The Inherent Value of Individuality (The Technological God & Simulated Existence)


Here, the idea I feel needs to be pushed over all others: Encouraging uniqueness and individuality as means of differentiating; to make that much bigger of a ripple in the teeming seas of humanity and human civilization itself; wherein commonality means losing oneself in the crowd ala our “making a bigger impact, leaving a bigger trail”.

As I’ve already explored, to my mind it’s clear that this is quite specifically the divine purpose with which we were created for – but, at least for today’s discussion, let’s examine matters as they relate more to reality, strictly dealing within the confines of that mortal realm of ours.

Summarized most aptly? Everyone can be the same, but only you can be you.

The very greatest of gifts we have ever been given? Our free will.

Do note, however, that none of this is to say we should all go out tomorrow and (magically) find a way to dye our hair in various ultraviolet colors, just so it’s something else that we alone might possess for pleasing or earning God’s favor.

But…! Being who we are both fully and openly, by proudly embracing every strange quirk or oddity that makes us exactly who we are? Neither meekly turning away from or refuting any of these quirks we’ve developed in becoming who we are as mature human beings, simply because it appears easier just to try and “fit in”…? It isn’t only healthy doing so, an open embrace of the unique distinctions in us all should be seen as an outright requirement if one seeks to find contentment -and even, in many ways, true meaning- in both this world and “the next”. That, instead of being forced into conformity and following along with the masses in opposition to following their own personal truths, we should all be encouraged onward to make our (almost quite literal) “ripples” in such an environment as large as they might possibly hope to be.

Indeed, tragically it is this very quality of conformity that a handful other so-called cultures or faiths employ and exploit so very well to keep their numbers sustained and loyalty enduring despite a person’s own uniquely personal nature – how many Scientologists or Amish outright require every single member to cut off all contact with any who ‘dare’ to show true distinction in any number of different ways; where even parents and children are forced to face an absolute schism should one of them be ‘crazed’ enough as evolving during maturation in such a way as to change their own personal beliefs.

We must always, and I mean always, take such abuses for the gravest of affronts they represent: None can ever be forced to either be or believe something they simply don’t – precisely the same way that not a one of us can change who we are -in any way, shape or form- besides being precisely who and what we really are at heart.

Anyone who would resort to such practices of severing all relational contacts or imposing uniformity despite ones own natural, God given characteristics of individuality? It is perhaps they who should instead be those isolated and ‘cast out’ – not only from some mere family or small community, but from any who would claim decency and humanity! A guiding principle of most all religious faiths is the sanctity of free will – the incomprehensible gift from our Maker such freedoms surely represent; therefore, let any and all be forsaken who would dare to deny someone their absolute free will, to instead force them into chains of bondage by utilizing conditional love or societal blackmail in order to enforce their way as the way.

As human beings, we must one and all hold the freedoms of thought, beliefs, self-expression and every other such circumstance where no party is directly being harmed as a result to be the very absolute highest, most inalienable traits of all. No one human being may ever force their way on another, for any reasons whatsoever, even if they think it’s “for their own good” and that they are in actuality sparing that person from far worse consequences. If the shoe were on the other foot and that person were the one being denied the right to be themselves, they would surely beg to differ – and so we see how the entirety collapses in on itself by refusing our right to be ourselves, as we devolve into endless conflict demanding that one is the ‘right way’ over all others.

Indeed, short only of the unimpeachable rule that our actions or deeds must never directly harm another in *any* way, it is this precept that should be universally held as the most important of all: Respecting others by allowing them to be who they truly are, just the same as we proudly assert ourselves for who we are – to herald our uniqueness and individuality, just as we celebrate others for who and what they are.

Try to imagine it like so: The same exact way as that “larger ripple” might get bestowed by whatever notions of personal uniqueness/individuality we possess (serving to separate us from all others around us), swimming against any water’s current requires *far* more energy than simply being carried along by/with the tide.

I’ll return to this thought in just a moment, but however crudely or poorly conveyed as this analogy might first come off to you (and even, undoubtedly, being downright unpleasant/intensely humbling… told to envision ourselves much the same as mere digital files run on some kind of all but inconceivable absurdist computer-like machine)? None of that alters much of anything here, not really or truly. The way that I myself see it, the more ‘unique’ we are in various different ways, the larger our own personal ‘file size’ -our ripple- is relative to others inside of this reality (as well as outside of it).

Now to be sure, there are a great many who would likely discount such perspectives as nothing save for ever more ‘nonsensical feel-good hippy-dippy claptrap’ much like those oft ridiculed “Participation Trophies!!! Yay for being you (even having lost today)!” Regardless of it all, I personally feel absolute certainty that this is precisely the case we now find for ourselves. Every last detail of every last viewpoint, idea, perspective or otherwise presented herein is exactly what I unapologetically believe in – all the way down to my very deepest core.

