religions representing that higher power trying to put humanity “on the right path,” as it were.

One might next ask why, if that divinity once interacted with man, it “wouldn’t reveal itself today to answer all our many questions… if it really exists!” Well, to that I can only say: Of course it wouldn’t! There’s something to be said for being allowed to stand upon our own here, in just such ways – were divinity to reveal itself to our world here today, we would have endless questions – we would expect countless many things of it.

It “did what it needed to do,” then guaranteeing mankind our immutable free will; look where we are today, and where we’re still yet heading towards, to see the wisdom of such a course of action. Apparent absence does not equal nonexistence -not in any way whatsoever- but instead finds a loving, nurturing being quite like any good parent does: Allowing us to stand on our own two feet at some point, after first having put us on the right path.

All the more, if we were to view mankind’s civilization as being much like any other dynamic maturing entity -developing and advancing continually over time- we would expect exactly what we in fact find! Divine interactions early on, then allowing that child (humanity) to develop still further by also being allowed to stand on its very own – the proverbial bird leaving the shelter and comforts of its nest, flying high in order to soar the skies above!

This is partially the reason why I do place such great importance on our older, existing faiths: When each of them first came to the fore -the whole world around- would have also been the one and only time you’d expect direct divine interactions on the “mortal plane,” far more than any other eras: Not too young to understand or have meaning get lost, but also not too far advanced either.

Well and truly, the point all these many global religions came to be on this Earth was the absolutely perfect moment for having any actual divine contact – for our Maker to bestow its Creation with proper guidance, instructions and knowledge, setting us on the path we needed to be on in order to arrive at the marvelous world we find for ourselves in the here and now.

Imagine how they also not only survive into today, but continue so resoundingly in spite of all that’s changed in our world… it’s really a most wonderous impossibility for us to behold; to consider those beliefs all have ages dating back many millennia, back in days when, technologically, we understood so very little – barely having worked out basic agriculture, if even that much! Then, thriving well past the electrical age, enduring the discovery of genetics and DNA, or evolution… truly, that they exist all but entirely unchanged and yet continue to utterly dominate across the whole wide world still, here in 2015… it’s something of a most miraculous thing, indeed!

So I unquestionably hold that our major existing systems of beliefs (in all their many forms) do in fact come from God, reflecting the true nature of that being – only also intended for that more “childlike” humanity. That being tried to explain things as well as it possibly could at the time, also ensuring that mankind would be headed in the right direction.

As such, we can indeed glean the nature of divinity by studying and becoming versed in existing religious thought or sacred works. We must therefore take great effort to never ignore or discard their various teachings -not at any point in time, no matter how far still into the future that may well mean- for surely each one contains countless divine truths and various insights about the nature of our literal Maker, coming as they did from just such a higher power!

They should, however, be viewed in context: Provided for and meant to guide a nascent humanity in days when our most advanced tools were stones or wood; teachings intended to shepherd us with basic cultural and societal learnings in order to ensure we’d survive into the here and now, thriving and advancing as we still are.

Those long ago times were rife with so-called “magical thinking” – magic was *all* our forebears understood, so anything else besides what we actually find in those sacred works would’ve gone the same exact way that, say, introducing evolution would have: Unimaginable… and an instant death sentence for any human going around spouting such madness! None would have followed something so bizarre (that they couldn’t possibly hope to conceive of) and, what’s more, providing such advanced scientific knowledge was wholly unnecessary! What we needed -the only thing- were those most basic of societal and cultural learnings, and it is therefore precisely that which our ancestors received.

So of course we would find exactly what we did thereabouts. And hey, you know what…? It all worked! Look at just where we are today, at what that early “firm guiding hand” provided us with – impossibly enough, we’ve even survived nearing a century with nuclear weaponry arsenals that should’ve otherwise annhilated us all in a radioactive apocalypse by war! And we survived precisely because of those teachings provided by that divinity millennia ago, ensuring those qualities of our better natures -of cooperation, peace, tolerance, betterment and family- would rule supreme in our world over the darkness of hatred, conflict, our more “primal” aggressions and passions, or blatant hedonism/widespread egocentrism.

