What Should We Do On This World, To Prepare For The Next?


I’d like to now discuss what it is we should be striving to accomplish under such simulated notions as I possess. In other words, if the purpose of this reality is truly the cultivation of an array of sentient consciousness for a higher plane of existence, then what is it exactly that we should be working towards and preparing for, here in this life?

Although I have already slightly covered this topic tangentially in prior writings beneath the headers of Our Existential Purpose and the Afterlife from years before, I would like to return to this here and now, at a much later date, and confront it head on. We will explore the topic on both a personal and individual level, as well as a more macroscopic civilizational one: Meaning, what our world should be working towards if this all indeed exists as it does primarily for the cultivation of consciousness, with ourselves to be taken to a higher plane of existence upon our deaths on this here plane.

Alright then, as far as what it is we should each be doing to best prepare our consciousness to suit the wishes of our Maker and Creator in yielding an array of individual sentient consciousness? In short, just be ourselves! Live our lives as we so would, harming none in the process, and living as moral a life as is possible. But of course, we should continue to give thanks to our Creator for the blessing of knowing life and the wonder which surrounds us here in our own world.

All the same, however, we should also work towards ensuring that ours is as diverse and complete of a consciousness as is possible. What exactly does that mean? To diversify our lives, having lived this life to the very fullest, all the while obtaining an array of life experiences and knowledge here on this plane of existence. I’d earlier put down that our consciousness, upon completion with our mortal death, could be viewed much the same as a computer file that we know of today. Well then, make sure that file of yours is as large a one as possible, with as many memories and wild life experiences as you can, further differentiating your own sentient consciousness as much as you might.

As stated, there are two primary ways to diversify yourself thusly: Experiences and knowledge. For the former, it might be harder for me personally to go into great detail there: My health having crippled me to where I’ve not really had such experiences since I was ten years old. That said, however? Again, as I said, live life to the very absolute fullest! Meet as many other people as you can, interacting with as many as you might. Travel, and experience this wondrous world of ours as much as possible. Take in as many sights as one could hope to, exploring and making as many different memories as possible.

All the while, you are further changing your consciousness through those experiences – your memories and interactions having further shaped and molded yourself as a sentient being, creating something that stands markedly different from anyone else on this planet of ours.

As for the second, in building knowledge? Learn everything you can! Our Maker quite clearly imbued humanity with a constant and insatiable inquisitiveness, and there surely is quite a good reason for that! Our curiosity is utterly boundless, as mankind has forever sought out knowledge and learning. This knowledge further “packs” our brain, once more further differentiating who we stand as sentient human beings.

Do this however you might! Read as much as you can, explore Wikipedia forevermore, enroll in ongoing learning classes, heck, even apprentice in various fields! But do not ever stop your efforts at learning, no matter what your age might be: This learned knowledge again changes who we are as sentient beings and an individual consciousness.

Given our Creator stands on a plane where technology is inconceivable to us, it might at first glance seem pointless to take such steps to learn things that will be so far beneath our Creator’s world as to seem like learning all about the uses of sticks and stones to us here today. But understand this: All that accumulated knowledge further broadens our horizons, and it, to take a turn of phrase, better “expands our minds”.

By learning all the more about… whatever! – we also have all the more to offer as a sentient consciousness. Learning everything we can means that we understand all the more, while also increasing our store of knowledge. Someone who simply knows more thusly has a mind that works in a slightly different way – their consciousness is, as a result, ever so slightly different from anyone else on this planet when they add that bit of knowledge to their memory banks, on top of everything they already are as a sentient individual.

So despite the fact that our present level of knowledge is laughable in comparison to our Creator’s world, there is very much an important point in taking the time to learn some skill or bit of knowledge. It literally changes who we are – indeed, consider all the time folks take to “add” to their physical appearance: Exercising, going to the gym to upgrade their physical fitness, diets, medical procedures and surgeries, daily grooming and the like.

In the end, none of that matters. Our physical bodies age and become decrepit, prior to passing away from this world and becoming freed of those bodies, retaining only their sentient consciousness. Therefore, focusing instead on something that adds to that thing that is and will forever be immortal, ascending to a higher plane of existence? Well then, working towards something I get to keep beyond this world surely seems like an exceptional use of time to me!

