The Coming Together Of The Many: A Puzzle Piece Analogy, Part 2/2 (The Technological God & Simulated Existence)


Only once the entire affair has all been said and done might we step back to almost magically discover that the placement of those pieces somehow results in a most wonderful, beautiful and perfectly orchestrated image – not the sorts of chaos and anarchy one might likely envision to come from such a mishmash of utter randomness.

By now we’re at least perhaps all passingly familiar with the fad of having images that are only a collage made up of many other, much smaller images: All of which are only used to create one larger picture in particular – like, say, by taking a photograph of a dearly departed loved one and then, through modern digital wizardry, drawing from an album of countless many different photos taken throughout their whole life in order to approximately recreate their visage.

Basically, those many composite images have some primary overall color to each one of them if only one were to zoom way, way out and therefore view them as little more than tiny dots – then, when being used for the aforementioned collage, those primary colors serve an identical purpose as any other color pixel would in typical digital images. It’s just that, should we so choose to, we can indeed narrow our focuses on the collage picture to find that it also contains further unique pictures, emerging only once our perspective thereabouts starts significantly zooming in on any given part of the composite/collage image!

Well, it’s precisely that same principle that’s at play in our little game using analogies just now! Except there, however, the key distinction is how literally none of those puzzle pieces (this means, but of course, in the figurative jigsaw that we’ve taken to calling the all of human civilization) contain colors of any kind – not, that is, until we’ve begun to chart the course our lives will take as individuals and then truly begun living those lives to the fullest! So the color (or imagery; or, well… anything at all, I rather suppose!) that’s visible on those pieces of ours then represents our notions of free will and the countless many wide-open opportunities yet remaining ahead of us in our lives.

As far as their actual “shape” goes (thusly meaning their relationships to those adjoining pieces/the entirety; the essential characteristics and proper placement each one possesses relative to all the many other different pieces), they can perhaps best be said to exist from our very first heartbeat onward – then we alone decide what it is those pieces shall ultimately show at story’s end.

Therefore, the almost preordained shape each of our pieces takes is really but a rather simplified representation of our unique and irreplaceable importance here vis-a-vis all the other seven billion of us – coming in the form of our own destinies in this crazy world of ours; our vitality as it relates to (and for) all the many others. When viewed in this light, we are each much the same as any individual cog functioning in some grand automaton, one without which the whole entire machine would come crashing and crumbling down all around us whilst hurtling towards outright oblivion!