One might further wonder why there wouldn’t be only one single faith in this world, representing perhaps the true nature of that divine being; how Christianity, Judaism, Shinto, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and more could possibly come from the same divinity.

I thoroughly believe the purpose of our world is in what we find today – that the world, just as it now exists, is what was intended by divinity. Consider how our world only comes to be by having things play out just as they did: Those various sociocultural dynamics, contributions and interactions being required to get us right to where we now are. Well, things only play out that way by having all our wonderful diversity happening as it has… and still is.

In other words, a singular dominant faith produces a bland, homogenous sort of world. Furthermore, and here’s the key point: I believe –absolutely– that the primary goal of our existence is the cultivation of a wide array of intelligent, self-aware sentient individual beings.

Stop and consider for a brief moment, just what an exceptional thing that proves to be! Sentient individual beings – all of whom are different in a myriad of ways… billions and billions of them, even! Variety being the spice of life, and all that jazz – to create positively anything that develops and matures sentience, and then finding it further differentiated on an individual level that numbers in the billions, each one as distinct as imaginable…? It’s truly most staggering!

This, albeit rather regrettably, explains the need for mortality/death: If the desire were strictly in developing conciousness regardless of uniformity, we indeed might have been immortals here on this world. But with the goal instead being cultivating individual intelligences, as we each are, dynamic and varying in all sorts of ways? This really only happens by bringing about change, something brought alongside death – a secondary benefit of which allows the species enjoying such intelligence to develop by way of evolution, “naturally and organically” over inconceivably long periods of time. The alternative would’ve instead seen a “built, all ready to go” sort of existence, much as might have been if everything we know and are had been created in its fully “finished” state; dropping developed human persons on an Earth in a similar state to our planet at any point over the past few centuries of time.

Such tragedies as death represents also offers something else, however, that’s even more important still in the larger scheme of things: A definitive end point where that individual consciousness can be considered “ready and done,” having formed itself fully and been allowed to develop gradually over time. This, being the age old “afterlife,” I suppose… with our each moving onward and upward, to something of a higher plane of existence – one where we are stripped of our physical form or any pain and sufferings in order to exist as purest thought, joined with all other consciousnesses as have existed throughout the ages.

Additionally, by viewing reality as something of a simulation enables us to more easily view the concept of there being other -higher- planes to existence: The consciousness of the individual can be seen as an entity able to be taken or preserved outside of its original place or state, and then moved (outside of the simulated reality we know of *as* reality, itself) and subsequently “run” elsewhere… then, when it does, functioning just as it was inside of our own reality; as it (we) formerly did inside of our bodies! In such a way, our consciousness might be “plucked out” upon our mortal death and brought to exist on that higher plane, directly beside our divine Creator.

If you understand our consciousness as something conceivably much like any digital file; as an entity able to be “moved about” and exist outside of any physical form? We could then also perceive something where multiple versions (even so-called “saved states“, if you will) of that “file” could be plucked out over time. That person would then prove able to be “brought into alignment” with themselves as they were at those many earlier points -‘stitching’ all of them together from throughout that one single person’s own life- in order to ultimately result in a singular, distinct and wholly unique conscious entity emerging when it’s at long last said and done (a brief aside, but merging multiple aspects of one thing -as opposed to merely combining together or adding up some distinct multitude- only to still have it result in that same thing…? This is also largely only something found to exist with the recent arrival of digital technologies).

With this particular set of circumstances in mind, should our final years may find us suffering from the many consequences of aging (say dementia or Alzheimer’s)? Well, whatever those issues are is something that can, in fact, be quite easily overcome thanks to employing such means! In this specific way, we can suddenly be made to exist at our very utmost peaks: With the sharpness and raw intellectual might we have during our more youthful years, yet also possessing the exceptional clarity and wisdom that can only ever come with age + experience, and all with our every last memory just as fresh as the very instant when we first made them!