Why, you might well be asking with some trepidation, can I possibly have arrived at such an outlandish view as to treasure any quirky qualities yielding personal uniqueness far more than all the many countless widely shared commonalities? Well clearly, no matter what, life is something of an aberration in this universe of ours. In spite of all that, intelligent life is something far rarer still – being almost as rare, if not moreso, amongst all other life, as life itself is across the entire breadth of vacant space in our relatively empty universe.

So we must feel absolutely certain we are the rarest of the rare, the apex of all known things, species and so forth: Those able to look up and ask themselves, “Why?”; the same sort who possess conciously intelligent self-awareness – uniquely sharing in this priceless trait with our divine Creator. Therefore, each and every single last human being must be viewed as the very crown jewels of all Creation, whilst further treasured and prized by whatever entity that’s solely responsible for our reality and/or existence.

Each individual human mind -that peerless inventiveness and beauty housed inside those many heads of ours- is undoubtedly something heralded, seeing as how it’s of a kind capable of producing such immeasurable art, curiosity, as well as a veritable wealth of other, similarly positive characteristics and qualities. Likewise, for those that are a dime a dozen? Perhaps not quite so treasured, prized and coveted… seeing as how they are indeed a dime a dozen.

For much as I’ve already said: Anybody (and everybody) can be similar, but only you can be yourself – truly distinct from any other person, living or dead. The very best way we all have of ‘standing out and apart from the herd’ in such ways? By embracing what makes us, well… us – ultimately fulfilling who it is that we are as individuals. We should focus our works on leaving as relatively large of a ripple as we might; creating however much of an imprint that, “Hey – we were here!!” as we can possibly hope to do, while also preparing for the life after this. How should this be achieved? By best developing ourselves as individuals, as we also constantly work together and bring positivity into the world around us: Always living and loving, learning and experiencing all that this life has to offer us, in order to be as uniquely oneself as is humanly possible!

Yet it needn’t go so far as figuratively standing apart through a process of uniquely creative/inventive stratification; hardly being necessary to produce whatever priceless arts or works I’d earlier mentioned could be seen as a “bonus” to our divine Maker, in getting “noticed” by the almighty ‘Power That Be.’ It can instead be perceived far more analytically, utilizing familiar concepts governing the physics of our own world to convey the literal power that distinguishing oneself can bestow upon all those who would seek to do so for themselves.

As I just mentioned about swimming in the opposite direction from the current, demanding far more energy having to ultimately be expended by us to do so? Well then, so too our differentiation and uniqueness goes swimming against those purely social/cultural pressures for conformity. Once again, everyone can like or do the same things; but only a single person might be truly unique in any number of different things or various ways.

With our individual intelligence, self awareness and consciousness, our minds present far more distinctions granting us fantastically larger such “ripples” than simple DNA or molecular variants could ever hope to do – yet another unique trait/gift provided to humanity alongside possessing consciousness.

Just so long as it doesn’t act to directly negatively impact another, our uniqueness simply must be seen for the cherished quality it surely is, no matter what it may be relating to or on what scope and scale it involves. Indeed, whether or not one accepts such a simulated viewpoint is actually of quite little consequence when it comes to this one area in particular – should anyone believe in any form of a higher power whatsoever, they too ought to deem individuality as being a paramount characteristic. Otherwise, what would even be the point in having teeming populations of humanity at all? If this weren’t just so, then you’d most likely have only discovered a single immortal human being ‘created’ in such a way, with at best a mere handful of identical clones walking about who reproduce by cloning/asexual duplication.

Instead, we find over seven billion of us living (and thriving!) here today… and still counting! Clearly, it should go without question that who or whatever one might believe to have made us, that divinity did so in prizing the idea of differentiation to an extreme degree. Why? Because only look around, taking in the entire world and universe all around us! There aren’t universally cloned blobs of rock and gas as identical planets, encircling stars that are each mirror images to each other, being one and all the exact same.

Rather, we bear witness to as many different kinds of planets of all shapes, sizes, configurations, ages or types as there are stars in the sky. This, never mind the fact those very same stars are all nearly just as different from each other, as well! Beyond mere sentient consciousness or life, every aspect of our existence is fundamentally about differentiation and uniqueness, with similarities above an atomic or molecular level essentially next to nonexistent!

Just as we’ve been told that variety is the spice of life, it appears to be of even greater significance and importance to the Maker of that life: God the Almighty. Therefore, we should never accept being told by others that whatever personal quirks or idiosyncrasies we possess are undesirable, something serving only as a target for taunts, condescension or scorn. This uniqueness is our greatest of all attributes, both personally and as a species or lifeform – and let none tell us any differently, if their aim is to force us towards homogeneity.