All the more, the fact that our Creator clearly did imbue mankind with innate inquisitiveness and that ever boundless curiosity of ours? Well then, just as I’d mentioned in the writing directly preceding this one, we must be conscious of any such “gentle nudges” from our Maker and thusly follow along in their direction to our great benefit. There is a good reason for all our Creator does as concerns Its Creation, and it is not our place to either question or out right ignore such directives.

The final item that I would mention as regards our own personal lives and the direction they should take as concerns the focus on our eternal lives, beyond this plane? Art! Our technology is not, nor will it ever be, on a level with our Maker’s. Short of our taking a wildly divergent technological path (going all the way in a direction that was ignored technologically, exploring something that was simply left undone – like, imagine Tesla’s idea for wireless energy, using the Earth itself to distribute immense power across the entirety of the planet; a work that was abandoned and therefore left ignored, when it could have progressed to have been something out right inconceivable to us here today by this point in time), if such a thing could even be possible – something which would assume our Maker has not reached a plateau of sheer and utter perfection as far as technological works are concerned – then art is the one contribution we could make that would be entirely brand new, even on our Creator’s plane of existence!

Indeed, one thought that I at the very least have had regards utilizing our own future simulated realities in order to simply cultivate art itself: Imagine having an entirely new cache that is near abouts limitless with a trove of immaculate and irreplaceable works of art! Entirely new works on a level of the very greatest masters we might have ever known: Songs, paintings, poems, stories, films, games, virtual reality or augmented reality works… and, indeed, art works that involve things we cannot yet conceive of: The same way as a piece of art in the form of a film or television series might have been to someone living in the 1600’s!

Therefore, if creating art should be amongst the gifts you were given as a sentient being…? Then follow that path to the most extreme of ends! Write those songs, create those poems, focus on those stories, draw and paint those pictures, create those virtual game worlds… just create! Because, much the same as we create different sentient consciousness that are of a priceless value to our Creator in being ever so different from anything else that has ever been, so too are our works of art most certainly a treasured bonus to our divine Maker. They, too, are different from all else that might have ever been, because they were a direct result and product of that unique and exceptional sentient consciousness.

The fact that they were also created on this plane of existence is meaningless; it is without question that they too are carried onward to that higher plane alongside our Creator. So, not only can we contribute to our Maker’s intentions by being ourselves and advancing beyond this plane, we can also create and know full well that that too will carry onward with us.

So, in other words…? Well, to put it bluntly? It sounds as though it should be some tagline, but: Create for our Creator! In the process of living your life and being yourself, then also take the time to create, yourself! Follow along that path of whatever your particular gift might be. For example, for me, myself? Well, these particular writings of mine aside…? (In the process of trying to get my beliefs out and down in writing, I might not be at my very best – at the same level I’ve been with some of my efforts at writing fiction. What can I say? Working on and getting all of this out has most certainly *not* been an easy task!) That gift, I believe, is writing. I sure hope so, at least, because I can’t even draw a stick figure and I sure as heck can’t keep a musical note!

So write I surely do! Come up with ideas for various fictional stories – countless many of them- I have also endeavored to do! And so we must grasp on to whatever your particular gifts might be, realizing that they form a part of the direction our divine Creator seeks for us to take, and are a part of our purpose on this world, even though we presently stand at some seven *billion* strong! Even so, each of us has something to contribute – each one of us has a purpose here, now, because that very same purpose will form the path leading to where and when we join the very Creator of this world on another, much higher plane of existence.

Let us each enjoy the time we have been given in this world, just as we come to realize that we each very much have a purpose on this particular world of ours. Ours is to continue moving our wondrous species and marvelous civilization ever onward, advancing on to incomprehensible new heights, just as we work to contribute things, not only to this here world, but, with our works of art, the world of the One who Made… well, I rather suppose, all things known to man – having Created as God did the all of everything we both know and are.

Because such is surely our purpose! So let us all then choose to embrace it just now, much the same as we so embrace ourselves and who we are as sentient conscious beings. It is a gift that is both quite literally priceless, just as much as it’s something most impossible and utterly inconceivable. To be a being that is irrefutably both intelligent and self-aware? Well now, that makes for a gift and a blessing that defies all reason or explanation, to be sure!