Consider also how the unique notion that consciousness represents could be “shuffled around” between planes of a simulated existence. With anything else, you obviously can’t “transport” their bodies with them realistically in such a way, nor do we prove able to bring quite literally anything else physical or material in nature to traverse such “planes of existence”. But sentience exists first and foremost as pure thought, allowing abilities/qualities which are almost singularly unique to those found with a simulated sort of reality: Imagine something like a “program” moved between “computers” – where we might exist *outside* of our bodies (and this whole wide world), something that cannot be said for literally anything else in our universe!

Aside from the consequences with our afterlife, a simulated view does offer us one additional thought to consider here: Traditional understanding awards humanity with the immortal soul, almost a literal spark of the divine living inside each and every last one of us. This, however, is not precisely the case as I myself see it. Instead, it is that very same consciousness -our intelligent, self-aware beings on the personal/individual scale – that are our… metaphysical form, if you will.

While it may not seem like it at first, this is a critical distinction to be realized, as it is my firmest belief that the ability to look up and ask “Why?” is the sole attribute that matters in bequeathing so-called “otherworldly” qualities… so too being the singular aspect that shall survive us, beyond this here mortal life. If one might think, question and know of itself, then that’s the only thing necessary to have an incorporeal and metaphysical existence beyond this life. It is our dynamic personalities and thoughts which move beyond, rather than some ghostly “spiritual” essence tied in with our physical forms in any conceivable way.

Now admittedly enough, one may very well find the idea of trying to compare our existence alongside divinity with anything similarly modern or technological (developed only by man) to be something of a fool’s folly, if not bordering on outright blasphemy. Until…!-that is, one considers that where we’re at right this moment is actually only the end result of billions and billions of years worth of developing (many eons serving as something of an incubation period, I suppose.) Furthermore, specifically, for only our own species/civilization? Some hundreds of thousands of them, alone!

Additionally, computing just ‘is what it is’ as a concept/development brought about through progress – meaning there’s really little else left to go beyond it. In other words? There’s simply not any concept that appears similarly revolutionary coming for us in the foreseeable future… most certainly not in the same way as the digital revolution proved to be, at any rate. In fact, inventing such a capability is something that quite easily stands alone -perhaps save only for developing language- even throughout all of human history, itself! Sure, we can keep advancing, continuing right along to improve our positioning and exploit our world ever onward (at the very most far fetched, maybe -one day- accomplishing teleportation, wormholes or “faster than light” travel): But the attainment and understanding of basic computing is a fundamental, essential notion that mustn’t be underestimated in being without precedence.

Although such a divine being undoubtedly has billions of years on us still, if in fact any comparison there is even at all practical or possible for us to make…? We should still only but expect that in bringing about the all of everything we know to be real and true, that same being would most likely use something at least conceivably similar to what we might best understand as a simulated reality.

As I see it? There’s really only two alternatives hereabouts: First, believing in literal magic – a *poof*, “Abracadabra – let there now be light!” affair, where with a wave of one’s hand, suddenly everything just miraculously came to be. I would posit this is most irrational, and I would again stress the “advanced technology indistinguishable from magic” aspect here. That divinity would only but of course be incomprehensibly far advanced beyond us, but I feel considerable certainty that they would still base their Creation -us and our world- around those things they knew and understood. This means that the more advanced our civilization becomes, the more we might thusly prove able to glean and understand about the divine.

So while it’s obviously “to each their own”, when pressed with a choice between some inconceivable fantasy and a relatable + understandable reality? Well then, for me there really isn’t any choice… at all! Again, it might be largely incomprehensible to us at this point, absolutely… but even so, something indeed most similar to what we know today as a simulated reality…? Without a doubt – in this world, or any other!

Lest one feel such comparisons are lunacy tinged with heresy, as I might only expect/hope? Although I’ll be exploring this aspect much more in future writings, I happen to believe that certain aspects in those millennia old sacred works/beliefs actually point to such simulated matters as a reality for us.

While there’s actually a goodly number I could perhaps draw on for further validation to these simulated views of mine, I feel as though the most far and away useful one of all for us just now (in addition to being the most blatantly obvious, if only to my own mind) comes with the idea of the Christian Trinity.

