The Technological God: Omniscience and Guidance By Nudge (In A Simulated Existence)


In yet again emphasizing the incredible divinity of the being responsible for our Creation, we still might manage to draw comparisons and formulate ideas on comprehending such inconceivable matters based on our own existing knowledge or understandings… however limited that may well be. For example, today’s piece endeavors to look at how that divinity could manage to shepherd and direct us without relying on direct intervention in order to see its actions realized – at the same time, providing a decidedly rational explanation for such issues as may relate to clairvoyance and precognition of a singularly divine nature.

Take, for example, the idea of omnipresence. How could a divinity possibly know and see all, able to affect change without ever directly taking things completely over? Imagine such an advanced being, one simulating similarly to how we might understand it. Well, the simulated perspective offers us some particular insights thereabouts, as with so much else: Here, by utilizing further, far more brief and limited simulations; probability analysis as means of prognostication and modeling out the so-called butterfly effect.

That divine Creator is, in every aspect of every last thing, “running” the show of this universe/reality. It would be able to immediately run an infinite number of scenarios, determining probabilities until it set upon the perfect, ideal outcome. At any given moment, it would therefore “see” a thousand years ahead, able to then nudge things along by taking what action it deems necessary to bring that outcome about!

From this concept, let us momentarily turn to our own present weather modeling and hurricane forecasts. The first important aspect? Drawing on previous data such as to allow better, more accurate predictions – the longer time passes, the more data those hurricane models subsequently rely on… all of which greatly improves their accuracy and validity.

Just the same, any predictive computer model works on a probability “game” based on prior experiences and knowledge: Drawing out an endless number of scenarios, deciding on those with the highest likelihood of taking place just now, and then going with whatever they might be telling us will result.

Now, in returning to the idea of our own divine Creator – one that furthermore has Created our reality thusly using, at the very least, something akin to simulations? Although still fantastically more advanced, we would only expect they might utilize such predictive simulated scenarios and probability forecasts quite similar to those aforementioned hurricane models… most especially in ensuring our absolute free will remains unimpeachable, without any actual interference directly on their part.

This sort of predictive prognostication would apply both collectively (as a globe and civilization) just as much as on the personal level, individually (with the litany of our day-to-day lives). As an example of the former, let us turn to the introduction by that divinity of those ancient religious theologies to our world: We could only hope to expect such a Creator might’ve just as well considered numerous alternative scenarios – up to and including laying everything squarely on the table, telling our world all those millenia ago the true shape of all things… even handing over to us such modern marvels as has been realized both technologically and scientifically, without any efforts first taken to properly earn them on our parts.

The “odds” are, however, that before committing to such a significant course of action, first  predictive scenarios would have been “run” weighing the probable outcomes from whichever path was actually selected. In other words, perhaps the “rational, realistic explanation” introduced thousands of years in our past showed a result bringing about overwhelming chaos and anarchy to the future of our world (for whatever reason). On the other hand, going with parables at a level those peoples they’d be introduced to could most easily understand -and with a specific focus on societal and cultural instructions over, say, more scientific or technological natural knowledge freely given without first having “earned” it- produced the most ideal outcome: Something pretty much identical to the world we do in fact find here today!

This same exact sort of idea would also be carried out accordingly in our own personal, daily lives: Where, by introducing some action or event years before hand, their resplendent vision is such that they can “see” whatever desired outcome it causes many, many years still down the line! Therefore, rather than “jumping out directly in front of us as we’re walking down some path, stopping us just inches before we plummet down some unseen cavernous hole in the ground,” they can instead introduce a small obstacle right as we first begin our nightly walk – one that ensures we’ll ultimately take an entirely different route, thereby avoiding that potential danger altogether!

The prior example is simply an illustrative way of demonstrating direct intervention (by interference serving to potentially invalidate our free will) versus indirect divine guidance or gentle “nudging” along – with the “small obstacle” also being a perfect dramatization of the so-called butterfly effect at play: Various actions or effects that have unseen, often unnoticeable consequences. Subsequently, it all combines to further allow divinity with a proper means of introducing or bringing into fruition whatever outcome it may desire, merely by tweaking and prodding things along rather than shoving something directly in our faces.

