The Reason Why God Would’ve Created Our World (In A Simulated Existence)


Why create such a world to begin with, whether or not ours is something of a technologically simulated existence?

This is a question that has stymied us, for pretty much as long as there’s been an us who might ask: “Why?”! Indeed, it almost goes without “question” here to say that it is a question for the ages, themselves!

For starters, why –exactly– would God even create us, to begin with? What reason is there for making our world, universe and reality – something separate, distinct and brand new from whatever that Maker already knew for itself? Why is it that we’re here… at all?! And just what is our purpose as such, in simply being a part of this crazy little thing otherwise known as life?

These represent the weightiest of matters, without a doubt! They appear to be quite complex questions, ones that assuredly must require answers equally as convoluted – if indeed there are even any answers to be found there… at all! And yet, it is my firm belief here that the answer to them all is one and the same; no less, it’s also something that’s almost deceptively simple!

No matter what your own personal idea is about the form or basis of divinity, even so we should all be able to agree on some basic facts surrounding things thereabouts: That God is an advanced and nearly incomprehensible being, absolutely! But also, the fact that He is a conscious entity – something that is intelligent, sentient and self-aware. Those particular traits…? They’d undoubtedly be necessary to “decide” on Creating thusly, let alone for being able to wield whatever those tools that are needed in order to Create us and our world.

It’s precisely there, with that divinity’s own consciousness and sentience, that we may find the basis for our own purpose. Because, coincidentally enough, those same things are also something we ourselves possess!

We can make no mistake about it: This quality of self aware intelligence is the rarest of the rare, sitting at the very apex of all things both known and unknown. Can some sentient thing have more advanced or superior qualities to it in comparison with other sentients? Absolutely!

However, there is simply nowhere else to go beyond the point of being able to look out and ask oneself, “Why?” Interestingly, the grand culmination of this trait is also the one thing capable of transcending tangible, physical form – able to be moved across realities, existing in a realm of pure thought and consciousness: Something utterly nothing else can so claim. Anything (and everything) else is singularly tied to its own matter and material nature, while the priceless rarity of conscious intelligence is able to exist outside of all such things!

With this universe and reality of ours, we have come as the ultimate result – conscious, sentient beings able to ask those very questions of ourselves. Just as much as this form of being stands at something of an existential apex above anything else, it is to other sentient and self-aware entities where these qualities would be even more priceless still!

All the more, the fact we were created by that form of being is most telling: While the decidedly literal concept of loneliness and isolation should be well beyond such a divine entity, we can indeed envision something related to those very ideas as forming part of the reason for our Creation: Making brand new, entirely distinct sentient consciousness… ultimately joining with that divine Creator upon the completion of our development and transcendence to its plane of existence with our death in this mortal plane of ours – albeit as far inferior individuals or unequal beings when held in comparison to its own impossibly advanced state of majestic perfection.

Sure, one might easily question why there’d be a need for such an intricate and elaborate affair, creating a whole reality -our entire universe- simply to produce other, new sentient consciousness; why not just go directly to the desired outcome, deliberately creating other intelligent entities?

I’ll be raising this later on, but we can also find clues to this aspect littered across our own existence: The grand differentiation of our beings, each one of us utterly unique as individuals. Furthermore, that uniqueness presently numbers in the several billion… and still counting! Just try to imagine it by stepping back for a moment: Something as complex as a self aware intelligence, yet coming in billions and billions of different “flavors” – not a single, solitary one of which is even remotely similar to another!

With our entire existence being what it is has given rise to the most perfected of ways to create new, distinct conscious beings; just the same, through the process that divine Maker developed, it also led matters to being almost entirely effortless on its part… “sitting back and watching those individual entities unfolding all but organically, on their very own” in other words.

A more specifically involved and intentional creation of consciousness? It’d all but mean some cookie cutter affair wherein true distinctions from one another would be far more difficult and time consuming to produce, if it were even at all possible to reach anything approaching the inconceivable magnitude yielded by our own process for differentiation: Those several billions worth! Instead, through this organic way that has led to/continues leading to our existence, we find a natural proclivity towards uniqueness and differences in individual sentient beings – truly, as wondrous and impossible of an affair as could ever be imagined!