One God, but with many faces… stumping many a soul over the eons as something all but inconceivable to us “mere mortals.” I view it in relation to a simulated reality thusly: In more basic terms, there’d be the (for lack of a better term) “program” running and overseeing our specific reality, itself. This aspect would be involved in the day-to-day in our world… carrying things along, perhaps nudging us on a personal level at times while always respecting our absolute free will as individuals, also being responsible for the handling of prayers and other such divine requests and outright miracles in our world. (The “Holy Ghost” of the aforementioned Trinity)

Then, there would also have to be some being responsible for creating that Simulation in the first place. Whether it is something we’d understand as an impossibly advanced organic being, instead more of a technologically based entity, or something else entirely…? Who knows! But some intelligent being (here, The Father) would have to set the ball rolling in that regard, just the same as some semblance of it would oversee our reality running day-to-day.

Then, finally, comes the direct interactions with that same being – only coming on our own plane of existence that it Created. This would see that omnipotence essentially assuming an “avatar” temporarily in order to interact with us in our world for a short time, then returning back to whatever “higher plane” from whence it came.

This completes said Trinity, here with “The Son.” So you see, I wholeheartedly believe that there are, in point of fact, many aspects inside these decidedly ancient sets of beliefs that, when reevaluated with the benefit of today’s knowledge, speak towards such a simulated nature for our existence. Viewing things in this light, it doesn’t end up requiring us to set aside, discard or discredit existing beliefs in the slightest, but rather allows us to further them in brand new ways!

Now I know what your first reaction to any of this must be… believe me, do I ever! Because I can only imagine it’s the same exact response that I myself had some time ago, back when such ideas first entered into my own personal “sphere of awareness”.

However -and only over quite a good long time- it honestly did begin to sound less and less bizarre (if not downright absurd!). The fact of the matter was that try as I might, I simply couldn’t shake it: The longer that time passed, the more I discovered or encountered that would seem to support just such a thing potentially being a reality. What’s more, as I went through life (and at the risk of sounding like a total loon here) I came to realize that it almost seemed as though I were being nudged towards the belief that ours was something of a simulted reality. They were small things -to be sure!- but regardless of that, they continued to stack up gradually over time. I suppose that even those most microscopically small of hydrogen atoms eventually build up in large enough quantities as to yield a massive star.

While I certainly won’t bore you with many details, matters in fact began resolving themselves as to my ending up believing in what I do just now (no less, doing what I’m presently finding myself doing). All of this was strictly because of the confluence of any number of inexplicable, downright impossible series of events! Whether it involved my personal areas of interest and knowledge falling as they do in more scientific fields, while just the same always having been deeply focused on my faith and such existentially based religious ideas…? Or an early, extraordinarily unusual degree of exposure to technology that stretches back to the dawn of modern computing – having as I did a computer engineer for a parent which ensured that I would spend many a day and night on the floor of some “data network room” or some such, keeping myself busy fascinated by how everything worked together and that which it all resulted in producing.

Then, ever since early childhood, there was also the matter of my own poor (and, as of today, sadly still failing) health. There was some silver lining to be found in those otherwise pitch black clouds, however, as it at least did allow me with sufficient time enough as to speculate about and think over such lofty existential concerns. Searching all over, much as I once did and still often do, for answers or guidance from those decidedly more mainstream faiths, but not once finding any that truly ever “worked” or perfectly fit with what I saw reflected in and of the whole wide world all around me? Follow that up with a particular passion/”gift” for writing (almost singularly so), and aided further along by the near total certainty of a drastically reduced lifespan ensured by that health (to the point of increasingly becoming something of a far more imminent concern of which to worry over)…?

Finally, as I kept trying to push away and discount the thought of such simulated notions over the years as nothing save for sheer absurdities, there were any number of freakish, inexplicable statistical impossibilities that always pushed me quite firmly back in this direction… time and time again. Although I suppose any one of them might seem almost laughably minor and inconsequential just now? In spite of it all, I still find myself utterly incapable of explaining a single one of those inconceivable qualities as they possessed – across the board.

