Where’s God Today? Addressing Why Divinity Would Not Interfere in More Recent Human Development


Next up on our agenda? One might begin to wonder, “Why doesn’t God step in and make His wishes known to us directly, just as He once did so long ago?” In my eyes, this is an utter absurdity for anyone to realistically expect – it would completely, irrevocably disrupt our entire existence. It would also be exactly the same as a parent stepping in to “reparent” their 50-year old adult child… no less, with that parent’s refusing to step back, let go and allow their offspring to ‘sink or swim’ doubtlessly being responsible for whatever his or her present predicaments may be; those problems which require such reparenting, even at the half century mark! What’s more, God simply doesn’t need to do any such thing! – most certainly not when He can influence and direct the very same desired outcomes, only doing so from “behind the scenes,” as it were.

There appears to be a good many here in our world today who seem to expect that, in their mind, God’s existence is somehow disproven by the lack of any (relatively recent) direct interactions with us or our forebears. All the more, many a conartist or cultist in such modern times have outright declared that, if they themselves aren’t God and/or Jesus Christ reborn, then God at the very least directly communicates to them – and to them alone! Both of these views -that God must either prove His divine existence to us by way of direct interaction, or that God really is somehow speaking to only one out of seven billion worth- are utterly incorrect, in my estimation… most especially not when God -that higher power/force- doesn’t need to do anything of the sort!

No, it is instead my firmest belief that whatever such a divinity wants known or revealed to us and our world, He can do so quite easily without taking measures that would prove so very disruptive (that, if not downright destructive!) to our civilization now, at this critical stage in the proverbial game. Because if something should be in our world, then that higher power will make it just so! How? By working through any one of us living today, rather than revealed directly to them.

To jump right into one of the very most controversial of topics hereabouts, such as to serve as an example of what I mean…? Just because a message that Creator conveyed to mankind many millennia ago might not include, say, a primer on evolution, it hardly invalidates Darwinism in its entirety – in precisely the same way that theory of evolution doesn’t discredit any of our own beliefs!

Perhaps –just perhaps- the ongoing discovery and progress made by mankind is that divinity revealing such knowledge to us –through us- precisely when we at long last proved ready for it in such ways! In other words, I’d assert that Charles Darwin can best be seen as that higher power working through us, revealing further knowledge indirectly – exactly as all new revelations in every last field (medical, technological, scientific, theological, governmental, economic, philosophical, and so forth) have been handled ever since last God did appear directly to us in our world. For me, it is irrational (if not the height of self-important arrogance) to expect that divinity should’ve done all the “hard work” for us by revealing all things to a world still barely at the ‘crawling stages’ at that time so very long ago.

Why is it so illogical for anyone to presume thusly? Because it didn’t even matter at that stage so many millennia ago! My goodness gracious, we truly must have some perspective there: Those teachings provided to our world at the time… they were what genuinely mattered back during those times. No less, stressing the very sorts of ideals that would ensure, not simply our ongoing survival, but our continued thriving as a civilization? They were well and truly all that mattered!

For stop and consider it: How can something ever be sound and secure if it isn’t first built upon a firm and stable foundation, to begin with? Therefore, those societal instructions and guidance were what we needed – so that is exactly what our long ago ancestors ultimately received by that divine Maker. Furthermore, those divine teachings set us on that perfect path literally guaranteeing that we’d be able to find those future, new understandings out all on our very own initiative.

Try to think about how, at least in this particular regard, divinity has never revealed any genuine scientific or more modernized forms of knowledge to us directly, instead always providing us only with similar such fundamental societal and cultural teachings – across the board; in every last known example of those many different global religions (and, once again, each one of them having been provided by our one, true Maker). In other words, we have never had revolutionary new knowledge able to be exploited in some way by civilization revealed to us before its time… nor any such things as would’ve proven truly inconceivable to where our world’s developmental placement was at just then. Let’s say, for example, quantum mechanics given to ancient Rome; or else freely providing all the many secrets of electrical engineering and power generation to ancient Egypt.

This is in precisely the same sense as how a parent doesn’t teach their child the intricacies of mortgages or taxation while we are yet in diapers, but proves to instead be such things as we inevitably come to ourselves –by ourselves, well and good standing off on our own- in those more mature years of our respective adulthoods. And why is it we happen to be so well and good as an adult, to begin with? Because that parent raised us so exceptionally well to start things out, giving us exactly what we required… and only at such a time as when we actually needed it for ourselves!

We should also take this opportunity to emphasize how the aforementioned concept is itself something critical to realize: For the relationship between God and mankind -however you may come to it or have it mean to you, personally- always needs to be viewed primarily in the context of a loving parent to their own child, no matter what! Whenever discussing and exploring any such Godly matters, there’s simply no better, more perfect comparison to draw on than that one right there.

By the same token, it seems to me that we ought to view those divine teachings in our most ancient sacred works and revelations (being societal and cultural in nature, across the board) exactly the same as whatever lessons learned during a child’s early (pre-school) years. Just the same, however, scientific knowledge needs to be seen in an identical light as those concerns we might discover and come to learn about in our 20’s and 30’s -adulthood- out in the world and standing on our own because that parent did such an incredibly flawless, downright perfect job raising us… “way back when.”

Even so, we still have quite a long ways yet to go, indeed! Should a day ever come where we’ve all but finished “advancing”, perhaps once we’ve uncovered most all there is to know about our universe (having reached something of an almost utopian plateau, developmentally speaking), then there’ll at long last come a brand new stage… one we can’t even comprehend just yet; carrying on with our analogy, seemingly something that’s most comparable to when we ourselves reach our golden years in retirement, to begin acquiring such real & true wisdom as is fuelled by all our long lived experiences.

My reason for mentioning this as it relates to that divine Maker of ours? On that distant future day, perhaps that divinity may just reappear on this mortal plane once more -directly- rather than with us only “coming to” join with that Creator upon our mortal deaths… much as we’ve done and will continue doing, forevermore. But that, like so very much else, is as much something out of our hands as it is outside of anything we need -or should- concern ourselves with… at least, that is, for a long time still to come!