The Nature of Our Afterlife (From A Simulated Perspective) Part 2/2


So following last time, from this particular perspective of mine: When we inevitably do pass from this life exactly who we each are is able to get moved from one reality (our own mortal realm) to another plane of existence altogether (where our divine Creator resides).

The consciousness of a human being can be observed as being much like some computer file, enabling it to be transformed -existing outside of physical form- and subsequently see itself moved across dimensions. This “file” would be something composed from “lines of code” that make every single last one of us precisely who we are as individuals and allows the representation of our numerous personal distinctions and attributes.

What’s more, however, those files of ours would also be continually split up further by time itself – such a file constantly being in a state of flux… changing with every single instant as time passes and we grow older.

Think of all those various instants of time as something that’s also accessible forevermore, wherein our own “file” is constantly being “saved” exactly as it is and so might be “plucked out” at any given moment in order to yield the state of our mind/consciousness just as it was at the time.

In other words, the realities surrounding who we are is something permanently cherished and preserved by that higher power. We -meaning precisely who we are- is, in point of fact, an example of something that’s literally timeless… a case wherein it exists outside of time itself, consequently existing at all moments in time at the same exact instant.

Lastly, try to envision if those “saved states” of who we were/are/will be could somehow, in some way, be merged and combined together to yield but a singular consciousness: Each of us, just as we were at our utmost peaks, yet possessing all our memories right up ’til the instant when we die… being all of them at once. Despite being a multicate, they each still come from the very same person. They could therefore ultimately unite to form a single self-aware, intelligent consciousness – every one of which would be a unique individual, something entirely impossible to construct or manufacture in any conceivable way.

Furthermore, while admittedly the idea of “taking us out of time, only to then be combined” might seem irrational (in addition to rhyming rather nicely), consider how our memories of *everything* fade day to day, minute by minute. Simply by plucking us out of time continually and then ultimately combining all those so-called states together as one would offer us the entirety of our lives in a way inconceivable to us in this plane of existence. Every single last memory or event would be as fresh as when it first happened; our minds themselves, not suffering from the ongoing biological consequences of aging, would be in the state they were at our primes; we would still be much who we always have been and/or were, just better… no less, made all the better in every conceivable way.

At the end of it all, the result is only but one such file, essentially compiled together from throughout the entirety of our mortal lives; countless moments in time plucked deliberately in order to culminate in a different (ascended) form of unique individual consciousness representing all that we truly are as a whole person.

Where we eventually end up -joined with our divine Creator in its own existence- leaves us permanently outside of the mortal plane of existence we came from. A main consequence of this “transforming transcendental transference” is the sudden inability for any of us to observe or interact with the world we once knew. Between our own transformation of consciousness into something… else, and that untraversible schism as separates the two dimensions makes for absolutely no realistic means of any future contacts with it… although we’d hardly even have any wants to do so upon joining God in such a genuinely utopian existence, given the fact that any loved ones would be there with us after only a fleeting instant had passed for ourselves.