Whenever I might have deviated from this here course in any real or permanent sorts of ways, I’d always find myself once again moved back in this most peculiarly particular kind of direction. Mind you, we aren’t even just talking about in formulating these beliefs for myself, but in my furthermore committing them here to writing (although as of this writing, I still haven’t a clue as to precisely what sort of outlet they should/will have? If experience has taught me anything here, it is that a way will indeed eventually make itself known. In that, as with so much else surrounding this, I indeed have great, quite real faith.

In this respect, the most important thing of all for me personally in surmounting such obstacles to my own acceptance? It was the simple fact that it absolutely didn’t require buying some absurd “Matrix As Realest Life” bunch of nonsensical sci-fi tripe, but rather began aligning perfectly with my existing beliefs and faith in God. In still other words, it didn’t stand as some hererical substitute to having any religion, but merely a different way of looking at God and His Creation – also known as us and our entire world.

So then, at its core? I can only most passionately emphasize the irrefutable fact that this work is nothing -absolutely nothing- but what I see as a possible natural evolution to our existing, traditional religious thought… and not, instead, being some revolution to it. It offers me a different way to perceive divinity, in place of acting as some outright replacement either to or for God. Furthermore, despite seemingly being centered around modernistic thoughts and/or assorted “real world” sciences and technologies, it is actually far easier to digest these ideas should one themselves be coming to this from a religious background, as opposed to an athetist or agnostic one.

As I mentioned, the idea that our universe could be the result of a simulated reality is not a new one – not by any figurative stretching of the imagination. However, at least as far as I’m aware of myself, the integration I’ve reached of those purely philosophical theories with theological or religious concepts indeed appears to be without precedent. That being said, there is a considerable deal of literature and academically focused examinations about universes, realities and worlds produced by such technological means. PBS has a nice overview, located @ this here link. Furthermore, Nick Bostrom is one name in particular you might come across elsewhere who’s viewed as something of a groundbreaker and visionary in this bizarre field. His personal website housing his thoughts and ideas on simulated reality may be found @ the following link.

Wikipedia is really always an incredible resource, for anything at all – but as for two specific articles dealing with this here topic I’d recommend for further reading…? Simulation Hypothesis Wikipedia along with this simulated reality Wiki article. Lastly, there was even a TED Talk discussing such ideas -here regarding how physics can “prove” ours is a simulated reality- that might prove preferable for those who’d rather watch and listen over reading any more walls of words, which is viewable at this link

In conclusion, I believe that all of this does have considerable bearing on our own present existences and daily lives. First, and perhaps foremost of them all, comes with the nature of prayer and similar such divine intercession. Personally, I feel that we all are intended to live the richest, fullest lives possible – such as to get us to that aforementioned “end point” with a fully realized consciousness marked by our mortal death. I believe that, on this plane of existence, we each get nudged along constantly in various kinds of ways; that our personal requests of God often can and do get answered – only not so much being reactively responded to as some actual reward for one’s own faith as we currently hold to be true. Instead, it is in many ways almost automatic… something realized by our innate connection to Creation, our surroundings, and one another.

Our faith does, however, also have quite real value and power to affect change on this mortal plane: The greater our belief might be, the stronger our connection with that “overseeing entity” that subsequently allows us all the more means to impact events in our lives/world. Furthermore, in coming together collectively -much as with having large groups praying towards the same ends- that individual “spark” we each possess gets magnified exponentially, ensuring that communal efforts and worshipping together in sizeable bodies can yield truly miraculous results.

Now then, with all of that having been said…? If you found all of this bizarre and patently ridiculous, then… well, there’s likely little reason to read any further unless one is themselves a committed masochist. C’est la vie, as they say, and all that jazz! However, if any portions of the preceding proved interesting in some way or another? Then once again, please feel free to read further by exploring the menu, as can be found at the top of the screen.

Many aspects that were only briefly (Hah! Brief, hardly being a word that’s applicable in this instance, no…?) discussed here are expanded upon greatly in their own dedicated articles, in addition to several more ideas that weren’t covered at all by this (quite lengthy) overview. Lastly, if you should have any further questions, concerns, thoughts or otherwise? There’s a form located at the bottom of every page here, in order to send along whatever message you may have – or I can additionally be reached at tekarkorg@gmail.com Pick whatever your poison, as they’re wont to say!