The Basis of A Simulated Existence With Respect To Our Afterlife – Part 1/2


Here, we work off of the notion that the primary purpose for our existence is largely rooted in our differentiation from one another, for it is this that seems the single most critical and irreplaceable part found in our universe. All the more, if one holds that we were in fact Created by a genuinely divine power, then that nature of our being -our forming such incredible amounts of uniqueness and individuality as intelligent beings- seems to be particularly emphasized as a crucial part of this world of ours (meaning as opposed to homogeneity).

As such, one must now wonder what the ultimate goal is for having all of those fantastically unique consciousnesses (just as we each ourselves possess) once they’ve not only come to be Made, but also having come into their own: Differentiating through developing and maturing in this world… only to then inevitably depart from it.

Meaning? Just what does happen to us after we die – the eternal question surrounding a potential life after this life is finally all said and done with us – also appears as though it simply must be tied in with the overall purpose of creating any such self-aware sentience to begin with… and most especially for nurturing unique examples of the very same in nearly an infinitude.

We’ve come to understand in relatively recent times that it is our brains -networks of endless neurons- that holds who we are as a self-aware being. All memories and thoughts we might have exist there, and nowhere else. What’s more, damage them and you get permanently damaged in the process… seemingly forevermore! Before such recent times, however, even these kinds of ideas were impossible to make. They were times wherein, “I think, therefore I am.” was the height of advancement in our own cognitive understandings.

How could “you” as a sentient being possibly exist or work in actuality? Those thoughts and memories… what could possibly contain or control them? Well, early ideas centered around having some metaphysical essence, equally as intangible as it was unknowable: The human spirit or soul.

This notion gets extended over time to take on further extraordinary traits, tied as it presently is to the life after life. Even though the reality of neurons and brains get discovered long ago and progressively better understood, nothing in such realms of human spirits have changed merely even one iota.

Yet the idea of spirits and souls also needn’t necessarily find itself invalidated by what I’d propose hereabouts, but rather just the complete opposite! Now then, this next step regrettably requires something of an imaginative leap into the murky waters of divine incomprehensibility: Try to picture our entire selves (our core identity/intelligence) as something able to be funneled down and represented by only but a singular construct (quite unlike the reality found with bodies made from billions of cells, or minds from unimaginable numbers of neurons connecting together) – I suppose this would be something much like the traditional understanding embodied by the human soul or spirit… in the sense of viewing our consciousness as one undivided entity, never mind being seen as one that also truly transcends this mortal plane.

Let’s go back to what we do currently know firsthand for a second, using another handy analogy in order to better convey this idea: Turning to where else, other than our own computers and digital environments. Now, one of the rare few times where we must fully embrace the simulated nature of our reality for what it is, try and imagine those minds represented as any typical computer file. Meaning? Each and every last one of us would possess our very own individual file making up precisely who we are as a unique, concious intelligent being.

In this, perhaps it is best to use a simpler analogy: Our own brains. So when I’m saying that we are some absurd “file,” it would really be nothing more than the simple representation of our entire brain as it is at any given point. Here, however, it would be represented much like some ‘file,’ composed of and compatible with whatever lies beyond our universe; capable of existing *outside* our own known time and space. In reality, I suppose the so-called ‘file’ nature is nothing more than saying it is the transferrence of our individual identity into a form able to be moved beyond our universe, essentially ascending to join with our literal Maker.

This is an important aspect of the simulated reality: Our own universe… it is solely what it is, possessing distinct limits and borders.

Consider how it is that your files continue to exist on your PC, both before and after they might have been accessed or altered. For example, that homework file of yours from twenty years ago? It’s still there, exactly as it was twenty years ago! Despite the fact it’s twenty years later, it absolutely remains in the same state it was in at the time.

So try to consider every person who’s ever been alive as something quite similar to a computer file in this sense. Even when not being “run”, they’re still always there, those bits staying etched throughout all of time itself! They can be moved all around, renamed, grouped together in folders… even accessed and run by other applications!

Say the file exits its initial application (our reality/the simulation): Upon our mortal death. Yet they will always remain, safely stored away outside of time and space as it relates to this world we see and know. They can never truly disappear. One might pull that “file” up at any time they so choose to! This means death truly isn’t the end for us, as we -our consciousness- is something that can never truly die… being erased into oblivion.

Try looking at it like so: Our universe/simulated reality…? It’s an executable application – an “app”. That app? We can use it to create and then save all kinds of different files! But if we close that application at any point, those files are neither lost nor are they utterly dependent upon that same software being run. Consciousness are just such files. Meanwhile, everything else inside our universe? All physical things composed of matter or otherwise? They are very much tied to that “software” – “close” it and they’d be lost for good!

So when I would explain that we -our consciousness- is made to join our divine Maker in a higher plane of existence (upon our death here in this one)? Taking the analogy for absolutely everything it’s possibly worth, it’s much the same as having this mortal plane as being like our Microsoft Word software. Word, which we use to create an endless number of .doc files – files of text documents, aka human consciousness. Yet due to the intrinsic qualities of such consciousness, it might also be freely moved around… say, just perhaps to that higher plane. This, just as is the case with later using Google Docs (perhaps even on entirely different operating systems!) to open those same exact .doc files that were each instead created by Word to start with.

Now, what if we sought to literally copy ourselves -meaning our conciousness/identity/mind- strictly here on this world, in our own universe/reality? How would we go about doing that, do you suppose? Well, many researchers are now trying to get a grasp on precisely that! But of course, we’d have to map out those brains of ours.

Whether you were to go at it on a larger, more macroscopic scale -examining each brain for what it is, looking at all the neurons and neural pathways, proteins or molecules? Or do you instead take an even more microscopic approach still, looking specifically at an atomic level?

Either way, we would identify and isolate what makes up our brains (and thusly making up us), make a map, and… voila! “It’s… alive!” as one might say. The key point to glean here is this: On our own ‘plane’ of existence, in some bizarre way, it is the sum total of all those many atoms in chains of molecular proteins and whatnot, combined with interacting with the four fundamental forces, that produces human consciousness. But human consciousness, once created as such, is at the same time so much more than those atoms and protein chains – something well and truly transcending those things in every conceivable way.

The next step (coming next time around) will begin exploring the idea of moving that consciousness outside of our own reality, itself: The murky waters of the afterlife, upon fulfilling our existential purpose and made to take up “residence” beside our divine Creator in their higher plane, right alongside all the rest of mankind that’s lived and died before us on this world of ours… and, so too, anyone who shall ever come to be born on it in as yet future times.