The Technological God: Examining The Divine Creator Without Resorting to Literal “Magic”


In addition to the notion of human civilization as a maturing, advancing entity (the closest thing to an actual child in relation to that divine Creator), another important idea forming the basis of these existential ideas hinges upon the thought that, “any technology sufficiently far advanced enough will appear indistinguishable from magic” in the eyes of those unfamiliar with such innovations and advancements.

It is a simple notion, just the same as it’s an exceptionally accurate one. Invent a time machine, take your smartphone back only four hundred years, and you’ve got yourself a death sentence for witchery. That’s just four centuries removed from the here and now! Go back a thousand, and cure someone’s pneumonia with a pill? “Burn the witch! What magic is this, vanishing the affliction of the cursed airs?!”

What meaning does this odd idea of “advanced ideas that are indistinguishable from magic” truly have to us in relation to the divine Creator of us all? How can coming from such a perspective be anything other than unrepentant and heretical blasphemying? In my eyes, I suppose it’s all rather straightforward enough:

Let us try to envision living in the world as was found only a thousand years ago (relatively speaking, only but a droplet in the proverbial bucket!) – with this, but of course, coming still some millennia after various direct “divine contacts” bestowed us with our many sacred teachings or works which survive into today.

So we’re now living in just such an ancient world. Next up in our little imaginative journey, we come down with… Smallpox… the “Black Plague” – or, heck, even the common cold! The specifics really don’t matter, I suppose. Suffice it to say that we’ve quite suddenly taken ill, and haven’t the faintest notion why!

Ahh, but you see, those days were times *prior* to any modern biological knowledge or medical miracles. What’s more, we hadn’t the foggiest inkling about the existence of any virus or bacteria, let alone with cells and immune systems, oh my! In a world with nary a microscope to be found, transmissible infectious diseases of any kind? Heaven forbid!

And that, right there, is the very point of this time traveling adventure: With Heaven itself to forbid our taking ill! All the while, the source of those illnesses…? They also singularly came from such metaphysical -magical- sources. A side note, but this was also aided by the extreme isolation of communities absent more modern transportation – without an endless number of outside sources constantly introducing new pathogens, outbreaks and incidences of disease were completely different things: It’d either sweep through the whole community at once only to never get heard from again, or be limited to only one or two folks at a time (whether wholly uninfectious – cancers, for example; or something transmitted by rare non-human/environmental agents). Either way, this surely made for a situation much better resembling a literal, full-on curse: Whether divine punishments doled out for an entire “wicked” community, or instead for the sins of the individual.

Regardless of that, without the blessing of any modern awareness sickness was seen as an often otherworldly pox – a literal curse for transgressions of sinfulness and impiety, or else evidence of demonic evils unleashed on this Earth as suffering and death of the medical variety.

We could not know any better… and so we did not! Our understanding at the time hadn’t a prayer of realizing a viral/bacterial source of sickness; in the absence of such knowledge, that as yet advanced idea was instead ascribed to simple magics… an example of “nature or technology indistinguishable from magic,” made all too real and true.

This, being all but identical to anyone time travelling backwards and showing off their smartphone to the locals. From their own hopelessly limited viewpoints…? It’d surely be seen as the most utterly impossible of magics!

So this idea of transforming things that may best be understood at the time as magics (divine or otherwise) into advanced -yet, in point of fact, comprehensible/rational- ideas is fueled neither by arrogance nor simple delusion, but –just perhaps– is rather evidence of things far beyond the understandings at a given moment in time. It is thusly exactly like how we might’ve viewed sickness and modern medicine only a handful of centuries ago; wherein illnesses got put down to things other than their real, actual cause due to an inability of possibly understanding them for what they really in fact were.

Therefore, trying to explain the divine from a decidedly rational perspective -a divinity working with (something at least approaching) technology far more than any pure, literal magics in action- is nothing greater than our conceding that such a being is as of yet hopelessly (impossibly!) far beyond us… superior to us in every last way! All the same, it is to hope to better know that Creator by way of gaining a genuinely improved understanding of their own works; taking such present knowledge possessed by our world today and, however crudely, trying to subsequently apply it in these otherworldly -metaphysical- sorts of directions.