What Meaning Has Magic, Anyways? (The Technological God, Part II)


While I’ve gone on about “advanced technologies or ideas being indistinguishable from magic”…? Any such magic, put in “realistic” terms, simply means various processes or concepts that are yet to be properly understood. In that same sense, seeing our reality as having been Created through something besides sheer magic is neither to lessen or denigrate the nature of our divine Creator – rather, it is only to apply new understandings and knowledge of ours in various ways relating to the nature of our own existence. As a result, it denotes only how we have continued to come further along over time and kept making incredible new discoveries all the while – nothing more than that, and nothing less.

Therefore, there truly, genuinely is no real magic – only a lack of knowledge or comprehension. A magnet offers levitation and defiance of gravity – surely, as much of a magical skill as anything imaginable! We are quite simply imperfect beings living in an impossible world, who are of the sort always desperate to ascribe meaning or understanding to all things: Known or unknown, alike! A consequence of this fantastic inquisitiveness of ours is that, should we come across something that appears to defy our understanding, we must also place it in some form of context or reason – most often resorting to such ideas of outright magic and incomprehension.

Likewise, even in referring to God and Creation, when we say divine magic it should only be taken to mean a process as yet unknown. Creating an entire universe sure seems like something incomprehensible. The point there, however, is what if we might indeed envision a way this could be accomplished…? (Much as I’ll begin to specifically explore all too soon enough.) With modern technologies and computing, could we have possibly stumbled -almost entirely by accident- upon discovering some crude, primitive form by which our Maker Made our world – precisely as was done in actuality?

I would offer this disclaimer, however: By considering the nature of our reality and the divine in such new or different ways, it should also be something carried out solely because those more advanced ideas seem to naturally work or fit within our own present understanding – both about the nature of our existence, as well as with those revelations which came to us directly from that divine Creator so very long ago.

In other words, this will ultimately neither try to force such concepts together nor start with the idea of modern technology and desperately work backwards from there; trying to apply any number of more modernized ideas to our most fundamental and ancient of questions. At no point should we ever feel compelled to “update” anything, simply for being able to say that it’s thusly been “updated.”

So all of that having been said, as we’ve now understood such magics to in point of fact only be some as yet unknown processes at that particular moment in time (rather than carried out with any actual, literal “magicing”)? What I’d emphasize comes with trying to remove the absolute lack of understanding regarding divinity that was born out of a human civilization still in its infancy.

Primarily, what my work concerns itself with in such a regard comes with the literal process of Creating: In my mind, it’s wholly irrational to assume that any entity can simply wave a hand, give a speech, and *BOOM!* – just like so, universes might be born.

If that were truly the only way it might be done, then c’est la vie, I suppose… except it’s not – not by any means! No, today we possess one particular means of genuinely producing worlds, realities and universes through a presently understood process. Therefore, falling back on literal magics given that comprehensible alternative… it would simply make no sense whatsoever.

The ideas I’ll be laying out in the near future are then about a desire for such divine matters to undergo a similar transformation as our world has experienced elsewhere: From the magics of unknowing uncertainties, into a much more matured affair of comprehended reasoning – like with all else that we’ve accomplished in our world of late.