Traditional & Ancient Divine Teachings: The Importance of Maintaining Proper Perspective


As I’ve already established here, we should see the collective of humanity as but a single entity: Our very civilization itself, something that’s best perceived as aging and maturing exactly the same way as does any other dynamic living thing! Each different generation of mankind? Taken as being just like a year in the life of one person!

Yet just as with all things in life, proper perspective and understanding is essential. In moving forward, however, we must also remember to continue looking all around us: Including where we came from before. All the more, it is my firmest belief that the many different sacred works and religious beliefs we possess emerged directly from our true Creator – no less, likely to be the last direct communications our world will receive from that divinity for a long time still to come.

Even so, we ought to remember the fact that the so-called “intended audience” for these works was one for whom the Earth still stood at the very center of all Creation itself! All things existing in all places – everything and everywhere, for everyone – encircled and so orbitted this marvelous little pale blue dot we all lived, loved and inevitably died upon. The mere idea of outer space, some endless dark and frozen vacuumous abyss which separates all those (equally unknown kinds of) celestial bodies (being other stars, planets, black holes, dark matter or energies, along with whole other galaxies – and so very much more!) from one another… well, it simply wasn’t so much as an idea to anyone just yet, nary even a single soul!

For indeed, whilst it very well may seem as though it’s something of an incomprehensible notion, today we actually definitively know that not even the universe has any distinguishable center to it whatsoever! Despite our currently knowing of a not-so-little BANG to start the all of literally everything off right, this reality itself that we are all a part of has no discernible center to it; something around which everything might be said to focus on or gravitate towards – there is no “super-supermassive” universal black hole, in other words, nor is there any universal “heart” or core (perhaps say a place with an unusual overabundance of galaxies, stars and/or matter/dark energy/dark matter).

It’s instead observed to just be the consequential effects of the continual expansion of space itself: From our Big Bang, ever onward up until today. Of matter, separating and cooling *just* enough until being able to replace an endless broiling plasmatic stew of elementary particles with their coalescing into atoms of basic hydrogen and helium. Then, eventually, this starts to form stars, galaxies, planets, and even life… all of which ultimately results in impossible us!

Aye, when compared with the sort of knowledge reflected in the prior paragraph alone, they were indeed a most nascent people whose eyes gazed the landscape surrounding them and saw impossible magic literally everywhere they so deigned to look: Folks who gazed up at that great big ball of fire in the sky -you know the one- which… well… only must’ve been a mighty big ball of fire that always circled the Earth to give forth illuminating light! (Who, by the by, having stared at said fireball for so very long as to gain whatever insights and meaning, were also undoubtedly left quite blind! So would’ve ended the woeful tale of our inquisitive, tenacious -and now, tragically, finding themselves suddenly sightless- ancestor.

It was to this childlike humanity that such a divinity would have sought to guide along its way, and so it was for they who first received such works that those many different sacred works, proverbs and parables were mostly designed to teach. Because, much the same as it is with any maturing, advancing and continually evolving entity, so too is it for human civilization itself: Just as for any parent to any child, there simply *must* come a point where that wise and benevolent figure has to step back and allow their offspring to stand on their very own two feet.

This is entirely the point of proper and successful parenting: The better one’s efforts are early on, the less corrective efforts at guidance shall prove to be needed in maturity. It is only the failed child, and so the failed parent, who finds their graying-haired child still as reliant on them as they were while still but a tot. Indeed, the greatest successes here oftentimes finds the relationship ending up completely reversed: Wherein, as a form of repayment out of love and respect for all their parent did to get them where they are just now, the child will even take care of their parents!

Yet the bottom line here is really quite simple: All such talk of “God is Dead!”, or even more atheistic rhetoric/leanings still, must appear completely irrational from any such perspective. As I’ve already discussed in a prior piece, the reason why a higher power might’ve been more hands-on then than they are today is purely due to the fact that humanity was set upon the proper path, and any further such efforts would only be detrimental interference on the part of a deity (who would almost certainly find themselves assuming a decidedly dictatorial role, given God’s superior position and placement in comparison to ours – much as we always hold our own parents above us in nearly every conceivable way): Dependent upon our Creator for directing and outright ordering us around, orchestrating the all of human affairs. It should therefore start to become most clear how such a pervasive level of control would only be quite counterproductive and harmful to the mortal realm and our civilization’s ongoing development, even after having been put on the right path by God so long ago.

Surely, today we would literally demand further answers… no matter when such a divine appearance might have come, or might yet come, we would essentially never be at a point where all our inquisitiveness was satiated and we were content with our present knowledge.

No, we’d have to know what this is, what that means, why this happened, when that will happen… so on and so forth, on and on, forevermore! In fact, it would likely be little different if we made contact with an advanced alien intelligence: We’d largely be focused on the “me, me, me!” there in seeking the benefit of their greatly superior stores of knowledge (unless, that is, we’d end up engaged in an all-out conflict with such E.T.’s over our own survival from species that seek only a habitat, resources and/or labor… or heaven forbid, *gulp*, us as their food source!)

Regardless of however many of us we might like to think would resist such temptations, one of our greatest of gifts is our tenaciously curious & endeavoring spirit – this, being precisely what’s driven mankind to reach this amazing point we’re presently at- and therefore any such divine revelatory appearance, now or during more recent centuries past, would’ve all too surely resulted in little more than throwing a proverbial monkey wrench into the whole entire contraption: Meaning exactly that which the steadily progressing march of human civilization surely is.