On the very same token, this seems to provide an answer to those who may question whether or not that divine entity has disappeared in today’s world – those who in some way or another assert that “God is dead.” In point of fact, God is hardly any such thing (let alone a being who could ever truly face mortal death as we know it!). Rather, that divine entity acts “behind the scenes,” knowing full well the intense disruptive force and damaging impact its present-day interactions with our world would surely have. Instead, exploiting advanced capabilities that, by way of the “butterfly effect” in action, bestow a means for creating literally any outcome conceivable (no matter how big) to be realized by only far more extraordinarily slight, yet deliberate, actions…? In so doing that divinity is also carrying out the protection of our absolute free will.

At the same time, however, this all serves as a rational explanation for divine awareness and omnipresence as something not magically based, but that instead exploits only that Creator’s own incredible advancement and ability. With the only other alternative being to utterly disrupt the all of everything by making sweeping and resounding changes whenever any undesirable situation inevitably arises, we instead bear witness to an all-knowing and inconceivably wise benevolence (our Creator) using their gifts to ensure the very best of all potential outcomes for us in the most delicate and precarious of ways possible: As a world, just as much as for individuals living out the course of our lives.

The notion of “running” temporary, limited predictive scenarios/simulations goes hat in hand with a being who would Create in such a way as by using a somewhat more technologically based simulation in order to yield an entire universe. It’s yet another demonstration of their impossible advancements used primarily for the benefit of their Creation, whilst all the same ensuring there’s no need for us to rely on actual, literal magics as explanations for seeing such impossibilities realized by that divinity. In still other words, such probability prognostications and predictive simulated scenarios act as a real and feasible way of offering clairvoyance and various such “visions into the future”; something achieved purely rationally and realistically, through otherwise inconceivable advancement and technological means.

All the same, however, it also allows that divine being to act on us and our world through those aforementioned shepherding “gentle nudges” – tapping as it does into the notion of the butterfly effect; enacting whatever changes as to ensure our ongoing survival and continued thriving (both as a species and as individuals), without necessitating direct (and overwhelmingly disruptive) divine intervention or with similar intensive corrective measures that might be made only after the fact.

Should one personally hold that our world today is the result of some otherworldly entity acting upon us, if only in some way or another; that there’s quite simply no other way we could be where we now find ourselves, thriving all the while…? It then seems most likely to me indeed that such matters would have been carried out as the result of concepts or ideas similar to those raised in this particular posting. This comes because, at day’s end, they impart the sorts of abilities which allows a divine Creative force to possess the most perfect vision imaginable, while also guaranteeing that its many various workings will involve intricacies down to depths inconceivable by any “mere mortal” mind; whereby they might introduce a pebble in our paths or a split second delay, all of which having been done simply to obtain some outcome or result several years on down the line.

With all of this having been said, in my eyes it also seems perfectly reasonable to assume such capabilities needn’t necessarily be purely technological in nature. It’s entirely plausible that this divine entity is so fantastically far advanced and so *naturally* powerful that it can accomplish such predictive analysis all on its own accord, strictly using its own wholly natural abilities. There’s little genuine need for some machine to handle such tasks -even though for ourselves, or any human being, we quite obviously require this added “assistance”- so I see absolutely no reason why an advanced divinity couldn’t in fact do all of this entirely by its own initiative (although, no matter what, it still wouldn’t result in literal clairvoyance or magics -seeing into the future- but rather evidence of an incredibly complex and advanced intelligent force at work).

So in that particular sense, notions that are in actuality strikingly similar to our earlier hurricane forecast simulation references (predictive models that tap into probability “number games”; efforts employing the “butterfly effect in action”) would still stand, regardless of whatever means may (or may not) be utilized to achieve this by such a divinity.

Put quite simply, that portion of the divine force (as oversees and operates matters relating to our world) would consider outcomes by running predictive scenarios and weighing the odds for any number of events. Based on how it sees things going in the future, it would then introduce whatever changes and nudges desired by it accordingly.

So we see how once more in modernity, we can find both ample enough explanation for and sufficient reason to remove our long ago reliance on genuine magics when it comes to our divine Creator, just as holds true with every other facet of our lives – hereby resolutely adhering to the concept of “advancement or technologies can most often be indistinguishable from magics.” Instead, those magics are replaced by the sorts of reason and logic that is evidenced throughout that divine being’s whole entire Creation itself, made just as it was (along with we ourselves) in that Creator’s very own image… no less, being a place where all true magics (or merely any chaotic randomness) are glaringly absent.