This particular simulated perspective of ours also presents us with many unique attributes, exploiting various properties involved with that consciousness being developed: Namely, allowing a realistic means by which that mind -our identities and person- can be preserved upon death, along with “moving it” (transcending) from our own reality -in this mortal realm- when we should inevitably meet our demise. The reason for that demise, in and of itself? Envision our death on this plane as signaling that specific consciousness as being “done” or “finished” with its initial stage of development.

Later on I’ll be exploring this idea in considerably more detail, but by viewing matters much the same as computer files (think of that as though “consciousness containers”) moving across different machines (meaning other realities; specifically, joining our divine Maker wherever it is that It might be found), we can find particular insight into the nature of our own metaphysical existence and the so-called afterlife awaiting each one of us.

In addition to allowing such consciousness to develop on its own and essentially having it be cultivated when completed (to be joined on that Maker’s plane of existence, through the transference of our consciousness; all of which shall be explored further in other pieces to this work), we also find something of an added bonus to that divine Creator for Creating all things (although, quite unlike with our consciousness, involving things existing primarily here on our world): The ongoing works and arts as developed by human civilization itself.

Think about it for a brief moment: In addition to producing and filling existence with ever more sentient beings – each distinct from one another, despite our just now approaching the tens of billions – that divine being also gets to benefit from and enjoy all the majestic efforts as has collectively been made by mankind… sort of like proverbial icing on an already abundantly rich existential cake.

Without a doubt, first and foremost amongst them? This surely includes those innumerable artistic treasures of ours: The endless trove of music, paintings, stories, photography, films and so very much more. So too, all of our ongoing developmental progress: Creating inventions and innovation by the barrel full! Assuming there are basic similarities in the nature of our two realities (based on the “made in Its image” aspect), it would appear entirely plausible that any markedly different developmental/technological progress trees could be exploited by that divinity, as well.

Although surely such an advanced and perfect being as our Maker might ultimately have little use for the majority of such human discoveries and related innovative matters, at the very absolute least here, our many arts would retain an irrefutable priceless quality to them -almost certainly being entirely new and fundamentally unique, for any plane of existence. Only but imagine the works of Shakespeare, songs aplenty… anything and everything in such artistic fields! Their inherent value should remain, even for that divine being.

The final aspect I’d raise today regarding our existential purpose? This desire for creating and developing brand new unique sentience explains the extraordinary criticality of our inviolable free will. To do anything other than that – interfering or interceding directly and blatantly- would also serve to hamper and detrimentally impact the outcome of developing such independent individuals.

Indeed, it is only by ensuring we have the complete freedom to do as we might that such a thing as a consciously self-aware being can truly come to fruition; anything less, and we’d instead find ourselves mere puppets on strings… to say nothing of negatively affecting the dynamics and variety found in the end result (as far as each individual consciousness goes).

So in speculating on some grand purpose, we can be reassured that our existence is specifically the reason for all of known Creation. What’s more, it isn’t just having life form as a result, nor even intelligent such life, but rather with as large of a number of widely differing and unique intelligent consciousness as is conceivable; each and every single last one of our lives -on purely a personal level- serves as the purpose such divinity had in mind when Creating our universe. To that largely inconceivable entity, we are all equal in being the proverbial apple to its (incomprehensible) mind. Let us make no mistake about it then: Our every last life has identical worth in the larger scheme of things hereabouts, and thusly are we each the most cherished and prized of treasures to that divinity.

In closing: It isn’t the grand sum of humanity, as either a species or a civilization -nor Earth, along with the rest of Creation- that’s singularly important to divinity. Instead, it’s our personal and individual existence -in this life, but especially in the so-called afterlife that’s yet awaiting each & every last one of us- and our being just as uniquely ourselves as we possibly might, that’s what strikes to the very heart of everything. In this sense, one might even go so far as saying that the more we proudly and boldly embrace who we are for what we are as unique individuals each, then the more of a “success story” we can each hope to be (existentially speaking, but of course) in the resplendent eyes of our one true Maker.